2018-07-30 Shipment | Two Zones Thermal Shock Chamber

Today, We have shipped 1 unit two zones thermal shock chamber, 1 unit 80 liters environmental chamber and 1 unit pressure cooker tester to our Korea customer. We appreciate the customer order ! Meanwhile, We have kept our promise to make this shipment on time. In fact, This is one quite urgent order ! We received the customer purchase order on 18th July, But we will do the shipment for customer on 30th July. This means we have 10 working days only for our manufacturer department to process this three units environmental test chambers.

The workers from Wewon manufacture dept made some work extra hours in the evening. We met the customer shipping schedule finally ! The main products what our Korea customer supply: automobile sound parts, efficient lightbulb. Most of the their products have CE certification and European quality safety marks. Through the ceaseless research and development, The Korea customer always do their best to provide the excellent products for worldwide users.

2018-07-30 Shipment | Thermal Shock Chamber | Enviornmental Chamber | Pressure Cooker Tester

What is the two zones thermal shock chamber ? The two zones thermal shock chamber will be used for testing most commercial products to see how they withstand drastic temperature changes. Simply to say, The two zones thermal shock chamber will subject a product to the most extreme temperature conditions, instantly.

The purpose of testing a product under these circumstances by the two zones thermal shock chamber is to observe changes in the products characteristics and check for failure occurrence of different materials and thermal expansion coefficients. These thermal shock chambers are prohibited to flammable explosive easily to volatile substances sample test or storage, corrosive substance sample testing or storage, biological sample test or storage, strong electromagnetic emission source sample test.

two zones thermal shock chamber

What is the environmental chamber ? Environmental chamber is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance, suitable for quality control of the industries of electron, electrical equipment, vehicle, metal, foodstuffs, chemistry, building materials, luggage, adhesion tape, printing, packaging, etc. The environmental chamber for conditioning of samples prior to testing, It also can be used for a variety of materials of high – low temperature alternating test.

The test for temperature, humidity, time can be programmed. Provides conditions of temperature from -70 degree to +180 degree and of humidity form 10% to 98%. What is the pressure cooker tester ? Pressure cooker tester also named pressure cooker test chamber. Use a pressure cooker tester, You can check your products the performance in storage, transportation and use process when your samples in a high temperature, high humidity and pressure conditions.

2018-07-30 Shipment | Pressure Cooker Tester

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