2018-08-24 Shipment | Xenon Weather Ometer Shipment

Today, We have finished the xenon weather ometer shipment work for our Mexico customer. This is the 2nd time order from our Mexico customer. We appreciate the customer order again and try our best to give customer the good quality equipment which will meet their testing requirement. During the xenon weather ometer shipment, We have prepared two units transformers to make sure the Wewon xenon weather ometer will work well in customer’s address.

So far as we know, There has two different power voltage from Mexico, AC 220V, 60Hz, 3 phase 5 lines and AC 440V, 60Hz, 3 phase 4 lines. Since Wewon xenon weather ometer voltage request is AC 380V, 50Hz, So prepare a transformer for customer during shipment moment is necessary ! Otherwise, You may get a claim from the customer’s engineer. Because they have no idea on how to do the voltage connect work if the machine’s power request is different with their local power source.

xenon weather ometer shipment
Equipment ModelWEW-080-XDWEW-175-XDWEW-225-XD
Testing Room (W*H*D mm)500*400*400700*500*500900*500*500
External Size (W*H*D mm)700*1950*1100900*2050*12001150*2050*1200
Control MethodMicrocomputerPID – Digital PowerXenon Lamp Stepless Dimming
Wavelength Range300-800nm300-800nm300-800nm
Radiation Intensity0,30-0,57 W / M2 a 340 nm |0,60-1,22 W / M2 a 420 nm35-68 W / M2 a 300-400 nm350-580 W / M2 a 300-800 nm
Blackboard TemperatureRoom Temperature +10°C (dark cycle) ~100°C (exposure cycle)Room Temperature +10°C (dark cycle) ~100°C (exposure cycle)Room Temperature +10°C (dark cycle) ~100°C (exposure cycle)
Humidity RangeDark Cycle: 30%~98%RH; Exposure period: 20% to 65% RHDark Cycle: 30%~98%RH; Exposure period: 20% to 65% RHDark Cycle: 30%~98%RH; Exposure period: 20% to 65% RH
Spraying Cycle0~9999H adjustable0~9999H adjustable0~9999H adjustable
Control DisplayProgrammableTouch Screen Controller5.7″ inches
Inner Shell MaterialHigh-quality heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel plateHigh-quality heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel plateHigh-quality heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel plate
Building MaterialsHigh-quality color steel plate electrostatic sprayingHigh-quality color steel plate electrostatic sprayingHigh-quality color steel plate electrostatic spraying
Protective DeviceOpen the door. Over temperature.Overload. LeakagePhase sequence multiple case protection device
Filter DescriptionQ: QuartzB: BorosilicateSL: Nano Calcium
xenon weather ometer shipment
QuestionIf my customer will buy the xenon weather ometer of yours and will need some warranty repair or something goes wrong with the xenon weather ometer, how does it work with support of your side ?
Please no worries about the quality ! When we sold one climatic chamber to customer, We consider that this is the start to work with customer. Not means we have finished the order and no contact with customer any more !
Please check our web link, You may understand how we support our customer.
QuestionDuring the xenon weather ometer shipment, Are you able to send me spare parts including for example broken controller? And the important question, is that price-less when it is in warranty ?
Yes, I think we can ! If there any spare parts damaged, We may ship to customer a new one and customer can do the replace work. We will prepare a short video to teach customer how to do the replace work !
The spare parts in warranty will be free of charge. The spare parts out of warranty days, We will charge the spare parts cost only !
In fact, We don’t plan to earn the profit from the spare pars. This is not our working way ! Because we know that, When our climatic chamber working well in customer laboratory, Then the customer may order more climatic chambers from us !
QuestionOther thing is if I will be able to download and rewrite the PLC in the controller, as I know now it is sometimes necessary to fix the controllers malfunction.
We don’t suggest the customer to make some change and rewrite the PLC. It has the risk and may break the controller operation system.
In fact, Our controller has the software which you can use your computer to control the climatic chamber. Please check below youtube videos.
xenon weather ometer shipment
Xenon weather ometer shipment, Originally imported from France Tecumseh compressorCompressor
External fin internal thread tube heat exchanger (also known as dehumidifier)Evaporator
Air-cooled, External finned internal tube heat exchangerCondenser
Xenon weather ometer shipment, R404a/R23 (Ozone Depletion Index is zero, R23 is used in cascade refrigeration systems)Refrigerant
The control system automatically adjusts the optimal energy-saving operation of the refrigerator according to the test conditions
The evaporator cooling capacity is switched by the control system to drive the solenoid valve
Xenon weather ometer shipment, Compressor return air cooling circuit
Refrigerator Control
Wewon xenon test chamber use xenon arc lamp as a light source, It is a equipment for simulation and strengthening of weathering accelerated aging test, After testing, You can quickly get closely atmospheric aging test results, Used to evaluate the weather resistance of the testing material/ samples.
The Wewon xenon weather ometer has been recognized as a manufacturer of automotive, plastics, paint coatings, inks, packaging, photochemical materials, and pigments, dyes, stabilizers and additives, and is considered to be accurate and reproducible The only equipment that predicts product life.
xenon weather ometer shipment
Lamps, internal filters, external filters, digital power supply and other core accessories for Wewon xenon weather ometer comply with ATLAS, Q-LAB and other well-known brands in Europe and America supplier, Wewon xenon test chamber break the European and American supplier’s technology monopoly.
The Wewon xenon weather ometer shipment comply with GB/T, AATCC, ASTM, GME, GMW, ISO, JASO, SAE, VDA, VW related testing standard.
The main functional components of Wewon xenon weather ometer choose world famous configuration, the real reproduction of outdoor climate, heat, humidity and rainfall and other comprehensive conditions, Make the sample artificial accelerated aging test.
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