2018-09-03 Shipment | UV Test Chamber Shipment for Vietnam Customer

Today, We have finished one UV-600C UV test chamber shipment for our Vietnam customer. The customer use this UV test chamber to test their wood plastic composite products. Customer request the ATLAS UV340 model, 40W, Wavelength ultraviolet light: 280 ~ 450 nm. Max power request: 3.5kW.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is made of wood, plastics and a few additives to enhance characteristics. So WPC is called natural fiber material which is reinforced by plastic composite. WPC is an environmentally friendly material from wood (from planted forest or sawdust, chips which is processed and carefully inspected) and plastic (HPDE, PVC, PP, ABS …). The wood plastic composite is mixed uniformly and then passes through the assemble line to create the compounds. Then those go through the extrusion line to be into the required shapes.

WPC is still a very new material compared to natural wood in the long history. However because of the increasing scarcity of natural wood, with like-natural performance and the outstanding properties of WPC, it will promisingly replace the natural wood in most outdoors and indoor space.

UV test chamber shipment

A major advantage of plastics than wood is the ability of forming any shapes required. Thanks to the combination in the production process, the WPC products have not only the properties of wood: the aesthetic surface, diversified applications But they also have the nature of plastic: moisture resistance, anti-rot. Although the plastic may not be harder than wood, when being blended with wood powder, plastic composite with additives is strengthened to resist cracking, warping for a much longer time than hardwood.

Building and construction material manufacturers claim that wood plastic composite is environmentally friendly, with low- maintenance and repair than normal solid wood. WPC Products do not need to be painted because the necessary colors and anti-UV substances preventing fading color are mixed in the production process, so they are able to retain the color better. Plastic wood products are a long-term investment in many aspects such as quality, aesthetics, cost of outdoor architectures.

Plastic wood is most widely used in outdoor constructions, creating and maintaining the beauty of fine wood for outdoor space. This beauty is maintained not only in few years but over the next 15-25 years. A great advantage of outdoor plastics is the ability of forming a wide variety of shapes in countless ideas and utilities, especially for external architectures Some of the most popular decorating ideas: Outdoor WPC flooring; Wall, ceiling cladding; Screening; Fence; Interior and exterior decoration.

UV test chamber
1.The test method for UV600-C uv test chamber is conformed with ISO 9001(2000Edition) Quality System and the requirement of JJF 1101-2003.
2. The testing responsible for the performance of UV600-C uv test chamber at the test moment according to the degree of carefulness and the frequency of use.
3.Major standards of measurement used in this calibration:
Apparatus Name: Technical Characteristic:
Temperature Recorder
Temperature: 0.2℃
Humidity: ±1%
4. Place and Environment condition of the Calibration:
Calibrate Place: Test Room
5. Calibration Results:
1. Inspection equipment appearance test: Meet the requirement.
2. The equipment is at constant temperature when calibrated, light ship condition.
3. Temperature measurement point distribution diagram, Detect 6 temperature points, F Blackboard temperature detection point, Others are air test points.
6. Set Irradiance Test (UVA-340): 0.76 W/m2
Measurement Point
Measured Irradiance Average Value, W/m2
0.74 0.76 0.75 0.77
Item Description: Measured Value
Irradiation Fluctuation +- 0/3 W/m2
Technical Requirement Conclusion
+- 0.5 W/m2 PASS
ultraviolet light test chamber shipment

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We have the controller/ meter aging test equipment, motor test instrument, mechanical shaking table and environmental testing equipment and dong the testing service for the components/ spare parts which coming into Wewon workshop.
During the production process, for each process will do self-test, mutual inspection and get approve by the quality check department and going to the next process.
During the production process, for each process will do self-test, mutual inspection and get approve by the quality check department and going to the next process.
During the production process, for each process will do self-test, mutual inspection and get approve by the quality check department and going to the next process.
UV test chamber packing and shipment
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