Side Pressure Sampler for Corrugated Board Edge Compressive Strength Test

The side pressure sampler is a special sampling device necessary for corrugated board edge compressive strength test and adhesive strength test. It can cut the standard test size quickly and accurately. The side compression strength testing machine sampler is corrugated board and carton production scientific research and quality supervision and inspection departments ideal auxiliary test equipment. The edge pressure sampling board can cut samples with precise degree of parallelism. There are marks on them and parallel spacing can be set.

Wewon’s side pressure sampler cut samples with precise parallelism, It with marks on them, and can set parallel spacing. It adopts imported sliding track, and Japan imported blade closely cooperate, easily cut out multilayer cardboard sample. The scale adopts laser engraving, calibration is clear, durable, It’s easy to clean. The side pressure sampling knife machine from Wewon adopts strong magnet, the blade is more convenient to install.

side pressure sampler

Side Pressure Sample25mm×100mm
Adhesive Sample25mm×80mm
Max Sampling Thickness18 mm|Side Pressure Sampler Photo
Dimensions (L×W×H)430mm×380mm×200mm
Adjustable Spacing25, 30, 50, 60, 80, 100, 150, 175mm
Equipment Weight38.5 KG

What is the corrugated board ? What’s kind of corrugated board can be tested by side pressure sampler ? Corrugated board is a multi-layer adhesive. It is at least composed of a layer of corrugated core paper (commonly known as “pit sheet”, “corrugated paper”, “corrugated core paper”, “corrugated paper core”, “corrugated base paper”) and a layer of cardboard (also known as “corrugated paper”, “Boxboard”) constitute, Corrugated board has high mechanical strength, can withstand the collision and fall in the process of handling. The actual performance of corrugated board depends on three factors: the characteristics of the core paper and board and the structure of the carton itself

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