SO2 Corrosion Chamber | Sulfur Dioxide Corrosion Test Chamber

SO2 corrosion chamber is widely applied to the accelerated corrosive testing of the protective layer from metallic material, as well as parts,electrical components and industrial products. It can reproduce the corrosion process happened to the painted or untreated metal surface. Therefore, SO2 corrosion chamber can be used to perform various kinds of corrosion test in according to relevant standards, such as ISO6988-1985. SO2 corrosion chamber perform test according to IEC60068-2-52, IEC61701-2, ASTM G85 and other custom test methods. SO2 corrosion test chamber is available in sizes ranging from 200 liters to 4500 liters.

SO2 corrosion chamber

Type and DescriptionWEW-SO-60DWEW-SO-90DWEW-SO-120DWEW-SO-160D
Internal Test Room (W*D*H, mm)600*450*400900*600*5001200*1000*5001600*1000*500
External Dimension (W*D*H, mm)1070*1180*6001410*880*12801900*1300*14002300*1300*1400
Temperature Range+10℃~+55℃+10℃~+55℃ ( adjusted )+10℃~+55℃+10℃~+55℃ ( adjusted )
Temperature Uniformity(unload)≤1.0℃ (Unload)≤1.0℃ (unload)≤1.0℃ (Unload)≤1.0℃ (unload)
Temperature Fluctuation≤±0.5℃ ( Constant )≤±0.5℃ ( Constant )≤±0.5℃ ( Constant )≤±0.5℃ ( Constant )
Humidity Range85%-95% RH85%-95% RH; ( Unadjusted )85%-95% RH85%-95% RH; ( Unadjusted )
Heating RateRise to 40℃±2℃ within 30 minutesRise to 40℃±2℃ within 30 minutesRise to 40℃±2℃ within 30 minutesRise to 40℃±2℃ within 30 minutes
Average Relative Velocity of the Gas to Test Sample20-60m/h20-60m/h20-60m/h20-60m/h
Concentration of Sulfur Dioxide Gas is AdjustableBetween 0.05%-1% ( Volume Ratio)Between 0.05%-1% ( Volume Ratio)Between 0.05%-1% ( Volume Ratio)Between 0.05%-1% ( Volume Ratio)
Corrosion Settlement≤1.5 (ml/80cm2..h)≤1.5 (ml/80cm2..h)≤1.5 (ml/80cm2..h)≤1.5 (ml/80cm2..h)
Collected Liquid PH in the Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS)6.5-7.26.5-7.26.5-7.26.5-7.2
Collected Liquid PH in the Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test (AASS)3.0-3.33.0-3.33.0-3.33.0-3.3
Collected Liquid PH in the Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test(CASS)3.0-3.33.0-3.33.0-3.33.0-3.3
Inclination of Sample Stent and Vertical Direction15° ±2°15° ±2°15° ±2°15° ±2°
Quantity of Sprayer: 1 PCSO2 corrosion chamber to ensure even distribution of salt spraySO2 corrosion chambers to ensure even distribution of salt spraySO2 corrosion chamber to ensure even distribution of salt spraySO2 corrosion chambers to ensure even distribution of salt spray
SO2 Gas Corrosion ChamberGas fed by cylinderGas fed by cylinderGas fed by cylinderGas fed by cylinder


It can perform 4 distinct climatic modes including salt spray mode, drying mode, controlled temperature humidity mode and S02 gas corrosion mode. For each SO2 salt fog chamber mode and product technical parameters as below mentioned. If you have any question there, Please inquiry to us.

Temperature humidity control and display unit for SO2 corrosion chamber
Saturated barrel temperature control and display unit, SO2 control and display unit, Humidity dry and wet bulb sensor,
Programmable color LCD touch screen controller, Temperature sensor PT-100 MV A-class.
Noxious gas with SO2, SO2 Gas tank with flow meter, Exhaust pipe & drain pipe, Safety protection system.
SO2 Exhaust device, SO2 concentration 25 ±5 ppm, Gas supply should be prepared by user.
Anti-corrosive PVC plate is formed integrally through pressing and with no leakage.
The space between tank lid and tank body is water sealed with no air leaking.
While the lid,which is made of transparent material,allows you to observe the testing items inside clearly to know the status.
It has been equipped with double air filter to ensure that the emission gas brings no contamination to environment.
Features for SO2 Salt Fog Chamber :

SO2 corrosion chamber

Temperature and humidity controller: Japan OYO touch screen controller, 7” inches screen display.
Sensor: PT100 test sensor, LED digital display.
Full digital multiple warning protection system, anti-dry and anti-over temperature.
With SSR output, imported relay contact, Multiple time mode, S, M, H can freely switch.
Multiple control method for Salt and SO2 switch.
With defog and desulphuration function to ensure salt and SO2 avoid leakage.
With flow meter to control the SO2 concentration by rate of flow and time.
Control System for SO2 Corrosion Chamber

Designed to meet the requirements of ASTM G85 annex A4, this optional accessory provides a chamber mounted dispersion tube, through which SO2 gas can be introduced, at a rate determined by the user adjustable control valve, and monitored by an SO2 gas flowmeter.

The gas can be switched on and off automatically, at user programmable times. The control system fitted to Wewon SO2 salt fog chamber enables the user to program whether SO2 gas dosing is conducted alone, for tests such as ASTM G85 annex A4, or in sequence with other climates, to form a cyclic corrosion test, for automatic execution by the chamber.

The customer would like to use a SO2 corrosion chamber for ISO3231 and a salt spray chamber for ISO9227. Can SO2 corrosion chamber run for ISO9227 ?
The SO2 corrosion chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. meet the ISO 3231, ISO 9227 test standard. Here are some related evidence from internet. This should be easier way to make the customer understand the ISO 3231, ISO 9227 test standard.


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