Technical Parameters of EV203H Vibration Testing System

Read this article you may easier to understand the technical parameters of EV203H vibration testing system. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us. The maximum value of each vibration parameter is not achievable in the entire frequency range, and it is impossible to obtain the rated values of all vibration parameters at a certain point or frequency band at the same time.

Thrust: Sine: 300kg.f, Random: 300kg.fRMS|Frequency Range: 5Hz~4000Hz
Maximum (no load) Acceleration: 100g|Rated Speed: 2m/sec
Rated Displacement: 38.0mm(p-p)|Maximum Load: 110 kg
Effective Quality of Moving Parts: No load, Moving Coil (3.8kg)
Horizontal Test: H0404 Horizontal Slide Table (13kg)|Vertical Test: VT640 Vertical (15kg)
Power Supply: 3 Phase 4 Wires, 380V ± 10% AC50Hz|Power Consumption: 8.0 Kva
Continuous Working Time: 8 Hours
Working Environment: Temperature +5℃ ~ +35 ℃; Humidity ≤90% RH

frequency sweep signal

FrequencyAccelerationVelocityDisplacementHigh AbortLow Abort
5.0 Hz2.01284 g0.628319 m/s40 mm6.00 dB-6.00 dB
15.9155 Hz20.3943 g2 m/s40 mm6.00 dB-6.00 dB
70.235 Hz90 g2 m/s9.06414 mm6.00 dB-6.00 dB
2400.0 Hz90 g0.0585291 m/s0.00776267 mm6.00 dB-6.00 dB

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