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Yesterday, We have finished 4 pcs temperature ovens assembly work, They are the custom design actually. I have taken the photos as below photo mentioned. This 4 pcs oven’s structure similar as the environmental chambers which doing the temperature humidity testing work. The oven’s height comply with ergonomic design, Friendly to operator’s testing work.

The electric circuit for temperature oven equipped on the bottom area, The testing room on the top place, There has many testing room volume can be ordered, Such as 64 L, 80L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L, 1500L … We also accept the custom design. If you have such kind of request, Please let me know. Temperature Range : +10C ~ 250C.

Temperature Oven
Equipment Model WEW-080-TOM WEW-150-TOM WEW-225-TOM WEW-800-TOM
Volume Size 80 L Laboratory Oven 150 L 225 L Laboratory Oven 800 L
Interior Size (W*H*D)mm 400*500*400 500*600*500 500*750*600 1000*1000*800
Exterior Size (W*H*D)mm 970*1360*970 1070*1460*1070 1070*1610*1170 1550*1850*1300
Max Shelf Load 20 Kgs 20 Kgs 40 Kgs 55 Kgs
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz;  AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz; 
Temp. Range +15 ºC~ +250 ºC +15 C~ +300 ºC +15 ºC~ +250 C +15 C~ +320 ºC
Temp. Constancy ±0.2 ºC~0.3 ºC ±0.3 ºC~0.3 ºC ±0.2 ºC~0.3 ºC ±0.3 ºC~0.3 ºC
Temp. Uniformity ±2.0 ºC / 15 ºC~ 200ºC ±2.5 ºC / 15 ºC~330C ±2.0 ºC / 20 ºC~ 200ºC ±2.5 ºC / 20 ºC~330C
Heat Up Time 6 min / 50 ºC  to 200 C 10 min / 52 ºC  to 300 ºC 6 min / 55 C  to 200 C 10 min / 50 C  to 300 ºC
Power Watts (KW) 3.0 KW 4.2 KW 5.5 KW 6.5 KW
Gross Weight (Kgs) 250.0 Kgs 285.0 Kgs 350.0 Kgs 455.0 Kgs

Normally, The Wewon manufacture dept will finish the assembly work for temperature ovens in 20 ~ 25 days, It depends on the order quantity. Meanwhile, The quality check dept need 1 week for continuous testing for quality check before shipment. When customer issue the order to Wewon, Keep the lead time as 30 ~ 35 days is the best choice.

Outer cover of Wewon ovens mainly use SECC steel, powder paint treatment, Inside choose the SUS stainless steel, temperature uniformity, vacuum-resistant, good sealing, temperature oven with over-temperature protection, overload automatic power off, heat radiation. Temperature oven installation of high temperature glass window, easy to observe the test area of the sample test conditions.

Temperature Oven

Structure of Temperature Oven: The temperature ovens are double-layer structure inside and outside, the shell is made of stainless steel, filled with fiber material between the inner and outer double shells. Temperature oven are mostly use aluminum silicate, rock wool as the insulating layer, it can play a role in insulation, forming a reliable insulation layer. Temperature oven equipped with hot air circulation system and temperature measurement and control system.

Temperature Oven

Principle of Temperature Oven : During its working moment, the operator through the temperature sensor to obtain the value of the temperature inside the temperature oven, through the control system to operate. Compared with the ordinary cooling heating method, Temperature oven has a better gas flow, can speed up the material in temperature oven drying speed.

Temperature Oven

The air circulation system consists of air motor, wind wheel and electric heater, air motor driven wind wheel to send cold air, cold air through electric heating equipment to carry heat through the air duct into the oven of the oven studio. Temperature oven is conducive to improving the uniformity of air temperature in the industrial oven switch box door during the delivery of materials, the temperature will be affected by changes in the uniformity of the air flow system is conducive to recovery within the maximum speed working temperature of the state.

Temperature Oven
Installation qualification is a process of record and documenting evidence that the lab heating and drying oven has been finished the set up work and operates safely in accordance with its technical spec.
Installation qualification includes an in depth description of the drying oven product, operation/ user manuals and accessories parts, and the calibration archives as well. Furthermore, all related technical parameters that validate correct installation and convenient functioning of the drying oven equipment are checked.
Installation Qualification (IQ)
Operational qualification is a method of getting and documenting proof that the drying oven equipment put in operates within predetermined limits once utilized in accordance with its operational steps/ procedure.
During operational qualification, All important parameters of the temp oven equipment will be measured and tag if not found within predetermined limits.
Operational Qualification (OQ)
Performance qualification describes a method of corroborative and report the performance of the laboratory drying oven equipment controlled once utilized in accordance with its operational procedures so as to confirm quality for the intended use. Performance Qualification (PQ)

IQ/OQ/PQ Temperature Oven Definition|Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and specialize in the manufacture capacity of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) for environmental chambers and drying ovens equipment over 20 years.

temperature oven


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