Tensile Tester Machine for Earloop Mask Tensile Strength Test

Tensile tester machine for earloop mask tensile strength test is very necessary ! Because of the COVID-19 reason, There has a huge quantity earloop face masks requirement for Chinese at the beginning for year 2020. Chinese Government encourages enterprises and groups to purchase medical mask production equipment and tensile tester to meet the market’s shortage of masks. In order to purchase and ensure that the produced surgical face mask meet the national hygiene standards, It is necessary to purchase the tensile tester machine for ear loop face masks tensile strength test.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has 20 years working experience and manufacture the tensile testers. If you has limited budget for medical mask tensile strength tester and can not afford the cost of instron tensile tester, mts tensile tester, or tinius olsen tensile tester, Please inquiry to us. You will be pleased to contact us to buy a good quality and cheap tensile tester machine there.

Tensile Tester Machine for Earloop Mask Tensile Strength Test with Computer Control

Tensile Capacity: 5, 10, 20, 50 kgs|Tensile Tester Machine’s Model: TT-ELM-5/10/20/50
Measure Accuracy: ±0.5%|Accuracy of Deformation Indication: ±0.5%|Test Speed Range: 0.01 ~ 500mm/min
Maximum Test Stroke: 700mm (1000mm|Custom Design) Not include the fixture, clamp
Measure Resolution: 1/500,000|Effective Measure Range: 0.5~100%F.S
Valid Test Width: 350mm|Force Unit Switching: N, KN, g, kg, gf, kgf, Ib, Ibf, oz, ozf
Stop Method: Upper and lower limit safety setting|Emergency stop key|Program strength and elongation setting|Test sample failure sensing
Machine Features: Tensile tester machine can be worked for tensile tearing, stripping, compression and bending, etc
Standard Configuration: Standard Fixture|Software and Data Cable|Operating Manual|Product Certificate|Warranty Card
Tensile Tester Machine Dimensions: 550 × 480 × 1500 mm(W×D×H)|Gross Weight: 75kg
Drive System: Servo Motor + Ball Screw + Smooth Rod Linear Bearing + Synchronous Belt Drive
Power Voltage of Tensile Tester Test Machine: 1 Phase, AC220V, 50Hz, 10A

Tensile tester machine is suitable for surgical masks, disposable masks, respirators and other respirators for tension test. The tensile tester adopts the vertical single-column structure, the collet spacing can be set arbitrarily within a certain range, the stretching stroke is large, the smooth operation is good, the test accuracy is good. Tensile tester machine is good solution for tensile tear and peel test of non-woven fabric or elastic band of mask. It can display real-time test curve, save test data and results, and has the function of query printing.

Tensile Tester with Tensile Strength Test for Medical Masks

Auto Restart: When the computer receives the instruction to start the test, the measurement system will reset automatically.
Self-Recovery: After the test fracture is identified automatically, the displacement beam returns to the initial position automatically at high speed.
Auto Save: Automatic storage of test data and test conditions, to prevent data loss caused by forgetting to save the disk due to sudden power failure.
Test Process: The test process, measurement, display and analysis are all calculated by the software automatically.
Display Method: Data and curves are displayed dynamically with the test process.
Result Check: The test results can be accessed at will and the data curves can be reanalyzed.
Curve Review: After the test is completed, the mouse can be chooseed to find the force value and deformation data of the test curve point by point, which is convenient and practical for the test data of various materials.
Rusult Compare: Multiple test characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, amplified and compared with a group of samples by different colors.
Curve Selection: The stress and strain, force time and strength time curves can be selected to display and print.

adobe-pdf-logoGuide to Face Masks Selection and Use|Select The Right Masks for the Risk|The Earloop Mask Tensile Strength Testing Procedure
adobe-pdf-logoPerformance evaluation of masks for medical use – Including the comparison with commercially available masks for general use

Tensile test of medical mask equipped with professional fixture

Batch Test: A batch of tests can be completed successively after the same parameters are set once.
Test Report for Stretch: Tensile tester with maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity, etc
Test Report for Bend: Tensile tester test equipment with maximum bending strength deflection modulus of elasticity, etc
Test Report for Compress: Maximum strength, compression strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, etc. Tensile tester can also be programmed and printed according to the format required by the user.
Position Limitation Protection: Tensile tester test machine has two levels of program control and mechanical protection.
Overload Protection: Automatically stop when the load exceeds 3% of the range.
Emergency Stop: Emergency stop switch is provided to cut off the power supply of the tensile tester machine in emergency.
Automatic Diagnosis: The tensile strength tester has the function of automatic diagnosis, timing the measurement system, the drive system overpressure overflow overtemperature until the inspection, the abnormal situation immediately stop.

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