Electrodynamic Vibration Testing System Final Testing Report

This is an article about EV203H electrodynamic vibration testing system’s testing report. The ambient temperature tested by the machine is 26.5 degrees Celsius and the humidity condition is 50%. Electrodynamic vibration testing system model: EV203H0404-2, Equipment’s Serial Numaber: WEW-L1910146. Vibration test system performance testing according to JJG948 1998: Digital electrodynamic vibration testing system. The testing report would provide recommendations and suggestions for test specimen’s functions and potential risk to ensure the continued reliable operation and accurate results of new products under development.

The electrodynamic vibration testing system final testing report provides typically includes an overview of the testing process, which would indicate how the system is set up, the protocols and procedures used, and any notable challenges encountered during testing. Additionally, it would include detailed results and analysis of the vibration tests themselves, including the frequency and amplitude of the vibration and any discrepancies or anomalies observed during testing.

1 Sine Test Performance Graph

1.1 Vertical Situation Operation, Bare Armature, Only Moving Coil
FrequencyRated Bare Table Test DataAmplifier Output/ InputAccel. Waveform Distortion
HzAcceleration (g)Speed (m / s)Displacement (mm)Voltage (V)Current (A)Control Drive (V)THD(%)
1.2 Maximum Sinusoidal Rated Scan Curve: Bare Table/ No load, D= 40 mmp-p, V= 2.0 m/s, A= 100 g-peak, f0= 2972.92 Hz

testing report of max sine sweep performance graph

1.3 Max Armature Table Uniformity (from 5 to 2400Hz)|Uniformity of Moving Coil Table

max armature table uniformity (from 5 to 2400Hz)

1.4 Max. Cross Axis Ratio of Armature Table (from 5 to 2400Hz)

testing report of max cross axis ratio of armature table (from 5 to 2000Hz)

2 Random Test Performance Graph

2.1 Max Random Performance Graph According to ISO 5344|Payload= 23 kg (finite loading 20Kg) f0= 1925 Hz, A= 10*100%=10 g rms Vmax=36.6v Imax=19.5A|The load mass is more than 3 times of the moving coil mass, and the vibration point falls within 2000Hz after loading. If the output is greater than 2000Hz, the output is 70% of the rated value.

max random performance graph according to ISO5344

2.2 Random Control the Dynamic Range >40db

random control the dynamic range >40db” />

<b>3 Shock Test Performance Graph</b>

<h5>3.1 Max Half Sine Shock Graph 1 (13 gpeak@11ms duration, payload = 15+3 kg)|The thrust is 1 times the maximum thrust of the sine@11ms|The maximum thrust sine of the machine is doubled when using 11ms</h5>

<img decoding=

3.2 Max Half Sine Shock Graph 2 (26 gpeak@6ms duration, payload = 15-3kg)|The thrust is 2 times the maximum thrust of the sine @ 6ms|The maximum thrust sine of the machine is 2 times when using 6ms

max half sine shock graph 2

4 Head Expander, Operation, Bare Table, Vertical Table

4.1 Head Expander (400mmx400mm) first axial resonance frequency: f0 (first-order frequency) = 1716.89Hz|Below 500, the table is up to 2500, and the rest is up to 2000Hz, find the resonance valley point

head expander,(400mmx400mm )first axial resonance frequency

4.2 Head Expander (400mm x 400mm 14kg) 13 g Sweeting Test, fu operating frequency= 1500 Hz|No-load maximum acceleration sweep frequency of vertical table

head expander (400mmx400mm 14kg) 13 g sweeting test

5 V-Guide Oil Film Slip Table, Operation, Bare Table, Horizontal Table

5.1 Slip Table (400mm x 400mm 14kg) first axial resonance frequency (skateboard): f0 first order frequency = 1864.33Hz

slip table (400mmx400mm 14kg) first axial resonance frequency

5.2 Slip Table (400mm x 400mm 14kg) Random Performance Graph according to ISO 5344|ISO 5344 Maximum Random Output

Payload=19 kg (14Kg with skateboard, Drive row 2 Kg, Load 0 Kg) f0 first order frequency = 1855 Hz, A= 12*100%=12 g rms Vmax=38.5v Imax=22.6A

After loading the skateboard, the resonance point falls within 2000Hz. If it is greater than 2000 Hz, the output is 70% of the rated value.

slip table (400mmx400mm 14kg) random performance graph according to ISO5344

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