Thermal Stream Instrument from WewonTech Has Been Ordered by HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.

4 units thermal stream instrument from WewonTech has been ordered by HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. last week. The thermal stream equipment equip with Ethernet communication port from Wewon will accept the custom design and supply the full-service, This should be the mainly reason why HUAWEI Technologies Co., Limited. choose the WewonTech thermal stream instrument – thermal stream temperature test system.

Thermal stream instrument has the advantages of high efficiency and high stability. Thermal stream equipment from Wewon Tech can control the defrosting time within half an hour after defrosting once a week. From +125 ℃ goes down to -55℃ within 10 seconds. The thermal stream equipment is equipped with GPIB, USB, RS485/R23, LAN and other communication ports for use.

Thermal stream instrument is suitable for all kinds of semiconductor chip, Flash/EMMC, PCB circuit board, optical communication parts (such as transceiver, high and low temperature testing, SFP optical module high and low temperature testing), thermal shock test, high and low temperature cycle test, conduct IC characteristic analysis in electronic industry, failure analysis and other reliability tests.

Thermal Stream Instrument from WewonTech Has Been Ordered by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Working Principle of Wewon Tech Thermal Stream Instrument: The output airflow hood of the thermal stream equipment temperature test system will be covered by the test article to form a test chamber in a closed space. The high-temperature or low-temperature airflow output by the temperature forcing system causes the surface temperature of the tested product to change dramatically, thus completing the corresponding high-low-temperature impact test.

It can be targeted at a single IC or other components of a number of components, it is isolated, the impact of high and low temperature alone, without affecting the surrounding other devices. Compared with the traditional temperature testing equipment, the Wewon Tech thermal stream instrument’s temperature changes, the impact rate is faster.
Operating Mode: Air Mode and DUT Mode|Test and circulate at high/normal temperature/low temperature (or not)
Refrigeration Way: Air-cooled HFC environmental refrigerant overlapping system, temperature up to -70℃
Operating Conditions of WewonTech Thermal Stream – Temperature Test Solutions: Ambient temperature at +23℃ ±5℃
Temperature Change Cooling Rate: RT+10℃ decreased to -40℃ within 60 Seconds
Temp Deviation of Thermal Stream Instrument: When the test sample is constant at -40℃, the temperature deviation is ±1℃
Impact Gas Flow: 1.9~8.5L/ Seconds, Continuous Flow|Noise: ≤65dB (Sound level A)
Temperature Control Range: -70℃ to +100℃|Impact Temperature Range: -40℃ to +80℃
Test Standard of Thermal Stream Equipment : GB/T 2423.1-2008|GB/T 2423.2-2008|GB/T2423.22-2012
Surface Temperature of the Test Sample: RT+10℃ decreased to -40℃, and the surface temperature of the test sample reached about 1 minute. The gas temperature and sample temperature could be measured and controlled optionally
Thermal Stream Instrument Lateral Structure

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of experimental testing equipment for many years, and has its own complete industrial chain from the research, development, production, assembly and after-sales of equipment, committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and quality services.

In addition to setting up heat flow meter production bases in mainland China, Wewon has also set up service outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xiamen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Xi’an to ensure timely response to customer demand and solve problems. Wewon Environmental Chambers is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, with more than 10,000 square meters of workshop and office space.

The new design thermal stream instrument has been tested and approved by major customers. After nearly two years of repeated research and development tests, we have always insisted on improving the product, stability will be guaranteed before finally launched to the market. Wewon technology can research, develop and produce customized products according to customer requirements. In the future, the Wewon Tech will continue to increase its own strength, and strive to better serve customers, to help the development of the industry.

2 PCS Thermal Stream Equipment & 4 PCS Custom Design

Wewon Technology specializes in the research, development, production and sales of laboratory testing equipment system services. Through more than ten years of accumulation in the field of equipment, the business of wewon Tech is mainly divided into three fields, namely optical communication, automobile and new energy industry.

Specialized equipment from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. includes thermal stream instrument, environmental chambers, walk in chamber, salt fog test chamber, vibration testing machine, xenon lamp aging tester, ultraviolet weather testing equipment, tensile testing machine and various IP protection level test equipment. The system characteristic of Wewon Tech thermal stream temperature test system as below technical parameters mentioned.
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Thermal Stream Instrument Frontal structure
WewonTech thermal stream instrument include PID + PWM principle, VRF technology (electronic expansion valve is controlled by refrigerant flow servo based on thermal energy condition)
Low temperature operating state, heater does not participate in the work, Adjust refrigerant flow and flow direction by PID + PWM
Adjust the flow rate of refrigeration pipeline, cold bypass pipeline and hot bypass pipeline, Achieve automatic constant of the studio temperature. This method can reduce energy consumption by 30% at low temperature.
Advanced Energy Saving Design
Automatically adjust the return temperature of the thermal stream equipment test system compressor:
Keep the compressor temperature in the normal range, Avoid compressor cooling and overheating| Thermal Stream Instrument | Thermal Air Testing Equipment|Temperature Forcing Systems | Temperature Cycling Test Solution | Temperature Testing Test System
Compressor Temperature Adjustment
In the design of refrigeration system, the protection measures of compressor are taken into full consideration. Such as compressor suction and exhaust pressure automatic protection function.
This function keeps the operating temperature of the compressor within the normal temperature range, Avoid compressor cold or overheating In order to extend the service life of the compressor.
In the refrigeration system pipeline welding adopts the high – quality oxygen – free copper tube gas – protected welding.
This method avoids the damage to the refrigeration system and compressor caused by oxide produced in the inner wall of copper pipe by the traditional welding method.
In the design of thermal testing equipment refrigeration system, the vibration reduction measures during unit operation are fully considered.
If the compressor installed spring shock absorber, At the same time, the cooling pipe is added with arc bending, Avoid pipe deformation and leakage caused by running vibration and temperature change, So as to improve the reliability of the whole thermostream instrument refrigeration system.
Refrigeratory Technology
The following effective energy regulation measures were adopted: Such as: refrigeration system cooling capacity regulation, gas-liquid bypass regulation, evaporation temperature regulation.
When the temperature is constant at any low temperature point, no heating equilibrium is required. Operating power can be reduced to half. The operating cost and failure rate of the refrigeration system are reduced to a more economical state.
Energy Conservation Measure
Compressor: Spring Damping|Refrigerating System: Special rubber pad integral secondary vibration reduction.
The temp test solution refrigeration system piping shall be added with R and elbow to avoid the copper pipe deformation caused by the change of vibration and temperature. This causes the refrigeration system pipeline to break.
Measure of Vibration Mitigation
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