Touch Screen Test System For Infotainment Systems, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops

The Wewon’s self-developed and manufactured touch screen test system is a set of precision machinery, automatic control scribing in one of the high-tech products. The Wewon’s touch screen testing system is mainly a automatic touch performance test and calibration of drawing frames, clicks, and friction on the infotainment systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, automotive interiors, etc. Touch screen service life test system has the advantages of strong function, simple programming, convenient operation and reasonable price.

Touch screen service life test system is mainly used for mobile phone touch screen click, scribing life test, PLC control, touch screen display, with the number of automatic memory, power failure memory, click force pressure control, life cycle accumulation, to achieve the set number of automatic shutdown and other functions.
X-axis Movement Range:0~300mm
Y-axis Movement Range:0~300mm
Click on the Cylinder Stroke:0~15mm
Positioning Accuracy:0.05mm
Movement Speed:30-3000mm/min
Pressure Range:0~800gf
Equipment Dimensions:750 x 600 x 450mm
Equipment Weight:80 KGS
Power Supply:AC 220V, 50Hz
Touch Screen Service Life Tester
Turn on the power switch and connect the ventilation source. According to the test requirements to set the number of items, the whole machine is in the test state to select a stylus or rubber probe fixed in the test fixture.Trial Preparation for Click Test
Make the touch screen test system idle, see if there is any abnormality, confirm that the machine is normal and then carry out product testing 4 Fix the sample to be tested on the test bench and prepare for testing.
Place the sample to be tested on the test bench for clamping and fixing. Fix the measuring rod, coupled with the corresponding test weight to meet the required load requirements of the test, pay attention to the need to reserve a certain space between the measuring rod and the guide block, otherwise it will cause the test weight not to be loaded on the test sample, and directly placed on the guide block will cause the test load to be zero.Operating Steps for Testing
Press the Start key, and the touch panel performance test system will enter the test state. According to the test requirements, set the required number of tests, speed, and movement mode.
After the whole machine test to the counter set number, the shutdown is in standby. If you need to temporarily stop the machine during the test, you can directly press the stop button, and you need to restart directly press the start button to resume the action.
If there is an abnormal situation during the test, please directly press the power switch to cut off the power supply. This test is completed, if you need to continue the product test, please follow the above operating specifications to re-operate. The test is all over, turn off the power supply, remove the sample and clean the touch panel performance tester.
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Touch screen testing machines are special testing equipment for small consumer electronic products such as e-books, tablet computers, mobile phones, dialogue machines, and electronic dictionaries. It is mainly a durable test of drawing frames, clicks, and friction on the handwriting screen and touch screen. (Suitable for 10.2 inches or less with 10.2 inches touch screen test, can also accept non-standard custom models)
Motion trajectory and test: convenient coordinates to find the point function, just take three points on the program can generate circles, triangles and other motion trajectories, take two points can be scribbled, any four points can be drawn rectangle, and can be stored according to the specifications of the test phone for easy next call.Equipment features
The use of stepper motor with linear guide rail and ball screw as a motion mechanism, accurate positioning, high precision, low noise; Durable and other features.
It can display the current X and Y coordinate values in real time, motor drive speed, real-time position changes,
The touch screen service life test system adopts high rigidity aluminum surface to be anodized and textured.
Marking stroke, speed, frequency adjustable, and a variety of loads, humanized design;
The touch screen service life test system simulates the linear test of touch screen products in a certain load, number of times, and strokes.
The machine can be customized for multi-group station testing at the same time, and the test efficiency is high.
The box adopts electrostatic paint treatment, the whole machine design is reasonable, the structure is tightened, the operation is safe and stable, and it meets the test requirements;
The Wewon’s touch screen testing system is mainly a automatic touch performance test and calibration of drawing frames, clicks, and friction on the infotainment systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, automotive interiors, etc
XY shaft adopts stepper motor drive, ball screw drive, high speed and low noise, durable use.


The touch screen testing machine must be placed on a stable countertop before use. It is not allowed to move the machine during use.Maintenance Matters
Select the corresponding power supply voltage, do not be too high, to avoid burning out the device; When there is an abnormality in touch screen service life tester, Please contact us for timely handling.
There must be a good ventilation environment when the machine is working. Button mechanical components, due to the large operating load, the mechanical part please add lubricating oil in time.
After each test, Clean the touch screen test system and keep the machine clean; The control panel part must be wiped with a dry cloth, and no wet cloth can be used.
If the power supply is not displayed, it means that there is no power on or the power indicator is damaged, such as the power indicator is damaged, replace the light. If there is no power output in the power output terminal, check the power cord or power outlet.Troubleshooting
If the power is turned on, the power indicator has indications, press the start key. The touch screen test system is not working, Please check whether the relay has dropped or broken the wire, such as dropped or broken wire, Please connect it in time, such as the relay has no dropped wire and broken wire, indicating that the relay has been damaged, it should be replaced in time.
When the test to the counter set the number of times, the motor still does not stop working, indicating the program failure.
Touch Screen Test System
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The input parameters are controlled by 7-inch touch screen, which is intuitive and convenientMotor performance
The touch screen test system uses closed-loop motor, which has the advantages of low noise, high precision, fast speed and large torque
Taiwan TBI ball screw is adopted. Long service life and high precision
The microcontroller acquisition control board is adopted to effectively and accurately control the stroke and load
Imported 0.5% precision tensile pressure sensor (high precision, fast response)
Force movement conditions, stroke movement conditions, fracture conditions, etc. can be determined
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