Tracking Test Apparatus for Performance Testing of Insulating Materials – IEC 60112

Tracking test apparatus is a special testing instrument in laboratory. The Tracking test apparatus is used to evaluate the resistance of solid insulating material surface to leakage mark under electric field and contaminated medium. It is suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, electrical motors, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, information technology equipment research, production and quality inspection department. Comparative tracking Index test apparatus is also suitable for insulation material engineering plastic electrical accessories industry.

The IEC 60112 standard outlines the requirements for the determination of tracking resistance of insulating materials used in electrical and electronic equipment. This performance testing requires the use of a specialized tracking test apparatus that can accurately measure the electrical breakdown of the material under specific conditions. The tracking resistance of the insulation material is determined by the formation of a conducting path between the two electrodes. This apparatus is critical in ensuring that the insulation materials used in electrical and electronic equipment meet the required safety standards and can perform effectively under expected operating conditions.

The Tracking test apparatus is on a solid insulating material’s surface, Between specified size (2mm × 5mm ) platinum electrodes. Apply a certain voltage and time it 30 seconds and 35mm height, A conductive liquid (0.1% NH 4 CL) that drops the specified droplet volume, Working Principle
Comparative tracking test apparatus is used to evaluate the leakage resistance of solid insulation surface under the combined action of electric field and wet or polluted medium, and to measure the electric trace index (CT1) and electric trace index (PT1).
Tracking Test Apparatus for Performance Testing of Insulating Materials
Product ModelWEW-ATK-0400Technical Parameter
Room Cubage≥0.5m3
External DimensionW1050×D650×H1280mm
Test Wind Speed0.2m /S
Testing Voltage100V ~ 600V (25V, Adjustable)
Power Supply Voltage Drop1.0A ±0.1A, 8%
Judging0.50A ±10%|2.00s±10%
Power Supply220V 0.6kVA, 50-60Hz
Tracking Test Apparatus
Digital MeterKorea Autonics
Button, Switch,Indicator lightShanghai
Main Body1.2 thick 304 SUS, Surface Coating
The comparative tracking Index or CTI is used to judge the index of electrical trace relative to insulation material, and comply DIN EN 60112 with test standard. The CTI simulates tracking the current of the drops of liquid between two electrodes. Insulation materials commonly used may be exposed to moisture or dust, If conducted, it may cause the risk of stress or fire. This part satisfies DIN EN 60 112 / IEC 60 112 / or VDE 0303 part 1. Test meets KA method (The amount of falling material/Crawler tunnel depth) and KA method (Until the voltage of the 50th drop). CTI and PT1 values will be determined. Combination allows for fine-tuning of test voltage, test current, switching time, drop size and number of drops.
The case of electric leakage tracking test apparatus is made of 1.2 mm mirror stainless steel, Surface coating.Equipment Features
The machine has the function of draining liquid, which is convenient for testing the air in the front air pipe.
Product accessories contain precision electronic scale to verify the electrode head on the sample force.
Tracking test apparatus use Omron relay, YOTO timer, melange geran leakage protection and other well-known brands to ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of equipment.
Lighting lamps and lanterns using standard explosion-proof lamps, in line with safety standards.
The Posano sealed exhaust fan is adopted to ensure the sealing of the box. And strong exhaust effect.
Imported solenoid valve is used to control the droplet size accurately, no need to adjust.
Use precise leakage ammeter to quickly determine the leakage current size of products (ensure the accuracy of CTI index)
Tracking index test apparatus can precisely adjust the height of the sample table and the position of the two electrodes, so as to facilitate the test.
Rectangular platinum electrodes were used, and the force of the two poles on the sample is 1.0N±0.05N. The applied voltage is adjustable between 100 ~ 600V(48 ~ 60Hz), When the short-circuit current is 1.0±0.1A, the voltage drop should not exceed 10%.
When the short-circuit leakage current in the test circuit is equal to or greater than 0.5A, Time maintain 2 seconds, relay action, cut off current, indicating unqualified test. The time constant of the drip device is adjustable, and the amount of drip is 44~50 drops/cm3 and the time interval of dripping is 30±5 seconds.
Application Method
adobe-pdf-logoASTM D 3638 Standard Test Method for Comparative Tracking Index of Electrical Insulating Materials
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 60112 International Standard- Method for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices of solid insulating materials
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 60335-1 International Standard – Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements
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adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 60745-1 International Standard Hand-held motor-operated electric tools – Safety – Part 1: General requirements
adobe-pdf-logoIEC 60884-1 International Standard – Plugs and socket -outlets for household and similar purposes – Part 1: General requirements
adobe-pdf-logoUL 746A Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations
adobe-pdf-logoDescription of Tracking Index Test Apparatus (CTI) – IEC 60112|Technical characteristics
Comparative tracking Index tester (CTI Tester) Realized according to the standard: IEC 60112: 2009, GB4207 and other standards. The Tracking index tester is suitable for measuring the creepage index and the creepage resistance index of solid insulation material and its products of electrical and electronic products under damp conditions. The tracking test apparatus 600V IEC 60884 testing machine is simple, accurate, reliable and practical. If you are looking for the flexible cables testing equipment for mechanical tests, please visit the related flexible cables testing webpage.

Electric leakage tracking test apparatus CTI PTI
Test Solution ResistanceA Liquid 0.1%NH4Cl, 3.95±0.05Ωm|B Liquid 1.98±0.05ΩmTechnical Parameters
Drop Volume20 drops 0.380g~ 0.480g|50 drops 0.997g~ 1.147g( Slight Adjustment )
Drop Height35mm ±5mm (Adjustable)
Drop Time30s±5s (Digital display, Preset adjustment), 50 drops of time 24.5min±2min
Droplet Drips1 ~ 9999 (Digital display, Can be directly set)
Electrode Voltage100~600V (48~60HZ) Adjustable, When the short-circuit current is 1.0±0.1A, the voltage drops less than 10%.
Electrode MaterialTip – Platinum Metal (platinum)
Electrode Extension RodCopper or Brass|Tracking Index Test apparatus
Electrode Size(2mm±0.1mm) × (5mm±0.1mm) × (40mm±5mm), Platinum electrode 5mm or 12mm optional, 30°±2° slope
Electrode Force1.0 ±0.05N
Distance of Electrode4.0mm ± 0.01mm, Included angle 60°±5
Leakage Judgement If the circuit current is greater than 0.5A and maintained for 2 seconds, the relay will cut off the current, indicating that the sample is unqualified.
related page logoASTM D 3638 Standard Test Method for Comparative Tracking Index of Electrical lnsulatingMaterials
related page logoGB 4207-2003 Method for determining the comparative and the proof tracking indices of solid insulating materials under moist conditions
related page logoIEC 60112 Method for the Determination of the Proof and the Comparative Tracking Indices of Solid Insulating Materials
related page logoEN 50397-1 Covered conductors for overhead lines and the related accessories for rated voltages above 1 kV AC and not exceeding 36 kV AC- Part 1: Covered conductors
related page logoUL 746A Polymeric Materials – ShortTerm Property Evaluations
related page logoIEC 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances—Safety—Part 1:General requirements
During the operation of the tracking test apparatus, personnel should pay attention to personal protection to avoid the leakage injury or being contaminated by the solution to the mouth and eyes.
Do not open the door of the warehouse when the sample is tested. After the test or when the test fails and smoke is produced, first turn on the fan to remove the smoke, and then open the door of the warehouse for operation.
Before the experiment, it is necessary to confirm whether the CTI testing is within the valid period of measurement, otherwise, the experiment cannot be carried out.
Power supply application has the ground three pole socket, guarantees the grounding reliable. The exhaust pipe should go out of the window.
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