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Simulated transport vibration testing machine used for toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products for simulated transport testing. The simulated transport vibration test machine complies with the American and European transport standards and the international transport standards of EN, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA. The simulated transportation vibration table is mainly used to simulate goods during the transportation of automobiles. When encountering different road conditions, such as turbulence, uphill slope, downhill slope, turning, etc, The products collided with each other in the car case, The collision of goods with the trunk, Squeezing each other, damage the product, So as to further improve the quality of goods and packaging quality.

The purpose of simulation transport vibration table is to make a series of controllable vibration simulation in the experiment. Test products in the life cycle, Whether it can withstand the test of transportation or vibration environmental factors, Can also determine product design and function requirements standards. Vibration simulation also has different methods according to different purposes, such as resonance searching, resonance residence, cyclic scanning, random vibration and stress screening.

transport vibration testing machine
Rated Load
Test Dimension
WEW-2024-CA WEW-2024-CB WEW-2024-CD
75 kg 150 kg 320 kg
110*98 cm 130*120 cm 150*100cm
Frequency Frequency of 2-5 Hz continuously adjustable !
Max Acceleration
Fence Height
Gross Weight
1.25g 1.25g 1.25g
25.4MM(1 Inch) 25.4MM(1 Inch) 25.4MM(1 Inch)
220 V50Hz 220 V50Hz 220 V50Hz
Rotary DC motor Rotary DC motor Rotary DC motor
33 cm 38 cm 42 cm
120×110 cm 140×130 cm 160×140 cm
169 kg 288 kg 420 kg
Principle of simulation transport vibration table: The simulated transportation vibration table is based on the American and European transportation standards. The vibration and collision of cargoes during transportation by automobile or ship are simulated by using the elliptical motion trajectory generated by eccentric axis during rotation. Fix the test platform on the eccentric bearing, When the eccentric bearing turns, The entire plane of the test platform will produce an ellipse moving up and down and back.

The simulated transport vibration testing machine uses an electrodynamic shaker to create vibration and impact on the test sample. The shaker moves in a sinusoidal motion, generating a specific frequency range of waves. The vibration levels and frequencies are adjustable to meet a range of testing needs and simulate different transportation scenarios.

Adjusting the speed of eccentric axis with rotation is equivalent to adjusting the speed of a car or ship. The sample clamping device for transport vibration testing machine adopts guide rail type, which is convenient and safe to operate. Heavy duty channel steel base with anti-vibration rubber, easy to install, strong load, smooth operation. According to similar vibration testing equipment in Europe and America, there has the rotary vibration.

Simulation transport vibration table has digital instrument displays vibration speed /min; Synchronous belt or chain drive, strong and durable.
Guide rail type is adopted for test product mounting and clamping, which is convenient and safe to operate.
The base of the machine platform adopts heavy channel steel with anti-vibration rubber cushion, which is convenient to install and runs smoothly.
DC/AC motor speed regulation, stable operation and strong load capacity.
Simulated transport vibration testing machine with rotary vibration, Comply with European and American transport standards.
Independent time control and timing function; Frequency conversion control system.
The dc motor inside the Simulation transport vibration table is buffered and started, and the noise is small and stable.
Transmission bearing — quiet noise chain drive (non-traditional belt drive, more stable and quieter).
Adopt heavy channel steel seat with shock absorbent rubber, running smoothly and easy to disassemble.
The working table for transport vibration testing machine is stainless steel, with aluminum profile as the fixing frame, convenient and flexible.
Product Features:
simulated transport vibration testing machine vibration test equipment
Smooth operation, low noise. Suitable for office and the laboratory installation.
The unique slippery course structure design, make sample clamping conveniently and reliable.
Timer function is elegent appearance.
Low price, which is only 30% of the same products in the Russia Market.
The digital screen dispaly the vibration frenquency
Use rail track for the installation of the test sample, oprate easily and safely
The pedestal of the machine applies heavy style channel with vibration attenuation pad, convenient, stable,no need to install the land-end screw.

Simulated transport vibration testing machines are critical equipment used to evaluate packaging and products’ ability to withstand the rigors of transportation. The function of these machines is to simulate the vibration and shock experienced by products during transport, such as in trucks, trains, and planes. The testing ensures that the products and packaging are durable enough to withstand these vibrations and shocks and avoid damage or breakage during transportation.

The installation site of simulated transport vibration tester must be stable. Because the vibration test, when the equipment started to work, The vibration will be strong, The uneven ground will affect the accuracy of vibration test, and the unstable working environment is easy to produce noise and damage equipment. There are five kinds of vibration modes: constant frequency vibration, sweep frequency vibration, programmable vibration, multiple vibration, logarithmic vibration.

The fixed frequency vibration can only be set one vibration frequency, and the two platforms can only vibrate according to this set frequency.
Frequency sweep vibration is to set two frequencies, and the vibration test bench vibrates back and forth between these two frequencies.
The programmable vibration cycles from low to high and from high to low within 16 frequencies, and the vibration time of each frequency is arbitrarily set.
Multiple vibrations increase from low to high multiples to repeated cyclic vibrations from low to high multiples within 16 frequencies.
Logarithmic vibration means that the waveform is executed logarithmically.

Products and packaging are evaluated using the simulated transport vibration testing machine in various configurations. The packages are typically tested in real-world conditions, with the products placed inside, for accurate results. The tests can either be single-axis or multi-axis tests to simulate transportation in various directions.

The simulated transport vibration testing machine’s primary function is to provide accurate and repeatable measurements of the products’ resistance to vibration and shock during transportation. The test results help manufacturers and packaging designers ensure that their products can withstand transportation conditions and arrive at their destination intact.

In conclusion, the simulated transport vibration testing machine plays a critical role in evaluating products’ ability to withstand transportation conditions. By simulating the vibrations and shocks encountered during transportation, manufacturers and packaging designers can ensure that their products arrive at their destination in good condition.

Vibration Testing Machine Photo Vibration Testing Machine Photo
Vibration Testing Machine Photo Vibration Testing Machine Photo
Vibration Testing Machine Photo Vibration Testing Machine Photo
Vibration Testing Machine Photo Vibration Testing Machine Photo
Vibration Testing Machine Photo Vibration Testing Machine Photo
Vibration Testing Machine Photo Vibration Testing Machine Photo
The distance between the vibration tester and adjacent walls or other experimental equipment should be greater than 60cm
For the stable performance of the test machine, the temperature should be 15-30 degrees, and the relative humidity should not exceed 85%
The experimental equipment should be installed on the horizontal ground; The motor needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly.
Test equipment shall be reliably grounded; Clean the inside and outside of the equipment after each use.
The coating of equipment should always pay attention to anti-corrosion measures to prevent corrosion and use anti-rust oil outside the equipment.
The transport vibration testing machine has been used for a long time, and lubricating oil should be added to the transmission part of the machine regularly.
Do not disassemble the electronic components and machine parts on the equipment at will, so as not to damage the electrical control circuit, causing human fault of the equipment and affecting its performance.
This transport vibration testing machine is precision instrument, please operate and maintain it; The maximum speed of the device is 300 times per minute.
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