User Manual And Precautions For Pressure Cooker Tester

When you receive a pressure cooker tester, It is important to understand that how to use it and what safety precautions you should follow. Due to illegal operation, the machine may fail, resulting in the machine can not run properly. May I ask how to correctly use Wewon’s pressure cooker tester ? When I am using the Wewon’s pressure cooker test machine, What details do I need to pay attention to ? Please read this article carefully, You will find the answer there.

Step 1: The machine was successfully connected to your local voltage. The pressure cooker tester which produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. It can be worked with 220V, 230V, 50Hz/ 60Hz, single phase. Of course, If your local power voltage is 110V or 440V, We can customize the production for you as well.

Step 2: Add clean water to the water tank of the machine. When the water tank is full, the excess water will overflow automatically. So, in the process of adding clean water to the machine, Don’t worry about the excess of pure water. Don’t forget to put your test samples into the test room, Yes, The round pressure barrel.

Step 3: Adjust the switch to the “Water In” position, The clean water in the tank will flow into the test area automatically. Please click this attached EXCEL file with thanks, This will make it easier for you to understand the installation and operation steps.

Step 4: Press the “Power” button, The machine will start to work automatically when the power is switched on. Because the time controller has been adjusted to 96 hours, The temperature controller is set to 121℃, So the machine began to work properly. Of course, You can use the time controller, Manually adjust the total of the test hours. Increase or decrease the temperature test through the temperature controller, For example, 115℃ or 131℃ test.

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