UV Test Chamber Shipment

We are doing the UV test chamber shipment today ! Why we will do the UV test chamber shipment by ourself ? Because we can support the customer one-stop service. Normally, We will prepare the sea shipment and delivery this uv test chamber to customer local sea port. And inform the customer pick up their product when this uv test chamber arrived.

In fact, The UV test chamber has 2 model. One is UVA340 chamber, Another is UVB313 chamber. The technical spec as below mentioned, When the customer order to us, We will check with our customer to make them understand which model they prefer to use. Then we will manufacture the related UV test chamber according to customer’s requirement.

UV test chamber shipment
UVA-340: The wavelength of the sun’s light from 315nm to 400nm is emitted, and its radiation peak is at 340nm. UVA-340 is especially useful for the control test of different test, and the best simulated solar light can be in short wave ultraviolet band.
UVA-340: Irradiance set reference point: 0.68W/m2 is equivalent to the summer midday sun light intensity maximum, get fast results.
UVA-340: Chamber = 8 pcs UVA-340 Lamps, Wavelength: 315~ 400 nm
UVB-313: Wavelength range between 280nm to 315nm. The peak is at 313nm. UVB-313 is faster than UVA-340, but they are less likely to have an unrealistic result than the wavelength of the sun’s light cut-off point.
UVB-313: irradiance set reference point: 0.67W/m2 is a typical UVB-313 lamp light intensity, very quick test, applied to control the quality or durability of materials testing.
UVB-313: Chamber = 8 pcs UVb-313 Lamps, Wavelength: 280~ 315 nm
UV test chamber shipment

Customer ordered 2 units environmental chambers from us. One unit is UV test chamber, another unit is a temperature and humidity chamber. Regarding the temperature and humidity chamber, We have 80 liters, 150 liters, 225 liters, 408 liters, 800 liters, 1000 liters temperature humidity chamber design for your choice. The 150 liters and 408 liters environmental chambers, We will make the safe stock in each week. In case there has an urgent customer order and request a fast lead time, We can finish the testing work and delivery to customer within 48 hours.

UV test chamber shipment

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