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We have a Russian customer request us to buy China UVA 340 lamp for their using purpose ! We have prepared 20 pcs China UVA 340 lamps and ship to our customer according to their requirement. The below are some exactly photos which taken by our QC dept before packing and ship to customer.

I have to say, We are one of a good bridge for our oversea distributors and China local suppliers. The oversea distributor trust us and request us to buy some related spare parts for their using purpose. Because when the distributor/ customer ordered the environmental chambers from us, and the machined has been used for many years, There need a replace work for some spare parts. According to this, We will prepare the spare parts which has been ordered by our distributors and end users.

 China UVA 340 lamp

Basically, There has the UVA 340 lamp, UVB 313 lamp and UVA 351 lamp, three types for UV test. The UVA 340 lamp and UVB 313 lamp is the more popular used than the UVA 351 lamp ! The UVA-351 lamp used to simulate the ultraviolet area of solar radiation after window glass, With a transmitting peak of 351nm, This is an indoor application of the most materials testing, Used to reproduce the extent of damage to some inks and polymers in the environment near the window.

UVA-340 lamp can simulate the ultraviolet part of sunlight very well. It is suitable for analog wavelength range of 315 ~ 400nm. The spectral energy is mainly concentrated at 340nm wavelength. The UVB-313 lamp can be used for maximum manual acceleration test, and the aging results can be obtained quickly. The short wavelengths used by UVB-313 lamp are shorter and more destructive than the UV wavelengths commonly found on the earth’s surface today.

UV spectrum of sunlight with simulated wavelength of 290-315 nm in UVB-313 lamp, The spectral energy is mainly concentrated at the wavelength of 313nm. The China UVA 340 lamps have a same diameter size and power consumption (40W) like the ATLAS UVA 340 lamps. So it will be a good match for the customer who are trying use the China UVA 340 lamp to replace the ATLAS UVA 340 lamp for their UV test chambers, In case they want to do some cost down during the usage period.

 China UVA 340 lamp

What is the difference between the China UVA 340 Lamp and ATLAS UVA 340 Lamp ? What is the price for China UVA 340 Lamp ? Where to buy it ?

1, Basically, The China UVA 340 Lamp will 50% cheaper than the ATLAS UVA 340 Lamp. This should be the biggest interest why the customer prefer to buy a China UVA 340 Lamp. When their testing work with a discontinuous using way. This should be a good solution for their cost consideration.

Meanwhile, The distributor / reseller will order both China UVA 340 Lamp and ATLAS UVA 340 Lamp in their shop for a safe stock. As I have explained above, This 2 types UV lamps has a good match in the UV test chamber and can be replaced freely. Have you noticed the above photo with 2 pcs China UVA 340 Lamps and 2 pcs ATLAS UVA 340 Lamps there ? But that’s exactly what happened !

2, Our engineer mentioned that, The China UVA 340 Lamp totally lifetime is 700 ~ 800 hours. And the ATLAS UVA 340 Lamp lifetime approximately 1400 ~ 1600 hours. It’s depends on your continuous test work or discontinuous way, also the higher or lower illumination intensity will affect the UV lamps lifetime as well.

But there also have some better advantages what the ATLAS UVA 340 Lamp have ! The illumination intensity for a ATLAS UVA 340 Lamp comes to be 1W/m2, But the China UVA 340 lamp can be 0.6W~0.7W/m2. During the first 300 hours, The illumination intensity for a China UVA 340 lamp can be 0.7W/m2. But after 300 hours test work, The illumination intensity will sick and lost gradual.

 China UVA 340 lamp

There also has another import issue what will confuse the UV test engineer. How to measure the illumination intensity during they are doing the test work moment ?

Is there a smart tool like the thermometer which can measure the exactly illumination intensity currently ? The normal and traditional way is, You can request the 3rd party the testing organization who will come and do the calibration work for you. Then you pay them a highly calibration cost.

But what I want to suggest is, We have a smart illumination intensity tester which is a portable unit. It’s just like a cell phone and put it inside the testing area, With the Ethernet port connection, Then you can read the actual illumination intensity data from your computer.

For this moment, Our engineer is working on it. Once we have finished one sample of illumination intensity tester, I will taken the photos and explain the method of application here again. This illumination intensity tester sample should be done soon. Please keep the patience and wait for my update ! Thank you.

The Wewon UV340 output spectrum of the lamp will be guaranteed to be consistent with the output spectrum of Q-lab UV lamp. Wewon xenon lamps can be installed in Q-lab UV340 accelerated weathering tester. Each UV340 xenon lamp tube from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. passes the luminescence detection, as well as mechanical and electronic performance detection.

Under normal operating conditions, the Wewon UV340 lamp provides a warranty of 800 hours to 1,000 hours of service life. The warranty period is valid for one year from the date of purchased. Below are some test standards which will choose the uva 340 lamp for testing work.

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