Ventilation Aging Chamber for Cable Wire Test

Ventilation Aging Chamber used for electric wire, leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, and keep fresh air in the test room after heating at specified temperature and time set. Observing the samples tested, the yellowing resistance, opening, shrinkage, elongation, residual rate and so on after the aging test, Thus, the aging characteristics are judged. In order to maintain the fresh air in the test room during heating, the special air exchange is adjusted. Do not open the side door of the ventilation aging chamber chassis at will.

The air ventilation aging test chamber should be cleaned once after each use. The power supply used for the ventilation aging chamber is AC 380V, 6KW, Ground wire must be grounded, external connection must be connected to air switch or leakage switch. The ventilation aging chamber should be operated by a professional operator in the process of operation. According to the design, the aging test chamber for cable wire test meets the requirements of UL1581, ASTM D2436, CNS 3556, CNS 742, JIS K 7212, JIS B 7757 test standard.

Ventilation Aging Chamber
AC 380V 1. Power Supply:
6.0 KW 2. Power Consume:
Room temperature 25 ℃ ~ 300 ℃ 3. Temperature Range:
±0.5℃ 4. Control Accuracy:
0.1℃ 5. Analytical Accuracy:
±2.5℃ 6.Distribution Error:
Since the room temperature to 300 ℃, about 60 minutes. 7. Heating Time:
45cm (D) x 50cm (W) x 50cm (H). 8.1 Inner Box Size: 8. Machine Structure And Material:
1040mm(D)×650mm(W)×1275mm(H) 8.2 Size of Outer Case:
SUS#304 stainless steel, case: baking paint. 8.3 Inner Box Material:
High density rock wool. 8.4 Insulation Material:
One set of screw tube heater: AC380V6KW 8.5 Heater:
Fuse safety switch 8.6 Accessory Equipment
Overload protection
Indicators of various actions
Rotary tables and rotary motors. (removable rotary table, 8~10rpm)
A set of measuring equipment for air exchange. (a digital wattmeter and a digital TIMER are attached to the air exchange rate of an aging furnace based on the power consumed by JISK7212.)
One set of air exchange capacity adjustment device. Ventilation for 3 times to 200 times per hour within the RT ~ 250 ℃ adjustable (at 80 degrees)
Wide Angle projection lighting equipment.
A set of timer: used for aging timing and measuring air change timing.
Multilayer vacuum glass window.
There are 2 racks in the laboratory.
TAIK Taiwan produces a watt-hour meter originally.
Adopt multi-wing centrifugal circulation fan: one fan: 1&220V370W 9. Air Supply Circulation System:
Ventilation can be up to 8 ~ 200 times/hr in RT ~ 250 ℃ can be arbitrary change set.
Temperature controller adopts microcomputer electronic setting and digital display (made in Taiwan) 10 Circuit Control System:
The system adopts the control of PROPORTIONAL+INTERGRAL+DIFFERENTIAL+SCR (ie proportional, integral, differential + SCR), which can improve the life and stability of the interface of the control component.
With PID automatic calculation function, no manual setting is required.
High precision filament sensor is used.
Relays for Japan OMRON brand
Timer for Japan OMRON brand
The factory all runs aging test by 48 hours
It has a missing phase protection and over-temperature alarm

● Test Method for Ventilation Aging Chamber: How to do the Ventilation Aging Chamber Running and Testing Work ?

● Put the test sample on the turntable and hang it up, close the ventilation aging chamber door, connect the 380V voltage fire wire, turn on the air switch power supply, turn on the power supply switch, if the air ventilation aging test chamber can’t run normally, Please connect line A to line B and line B to line A and try again.

● Set the required temperature and time, the temperature setting can be set by setting the temperature setting key 0.3 seconds, after setting up, press the setting key to save 1 second.

● IEC_60811-1-2 Test Standard: Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables|Part 1: Methods for general applicationSection Two – Thermal ageing methods, Section Two- Thermal Ageing Methods|8.1 Ageing in an Air Oven

● The overload protection setting must be higher than the temperature of the temperature controller 10C °~ 20C °, turn on the timing switch, open the heating switch, open the turntable switch, when the time comes, the cable aging test equipment will automatically stop heating and slowly return to normal temperature.

● If the controller gets out of control to the temperature of the overheated protector, it will automatically alert the overtemperature

● Air exchange measurement system is used to detect the size of the amount of air exchange, after the adjustment of the general experimental products do not need to open. If you will open it, Then you can do it as well.

Ventilation Aging Chamber for Cable Wire Test

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