Vertical Moving Type Vibration Testing Equipment

If you are looking for the vertical moving type vibration testing equipment supplier, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a good choice for you. We have one unit vertical moving type vibration testing equipment in stock. When the customer came and visited us, We can use this vibration testing equipment for demo purpose ! We consider that let the customer understand your equipment is important. Because if the customer can not understand your machine well, They may have no interest to talk with you any more.

The new customer always use a conservative and retiring way if they are not sure about your machine. Because they want to make sure their money safe first ! We have a Pakistan customer came and visited our factory recently ! We turn on the power and explained this unit vibration testing equipment how it works. The customer saw this vibration testing equipment’s vertical movement process and satisfied what we have done for them.

Vertical Moving Type Vibration Testing Equipment
A vibration test is a test to excite or shock a part or device to see how it will react in the real world. The vibration test is applied to a wide range of industrial products, including circuit boards, aircraft, ships, rockets, missiles, automobiles and household appliances.
Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is able to provide you with the entire excitation and testing program and to demonstrate the quality of your products according to national and international standards such as GB, GJB, UL, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC and ASTM.
1. The Product Application
① The test conditions provided by your company
② Test Type: Sine sweep;Random;Shock
③ Frequency Range: 2-4000Hz (Wewon Copyright)
④The formula: A(g)=(2πf)2Dcm/980≒A=0.002DmmF2 D=A/0.002F2 F=M(kg) ×A(g)
2. Vibration Test Machine Selection Formula and Vibration Generator Structure
VG300-38 electromagnetic excitation generator
BL-300 cooling fan (including silencer)
VT630 vertical extension platform 300mm*300mm
1 Unit 3.1 Vibration Table Body Structure
SA-3 digital switching power amplifier
Servo protection system
Excitation power supply
1 Unit 3.2 Digital Switching Power Amplifier
Digital vibration controller host
System acceleration sensor
Control computer
Control software installation CD
1 Unit 3.3 Digital Vibration Controller
Extend the cable and air duct
Operation instruction, inspection report, quality certificate, maintenance manual, etc
Subsidiary special tool
Vibrating pressure bar / bead clamp
Cushioning airbags
1 Unit 3.4 Spare Parts
3. Device Configuration Instructions
adobe-pdf-logo Equipment Testing for Environmental Effects to Ensure Safe Transport
adobe-pdf-logo 250 Liters, 800 Liters, Temperature and Humidity Chambers Tender Enquiry from Central Power Research Institute
adobe-pdf-logo Environmental Testing Organization of Austrian Institute of Technology

We hope the opportunity to welcome this Pakistan customer visit our factory again ! During their visit, We talk not only about business, but also have the sincerely friendship there. It is a good business way for the new potential customer who visit your factory the first time. The Pakistan customer visited our manufacture dept the wholly production line. They have the inquiry for the 150 liters thermal shock chamber and the vibration testing equipment. To make sure the customer can understand our technology of vibration testing equipment, We have taken some short videos for this vertical moving type vibration testing equipment before customer visit us.

Because we consider that the youtube videos will be more simple and efficiency way to make customer understand how the vibration testing equipment work. This article is talking about the vertical moving type vibration testing equipment and 150 liters thermal shock chamber. We have one vertical moving type vibration testing equipment in our show room which the vibration table available for 15 kgs test samples, Test frequency range which under 2000 Hz.

VElectrodynamic Shaker Systems
VG300-38 Electromagnetic Excitation Generator Parameters Technical Parameters
Maximum sinusoidal excitation force 300Kg.f peak
Maximum random excitation force 300Kg.f
Maximum impact excitation force 600Kg.f peak
Frequency range 1~4000 Hz
Maximum displacement 38mm p-p
Maximum speed 2m/s
Maximum acceleration 100G (980 m/s2)
Maximum Load Versus Acceleration: F=M.A
5G(49m/s2) 10G(98m/s2) 20G(196m/s2) 30G(294m/s2)
57kg 27kg 12kg 7kg
Maximum load 120 kg
Vibration isolation frequency 2.5 Hz
Moving coil diameter Ф150 mm
The quality of moving coil 3kg
Countertop screw 13×M8
Magnetic leakage <10gauss
Machine body size 750mm×560mm×670mm
Platform body weight 560Kg
SA-3K Digital Switching Power Amplifier
Output Power 4KVA
Output voltage: 100V
Output current: 30A
Size of the power amplifier 720mm×545mm×1270mm
Weight 230KG
Servo Protection System Technical Parameters
Function: Temperature, wind pressure, over displacement, over voltage, over current, input undervoltage, external fault, control power, logic fault, input missing are equal.
Digital Vibration Controller VCSusb-2
Hardware configuration: 2 channel inputs,1 output channel
Sine, random, typical shock
Control computer Lenovo computer, LCD display (including keyboard / optical mouse)
Software (Wewon Copyright) English operation, time domain and frequency domain analysis, signal source, sinusoidal sweep analysis, etc.
Can automatically generate WORD test report, signal and data display, storage, set test parameters and analysis functions.
Operating system Windows 7
Acceleration sensor Frequency range: 1~12000Hz
Sensitivity: 50mv/g
Temperature range: -24 – 250℃
VT630 Vertically Extending Platform Technical Parameters
Material Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Table size 300 mm×300 mm
Fixed hole position M8 stainless steel screw sleeve, wear – resistant
Upper limit frequency 2000 Hz
Weight 12KG
Bl-300 Cooling Fan (including muffler) + Electrical Requirement:
Vertical moving type vibration testing equipment, Power supply: 380V/50Hz, 15 KVA, Grounding resistance: ≤4Ω

If you want to get an offer from the vibration testing equipment supplier, Then you need to tell them your test samples dimension and your testing method which is important for a vibration testing equipment supplier to calculate the cost. What is the test frequency range for your vibration testing equipment ? What is the maximum acceleration ? The test process need the vertical moving only or vertical moving with horizontal moving ?

Once the vibration testing equipment supplier understood your test method, Then they can suggest you a proper model vibration testing equipment and send you an offer accordingly ! If you tried to get a vibration testing equipment price, If you want to hire a vibration testing equipment for your test sample. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us. We have one unit vertical moving vibration testing equipment in stock. Maybe we can rent this unit vibration testing equipment to you for your testing work when our machine is available there. Thank you.

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