Comprehensive Environmental Vibration Test Chamber

What is a comprehensive vibration test chamber ? Some of the customer named it comprehensive environmental vibration test chamber or agree comprehensive humidity test chamber. Comprehensive vibration test chamber is the machine which combined with electrodynamic shaker so that vibration test can be done under different temperature and humidity. The electrodynamic shaker can provides vertical vibration, with slip table for horizontal vibration. 3-axis vibration is also available.

The vibration test environmental chamber offer different cooling request according to customer requirement. The cooling rate from 5℃ to 20℃/min is available. Custom size for testing room is always the request for the AGREE chamber with different cooling rate requirement. The Wewon comprehensive temperature humidity vibration test chamber can be combined with all common types of shakers. Whether vertical or horizontal vibration, the modular, standardised Wewon components offer you all possibilities for performing your tests to your requirements. We can also supply complete systems with shaker on request.

Comprehensive Environmental Vibration Test Chamber
Equipment Model
Internal Dimension WxHxD(mm)
External dimension WxHxD (mm)
WEW-VTC-550(A~B) WEW-VTC-1000(A~B) WEW-VTC-1500(A~B)
900x700x900 1000x1000x1000 1500x1500x1500
1900x1700x1100 2000x2000x1200 2850x2450x1850
Temperature Range Low Temperature: (A:-40C B:-70C), High Temperature:(A:+100C B:+150C)
Humidity Range 20%~98% RH(10%-98% R.H. / 5%-98% R.H. is a special optional condition, need Dehumidifier)
Indication Resolution / Distribution uniformity of Temperature Humidity 0.1C; 0.1% R.H/±2.0C; ±3.0% R.H.
Control Accuracy of Temperature and Humidity ±0.5C; ±2.5% R.H.
Temperature Rising / Falling Velocity
Temperature rising approx. 0.1~3.0C/min 
Temperature falling approx. 0.1~1.5C/min
Falling Velocity Min.1.5C/min is optional
Internal and External Material Material of the test room is SUS 304# stainless steel, The external material is stainless steel or cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
Insulation Material Comprehensive vibration test chamber will resistant to high temperature, high density, formate chlorine, ethyl acetum foam insulation materials
Air/ Water Cooling System Air cooling or water cooling; Single segment compressor for -40C, double segment compressor for -70C
Safe Protection Devices Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch for compressor, high and low voltage coolant protection switch, over-humidity and over-temperature protection switch, fuses, fault warning system, water short storage warning protection
Optional Accessories Inner door of the comprehensive vibration test chamber with operation Hole(Optional) , Recorder(optional), Water Purifier, Dehumidifier
Vibration Shaker Optional Choose proper vibration test bench according to customer’s test condition, the technical parameters please take Electrodynamics Type Vibration Tester’s parameters in this catalog for reference
Power Supply  Weight AC380V 3∮ 5 Lines, 50/60Hz
The Feature of Wewon Comprehensive Vibration Test Chamber:
The viewing window is larger than the previous model, to ease inspection of the specimen during test. A heater inside the door prevents dew appearance.
Moveable guide rails for easy testing separately or simultaneously. Independent temperature measurement and monitoring for specimen protection.
High and low temperature safety cut out in accordance with EN 60519-02 (1993) with separate sensor, thermal safety class 2.
Ethernet (100/10 Megabit) and USB interfaces; Three potential-free switching inputs and outputs.
The Wewon Comprehensive Vibration Test Chamber equip with air-cooled condensers; Air-cooled refrigeration cycle; Safety tested with CE certification.

The environmental vibration chamber equip with independent systems with vibration control and temperature and humidity controls. It can be set to test and display results for high temperatures, low temperatures, cross temperatures and humidity and vibration, either individually or at the same time. The vibration test environmental chamber mainly apply to the products needed activity space and a large volume of products. And reproduces combinations of mechanical stress such as vibration or shocks with environmental stress such as temperature and humidity.

Today, When I was at the workshop, the 2nd floor, I found one comprehensive vibration test chamber there. The temperature range mentioned -60C +150C, Humidity range up to 20% ~ 98%RH. Power lines equip with 7 metres, and 2 units waterproof silicone sheet. This comprehensive vibration test chamber has 2 units 3P France Tecumseh compressor. I saw a 5.7″ touch screen controller system which named TEMI 880, The large LCD display in Chinese or English plus 100-program memory and support RS-232C computer interface.

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