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VOC emission chamber mainly test room size is one cubic meter, The test room for Wewon VOC emission chamber has two options: 1000*1000*1000 mm (WDH) and 780*1000*1280 mm (W*D*H). When you processed the VOC emission testing, according to the VDA 276, ISO din 12219, BMW GS 97014 test standard, The testing requirement only identify the test volume should be one cubic meter, But not mentioned the exactly dimensions for width, depth and height for testing room.

VOC is the logogram of volatile organic compounds. One cubic meter VOC emission chamber is designed according to specific requirements. It is mainly used to study the change rules of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and aldosterone release in wood products, furniture, floors, carpets, building and decoration materials and related light industrial products. Comprehensive environmental index evaluation of indoor air quality based on indoor pollutant data or prediction model, and gas sampling for determination of VOC and formaldehyde emissions in furniture.

Meanwhile, The VOC emission chamber can also detect the amount of formaldehyde and VOC released in building materials, furniture, automobile interior accessories, electrical appliances and other products. The Wewon VOC emission chamber use a number of new technologies, advanced equipment, reliability and other aspects of the international level of similar equipment, widely used in the automotive, building materials and other industries. Our Customer in Hungary 1 Our Customer in Hungary 2

VOC Emission Chamber
The VOC emissions testing chamber is controlled by a 7-inch color touch screen, which can display, set, modify, store and other functions of equipment parameters. VOC Emission Chamber Control System
It includes setting the temperature in the test area, relative humidity in the test area, clean air flow rate, ventilation rate, automatic starting time and cumulative working time.
At the same time, it can display the temperature, relative humidity in the test area, clean air flow rate, ventilation rate, real-time curve, starting time, cumulative working time, etc.
It has the function of querying historical data, inquiring temperature, relative humidity, air flow rate, air exchange rate and accumulated working time, and it is shown in the form of curve.
Historical data can be stored indefinitely and can be transferred on a usb drive.
In addition, the control system is equipped with control software (RJ45 data interface) with the same functions as touch screen, which can realize remote control.
Temperature range for samples testing: 15 to 28 ℃ Machine Working Environment Requirements:
Atmospheric pressure :86 ~ 106kPa
Chambers for VOC emission test has no strong ambient vibration

The heating method adopted VOC emission test chamber is water thermal radiation mode. A floor heating simulation device is installed at the bottom of the cabin. The ambient temperature can be controlled between 20-50 and humidity can be controlled between 30-70%.

New overall design, control cabinet and test room can be separated, easy to enter the site; New door design with multi-layer steel glass and multi-layer seal bar ensures door seal and good visual effect. The inner bladder adopts 304 mirror stainless steel, all corners in the cabin adopt a molding chamfer, the technology is advanced, the whole has no dead Angle; All parts are processed by advanced machine tools and the technological level is greatly improved.

The VOC emission test chamber can operate circulating fans independently and the wind speed can be adjusted to facilitate the cleaning of air change in the cabin after the test. The air source adopts the new imported silent oil-free Hitachi compressor, and the air flow can reach 5 times/h at the maximum, which can be cleaned in the cabin after the test and test.

GP-VOC-010D VOC Emission Test Chamber Appearance and Structure


The VOC chamber is equipped with the voc cleaning module in the large replacement rate cabin, which can rapidly clean the cabin wall after the test and restore the environmental state of the test cabin within 3 hours. The new environment cabin is equipped with three special connection heads for sample tubes to facilitate voc sampling connection and avoid the impact of other connection materials on voc detection data.

The Wewon VOC emissions chamber is equipped with a recovery test sample injection port, which can be tested for recovery. The VOC test chamber is designed with a new type of circulating air duct. The air in the cabin is blown out from the top center and sucked into the gap between the four sides of the top, forming the formation of airflow tissue moving up and down.

VOC emission test chamber|The recovery of toluene or dodecane is greater than 80% Technical Parameters
The inner wall of the VOC emission chamber, pipe and fittings (such as valve, joint, circulating fan, etc.) is made of mirror stainless steel.
Sealing materials: non-pollution emission, adsorption materials
The external wall of the insulated box is A3 pressure tank, enhanced electrostatic spraying color steel plate, white spraying.
Inner wall: the whole 304 stainless steel plate is welded, with excellent insulation performance
The measurement and control system adopts imported high resolution intelligent touch screen controller and integrated industrial computer.
Operation time, temperature, humidity, pressure and flow display/setting can be set through the touch screen.
Supporting data display, download, storage, curve display, sensor and electronic control system are all imported brands.
Under normal operating conditions of noise control for less than 60 minutes, and lower than 65dB
1000 liters VOC emission test chamber design structure
Test Room Volume Size One cubic VOC emission chamber, junction clamping structure, the effective volume (1±0.02)m3 for the tank test in the environment
Temperature Range + 10 ~ + 120 ℃ (normal operation), high temperature cleaning temperature + 80 ℃ ~ 250 ℃
Adjust the Accuracy ±0.5℃,Temperature control fluctuation±0.5℃,Temperature uniformity ±0.5℃
Humidity Control Range 20%~90%,Adjustment accuracy ±3%, humidity control fluctuation±3%, humidity uniformity ±2%
Instrument Control Accuracy Temperature ±0.1℃|Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing Services
Humidity ±5%RH|VOC Emission Test Chambers
Wind speed and tightness in the workshop Ventilation rate(0.2~2)m3/h(Air change rate 0.2 ~ 2 times/hour), precision±0.01 m3/h
Add 1,000pa of overpressure, the gas leak≤0.5%*hold capacity/min
Rate of air leakage in cabin≤0.03H-1
Enclosed for VOC Emission Test Chamber 1kPa positive pressure down, cabin air leakage rate≤0.5%×hold capacity/min
Air leakage rate in cabin≤5%×Oxygen rate adsorption rate at cabin temperature(23±2)℃、
At relative humidity (45±5) %, the adsorption rate of the climate chamber is less than 20%
Air displacement rate range 0.5 ~ 5 times/hour
Flow adjustment range 0.1~5m3/h accuracy ±1.5%
Flowmeter Accuracy Not less than level 1.5, digital display
Maintain positive pressure of working chamber Range of pressure difference control10.0Pa±5Pa, keep the cabin under positive pressure in real time to test the air uniformity climate inside the cabin
When the cabin is empty, the reference concentration value between any two sampling points is relatively≤5% higher than the horizontal direction of air velocity in the cabin.
All air horizontal rate was kept at (0.1 ~ 0.5) m/s, showing precision±0.01m/s
Power Source Rated power 20kw (high-temperature cleaning)
Background Indicators The content of formaldehyde in the background and air supply in the cabin was tested≤0.006mg/m3
The content of TVOC ≤0.02mg/m3
Content of each monomer (mainly benzene, toluene, xylene) ≤0.002mg/ m3
Material Composition External Wall Materials Cold rolled steel sheet is sprayed with static electricity, the color is blue or other
Inner wall Materials 3mm SUS304 mirror stainless steel
Surface Finish III D, Polishing level 8K
Insulation Materials Natural mineral wool, 100mm thick
Sealing Material Fluoroelastomer, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc
Piping Materials After the filtered air through the pipeline all use metal pipe, and through high temperature and nitrogen cleaning.
All materials in the box will not adsorb, release formaldehyde and VOC
The Studio Test area integral molding, seamless welding, welding surface polishing, no dead Angle, no gap
VOC emission chamber Door Hinged door, multi-point compression type, adjustable clearance (single door)
Observation Window It is a one-piece embedded multi-layer insulating glass with heating body and anti-condensation function
Air Circulation System Inner Loop The high temperature motor is equipped with magnetic fluid parts and axial fan, and the rotating speed is 2500r/h.
Outer Loop Centrifugal fan, using pneumatic valve can automatically switch to open external air forced cooling jacket temperature, can speed up the cabin temperature to return to normal temperature speed.
Air Circulation Control The internal circulation motor is equipped with a frequency converter, which can fine regulate the wind speed in the cabin.
Heating Mode Nickel – chromium heating wire heater, PID control, actuator solid relay
Charged with Wet Way Humidification Temperature, vaporization, humidity control technology, PID control
Dehumidification Air source + cold and dry dehumidifier. Dry air enters the test chamber to mix with dehumidification.
Cleaning Method Use dry and clean air displacement combined with high temperature cleaning in the cabin.
The number of dry and clean air displacement reaches 5 times/h.
Restore Test Status After the high temperature, the clamps were used to force the introduction of fresh air for cooling. After the temperature reached a certain level, the high temperature aerodynamic refrigeration was performed, and the temperature was restored within 90 minutes
Temperature Balance Fin heat exchanger|Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing Services
Dehumidifying Ways VOC emission test chambers|Air intake dehumidifier
Refrigerating Compressor One unit fully closed compressor (Tecumseh, France)
Refrigerant Freon Environmental friendly refrigerant R22
Condensation Way Air cooling, unit external, to avoid the heat release into the room to affect the working condition.
Temperature Sensor Metallized platinum resistance|VOC Emission Chamber
Studio Sensor E+E temperature and humidity sensor (import)
The Controller System Temperature and humidity controller (color LCD touch screen) Control mode PID (proportional – integral – differential) automatic calculation, PID control simple and easy to understand.
Controller Language English, Color LCD display, Touch screen setting
Instructs the Accuracy Temperature 0.1 ℃, humidity: 0.1% RH, time 1 s
Operation Notice The product adopts the resistive high-precision touch screen operation mode, which can directly use the USB mouse or the touch pen to click the screen for function selection or parameter setting.
Operation Mode Automatic operation, manual operation
The Data Processing | VOC Emission Chamber Set temperature, measured temperature, humidity, total running time, period running time.
Display temperature, humidity, running time, real-time curve and history curve query
History dump function provide USB interface, can directly store history data to U disk or other storage devices, convenient users to save history data.
Standard networking interface, can connect computer, hub, remote display, control.
Can set IP value, easy access to LAN, Internet.
Data backup function can save working data within 300 days (continuous) can be consulted at any time, backup and transfer
Special Control Software Set the Item Set the item The temperature, humidity, interval running time and alarm Settings can be set through the software
Display Items It can dynamically display temperature, humidity, total running time, historical data query, real-time curve and historical data playback, fault recording and other functions.
Remote Control Function Remote control functionThe same control software can control 15 climate boxes at the same time, including small climate boxes and large climate boxes, and realize unified network management.
The Studio Over-temperature alarm protection
Refrigerating Compressor Fan overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, oil shortage protection
Ground Fault Protection Safety grounding protection for structural components
The Heater Heater short-circuit protection|VOC Emission Test Chamber
Humidifier Humidifier protection against water shortage
Zero Discharge of Chemical Pollutants Select physical purification method, equipment does not produce chemical emissions
Humidifying Water Tank Automatic water refill operation, free discharge
Low Noise Design Choose low noise motor, the corresponding parts of the moving parts to do sound insulation, shock absorption treatment
Other Notification VOC emission chamber has the function of setting privilege level to avoid user error
Chamber for VOC Emission Test
1.1 Test VOCs Release|VOC Emission Chamber 1  American Society Of Testing And Materials Standards VOC Emission Chamber Production And Installation Debugging Inspection Standard
ASTMD5116-97《Standard guidelines for the determination of organic release in indoor materials and products in small-scale environmental Chambers》
ASTMD6330-98 《Determination of VOCs(formaldehyde free) release in wooden panel in small environmental chamber under specified testing conditions standard operation》
ANSI/ BIFMA M7.1 Standard Test Method for Determining VOC Emissions from Office Furniture Systems, Components, and Seats.
1.2 Testing for Formaldehyde Emission|VOC emission testing
ASTME1333—96《Standard test method for determination of formaldehyde concentration and release rate in wood products in large environmental Chambers》
ASTMD6007-02《Standard test method for determination of formaldehyde concentration in wood products in small-scale environmental Chambers》
2.1 ENV13419-1《Measurement of VOCs release from construction products – part 1: method for releasing test environmental chamber》 2  European Standard
2.2 Test formaldehyde emission ENV717-1《Artificial board formaldehyde emission measurement environmental chamber method》
2.3 VDA 276 Determination of organic substances as emitted from automotive interior products using a 1 m³ test cabinet
3.1  Testing VOCs release: GB18580-2001 appendix A(normative appendix) in interior decoration and decoration materials — emission limits of carpet, carpet liner and carpet adhesive: small environmental test chamber method. 3  Chinese Standard
3.2 Testing for formaldehyde emission GBl8580-2001 《Interior decoration and decoration materials — formaldehyde emission in wood-based panel and its products》
3.6 LY/T 1612-2004 The climate chamber for determination of formaldehyde emission test used 1 cubic
3.7 GB18584-2001 limits of harmful substances in wood furniture for interior decoration materials|VOC emission chamber testing VOC Emission Test
3.8 GB/T 31107-2014 Environmental chamber for the determination of volatile organic compounds of furniture – General technical requirements
4  Other Standards
adobe-pdf-logo 1000 liters VOC emission test chamber design 1 for the testing room: 1000*1000*1000mm (W*D*H)
adobe-pdf-logo 1000 liters VOC emission chambers design 1.. for External Dimension: 2100*1197*1640mm (W*D*H)
adobe-pdf-logo 1000 liters VOC emission test chamber solution 2 for testing room size: 780*1000*1280mm (W*D*H)
adobe-pdf-logo 1000 liters VOC emission chambers solution 2 for External Dimension: 1640*1197*1640mm (W*D*H)
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