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walk in corrosion chamber
Temperature – 25°C ± 3°C Ambient:
Humidity – 45% ± 10% RH
Duration – Approximately 8 hours
Temperature – 49°C ± 2°C Humid:
Humidity – 95 to 100% RH
Duration – Approximately 8 hours
Temp: RT~ 65C, Humidit95%RH Temp Range
Temperature – 60°C ± 2°C Dry:
Humidity – ≤ 30% RH
Duration – Approximately 8 hours
Ramp Rate: Must achieve test conditions within three hours and maintain for approximately five hours.
Sufficient air circulation to prevent temp stratification allow for thorough drying walk in corrosion chamber
Steam generated humidity may be used as long as water used in steam is free from Corrosion Inhibitors.
Sodium Chloride — 0.9% Types of Salts
Calcium Chloride — 0.1%, Walk in corrosion chamber (w/ percentages), We also accepte the OEM order.
Sodium Bicarbonate — 0.075%

Drainage and sewage pressure balance system: Salt spray solution in addition to part of the system with the exception of the exhaust system, most of them fell in the room body. In order to protect the floor, to prevent aging, artificially leave a thin layer of saline on the floor is necessary. But more than a certain height must be promptly discharged chamber. Drainage pipes and exhaust pipes can be organically combined to discharge both the salt spray and the discharged water through one passage while maintaining the pressure balance. The final exhaust port should be kept away from the laboratory. If you need to discharge the salt spray for treatment, you can use air purification tower for processing.

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Quick mist eliminator Walk in Corrosion Chamber: After the test, there is still a large amount of salt spray in the body of the room, and can not be completely settled or discharged outdoors in a short time. In order to facilitate the experimenter to enter the body as soon as possible, this room is designed with a fast fogging device with filtering function to ensure no pollution when the atmosphere is discharged, and the indoor salt spray can be eliminated in 10 minutes.

walk in corrosion chamber
Spray System Features for Walk in Corrosion Chamber 1 The function of the walk in corrosion chamber is to inject the saltwater sent from the brine supply system into the mist by using the siphon principle to suck up the salt water generated by the high-pressure air supplied from the air supply system when jetting high-speed air from the jet nozzle , Due to the fog contains some un-atomized water droplets, so the jet-like material flow can not be directly introduced into the laboratory body, but should first hit a salt spray baffle, the un-atomized water droplets break into a fog or Bring it back, so that the fog is really spray-free droplets of fine mist. The size of the brine settlement directly with the brine supply and gas supply pressure level, baffle angle.
Spray System Features for Walk in Corrosion Chamber 2 Airflow fog device can be subdivided into three forms, its working principle is similar, but the nozzle angle and salt baffle installation location is not the same. Reflective fogging form is the baffle on the top, the jet-like material hit the bezel in the air, and then returned to the test space (industry name: reflective spray). Refractory baffles are placed in front of the salt spray nozzle, which, unlike the reflective version, is oriented toward the test space and uses the elevation of the baffle to lift the gas-like stream to the top of the salt spray chamber for free settling (industry Name: baffle spray).
Spray System Features for Walk in Corrosion Chamber 3 Spray tower form is a combination of reflective and refractive characteristics of the nozzle vertical upward, the angle of the salt spray baffle dead, can not be adjusted, the spray nozzle spray hit the baffle up, the un-atomized salt water droplets due to Weight principle, fall back to the spray tower, has been atomized salt spray through the exit of the tower to escape. The above three methods for the domestic use of the three ways, this is different in foreign countries.
Spray System Features for Walk in Corrosion Chamber 4 Due to the differences between the standards of this country abroad and China. The standard used in the nozzle and the country is also different. The laboratory uses the structure of the nozzle in Italy, to baffle atomization. According to our experience, a part of the baffle atomized will not atomize and flow down, thus causing a waste of salt water resources. Therefore, a collection device can be added to collect the salted water and make greater use of salt water resources. This walk in corrosion chamber takes about 8 nozzles.

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