Walkable Climate Chamber

The Europe customer prefer to buy the walkable climate chamber from China. Most of the walkable climate chamber is custom size and not convenient to buy from Europe market directly. Because of the heavy labor cost in Europe manufacture, and a long lead time from the Europe local walkable climate chamber manufacture. So the customer turn the eyes to the China walkable climate chamber manufacture supplier.

The temperature range for a walkable climate chamber is -40C +150C normally. Humidity request is 20% ~ 95%, All these testing spec requirement can be finished by China walkable climate chamber manufacture. The lead time for a walkable climate chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd. takes 35 ~ 40 days which is reasonable and customer can accept this.

walkable climate chamber

This chamber should be walkable. The cabinet is required for test cycles which are only carried out on a few modules. These cycles are also part of the DIN IEC 61215 and DIN EN 61730 as an example here would be called the moisture freeze cycle.

The following framework conditions and options are required for walkable climate chamber :
Temperature range: min -40 ° C to + 120 ° C
Humidity range control 20% to 95%
We do not want to use R23. Refrigeration level should use R452. R508b, R507. Because the R23, R404 is forbiden in Europe
Temperature change: should be 3 C /min or better without load and 1.5 C /min or better with load.
Inner dimensions: 2000mm x 1500mm x 1500mm (W x D x H)
Min 1 testing hole entry, Diameter 100 mm
The controller system should be possible to program test cycles
A software for monitoring the climate cabinet or the possibility to integrate them in Lab View.
walkable climate chamber

walkable climate chamber
Question: Can you also please confirm the distance indicated in the below picture (the distance between the ground and the bottom of the doors) ?
Answer: The wheels height is 100 mm. You can check this dimension from the attached drawing.
Question: Can the load that is put into the cabinet be increased from 100 kg by adding additional support to them ?
Answer: If you need to make a 100 kgs samples testing, Then we need fasten the floor inside. The 6mm steel plate will be used and welding it on the floor.
Question: I intend to have up to 600 kg put onto the floor. Do these additional support have any height increases to the internal dimensions
Answer: If you made a 600 kgs samples testing, Then we will use the additional shelf structure, Your 600 kgs samples will be hang on this shelf. The solution as above photo mentioned. Please understand this is the special design and we need charge the additional cost.
Question: Can you help me doing the transport work ? We prefer the one stop service, Because we are the laboratory testing center. If you can find a logistics supplier and delivery this climate chamber to our laboratory directly. That would be great !
Answer: Yes, We can support your DDU or DDP term. Try to give the customer better service, We accept the one stop service. We have some logistics partners, have a good relationship with them. We help our customer and delivery the climatic chamber to their testing center from our factory directly. The customer pleasure on our shipping work.
Question: Can you also please inform me of the delivery time for the unit from point of order ?
Answer: Lead time is 35 ~40 days after PO receipt.
walkable climate chamber

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