80 Liters Weather Ometer

This week, Our manufacture dept has made 2 unit 80 liters weather ometer for our China customer. I have taken some photos in our manufacture dept, This will make the customer easier understand our weather ometer design. This 80 liters weather ometer design comply with the GB/T16422.2, AATCC TM 16, ASTM C1442 standard. The main functional components for this 80 liters weather ometer equipped with world-famous brand, advanced and reliable technical principles, the best control of noise and energy saving.

This 80 liters weather ometer has a same testing performance, Compare with the USA famous brand, such as ATLAS, Q-LAB, the similar model. The matching and assembly for this 80 liters weather ometer is perfect. Because the main functional components are imported parts with international quality level. The body structure has an improved safety and reliability performance. This can make the 80 liters weather ometer guarantee a long-term for using, without any quality claims happen.

80 Liters Weather Ometer
Xenon Lamp Power xenon Long-arc Lamp, 2.5KW X(1Piece)
Xenon Lamp Wavelength
250-800nm, To maximize the reproduction of the aging mechanism of sunlight,
It can be set that the sample to be tested is continuously exposed to the lighting environment equivalent to noon in the summer for 24 hours.
Compared with the actual outdoor environment, the average light intensity is stronger and the average daily exposure time is longer, so that the test results can be quickly obtained.
Radiation Intensity
35-70 W/M2 (at 300-400nm) Adjustable
0.30-0.57 W/M2 (at 340nm) Adjustable
300-800 W/M2 (at 200-800nm) Adjustable
0.66-1.22 W/M2 (at 420nm) Adjustable
650-1200 W/M2 (at 200-3000nm) Adjustable
Radiation Intensity Regulation Microcomputer + PID + Digital Power + Xenon Lamp Stepless Adjustment
The WEW-XD1- (80)-SUNEYES weather ometer is a state-of-the-art weather testing equipment for materials and industrial products. Developed by Wewon Tech, this advanced device simulates various conditions of environmental exposure that products may face during their lifetime. With its cutting-edge technology, the WEW-XD1- (80)-SUNEYES weather ometer can replicate the effect of sunlight, humidity, heat, and rain on materials and components, allowing manufacturers to assess their durability and reliability. This model xenon weather-ometer offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, saving manufacturers time and money in the product-development process.
1. Abnormal temperature protection
2. Limit of safe power range
3. Deuterium lamp ignition trigger time limit
4. The fan cooling system is interlocked with the lamp. If the fan fails, the xenon lamp will automatically extinguish.
Radiatioin System
1. Compressor overheat protection
2. Compressor overcurrent protection
3. Compressor overpressure protection
4. Condensing fan overheat protection
Refrigeration System
1. Humidification heat pipe dry protection
2. Abnormal water level protection
3. Water supply overtime protection
Humidification System
1. Adjustable over-temperature protection
2 air conditioning channel limit over-temperature protection
3. Fan motor overheat protection
Others Additional
1. Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection (three-phase power supply applicable)
2. Overload and short circuit protection
3. The cabinet has opened the door many times to cause refrigeration system fault alarm protection
Testing System
Safety Protection System
Refrigeration Compressor Originally imported from France Taikang closed compressor
Evaporator External fin internal thread tube heat exchanger (also known as dehumidifier)
Condenser Air-cooled, External finned internal tube heat exchanger
Refrigerator Control Method
1. The control system automatically adjusts the optimal energy-saving operation of the refrigerator according to the test conditions
2. The evaporator cooling capacity is switched by the control system to drive the solenoid valve
3. Compressor return air cooling circuit
Refrigerant R404a/R23 (Ozone Depletion Index is zero, R23 is used in cascade refrigeration systems)
Test Room of 80 Liters Weather Ometer

There has 5 model radiation testing options in weather ometer control system. They are UVA 340, UVA 420, 200~800nm, 300~400nm, 200~3000nm. The customer has a choice there when they are doing a radiation test. Meanwhile, If your engineer plan to do a custom xenon aging test, Please inquiry to us timely. Because we need make sure this weather ometer can meet your testing requirement.

We use our Irradiance tester to check the inner radiation intensity, According to our testing record, We noticed that our 80 liters weather ometer has a better irradiance control and intensity range performance, Compare with the China radiation testing standard requirement. The below is the real testing data and recorded by our engineer during the test, Let me share with you. Hope you like it.

Radiation Type (W/m2/nm) Radioactivity
E365 1.0130
UVA420 1.6717
E365/E420 0.6060
E(300-400) 82.8808
E(300-800) 939.7639
UVA340 0.7770
E(800-900) 288.9737
E(900-1000) 264.6795
The 80 liters weather ometer equip with a xenon arc lamp, It is a simulation and accelerated weathering accelerated aging test equipment, The test results of near atmospheric aging were quickly obtained to evaluate the weatherability of the material. Weathering test is an important method for selecting the optimal composition of the screening formula in scientific research production process. It is also an important part of quality inspection. Application materials such as paints, plastics, aluminum-plastic panels, and automotive safety glass products which require the weatherability test.
Can we set and maintain an irradiance in the range of 0.35 W/m2 and at either of the wavelength 313 or 340 or 353 nm ?
When you use 340 nm wavelength, You can set and maintain 0.30W~ 0.57W/m2. So 0.35W/m2 for 340nm wavelength is no problem for sure !
Is it also possible to set a particular wavelength out of above three to get 0.35W/m2 irradiance ? If Yes then either of the three or any one ?
Here are the wavelength and irradiance for Wewon weather ometer which we can guarantee !
0.30~0.57 W/m2 (at 340nm) 0.60~1.22W/m2 (at 420nm) 35~68W/m2 (at 300~400nm) 350~580W/m2 (at 300~800nm)
I noticed that Wewon xenon weather ometer irradiance range can be 150~ 1500 W/m2, Does it below the UL 2256 spec which request for 0.35 W/m2 ? If 150W/m2 is the minimum level how its possible to set at a level of 0.35W/m2 ?
150~ 1500 W/m2 (at 250nm ~ 3000nm) /When the customer use a 150 W/m2, It can not meet the 0.35W/m2 level.
In fact, The 0.35W/m2 irradiance will be worked with some of the test condition, Like 340nm wavelength. It is not comply with all the wavelengths test.
4.2 Physical properties (ultimate elongation and tensile strength)
h) Weather (sunlight) resistance apparatus as follows:
i)Xenon-arc:Xenon-arc radiation and water-spray exposure equipment shall comply witch ASTM G 151 and ASTM G 155 or NMX-J-553-ANCE.
The specimens shall be mounted in the specimen holders of the equipment. The xenon-arc apparatus shall be provided with a daylight filter.
The spentral power distribution (SPD) shall conform to the requirements of ASTM G 155, Table 1, for a xenon lamp with a daylight filter.
Operation of the lamp assembly shall maintain a level of spectral irradiance at the specimens of at least 0.35 W/m2 monitored at a wavelength of 340 nm
UL 2256
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