Wewon Xenon Test Chamber’s Technical Questions and Answers

Wewon xenon test chambers are high-quality, reliable, and efficient pieces of testing equipment that are suitable for various applications across different industries. They come equipped with a powerful xenon lamp that can produce a spectrum of light that is similar to that of natural sunlight. The chambers come with advanced control systems that enable easy programming and monitoring of test cycles, as well as data logging and analysis.

Wewon xenon test chambers are a popular choice for conducting accelerated weathering and material degradation studies. In fact, They are the specialized environmental testing chamber used to simulate the effect of sunlight and weather on products. As with any complex piece of laboratory equipment, there may be technical questions and concerns that arise during use. Below are some common questions and answers about Wewon xenon test chambers:

Q1. How is the radiometer calibrated for Wewon Xenon Test Chamber ?
A: We have 2 ways to do the rediometer calibrate. Way 1 is, We have a measurement tool which can calculate the data automatically; Way 2 is, We have 1 unit standard parts and stock here, When we need the rediometer calibrate, We use this standard unit for calibration.
Q2. Is the radiometer single band such as 340nm or over the range 300-400 nm ?
A: Normally the Xenon lamp’s spectrum is 280–800 nm, If there has a special requet, We can filter out a part of band/ waveband. In Wewon, We have some manners to estimate the 280–800nm lamp’s strength. For example, Choose the UVA340 to do the estimation, or we can choose 300–400 nm band to estimate the lamp’s strength, But frankly to say, they have a same essence.
Q3. I assume there is a radiometer in Wewon xenon test chamber which measures the radiation intensity and user can adjust the radiation energy through that. My question is that how does this work ? Does it measure single band or measure the full spectrum 300-400 nm ? Besides is it portable or is it built-in in the chamber? can we move it in the chamber space to see whether the radiation is uniform ?
A: Principle: There is a measuring probe in Wewon’s xenon test chamber, The measuring probe do measurement for xenon lamps during it working. And transfer the testing data to the controller. The controller according with the setting value, and calculate controlled variable based on PID algorithm, and send to control device, In this way to control the Xenon Lamp’s output power.
The measuring probe will measurement the fully waveband, It fix inside the Wewon’s xenon test chamber and without move. If you want test the uniform of radiation, We can equip 2 or 3 pcs measuring probe inside, Then it works !
Q4. In Wewon xenon test chamber’s software manual I could not see the choice for exposure time and spraying time cycles and number of cycles. How can we do that ?
A: There has a procedure in Wewon xenon test chambers, So you can setting the exposure time, sprayting time, and cycles by yourself freely. We will make a short movie and teach you how to process the programme for exposure time, spray ting time, and cycles. It’s easier way to our both parties !
Q5. I need extra lamps and accessories since our lab is going to use the chamber non-stop.
A: OK, No problem, We can supply you continuously. Because we are the manufacurer, and sometimes we have the stock there.
Q6. How BST and BPT are selected ?
A: The Wewon xenon test chamber support both BST and BPT mode. BST normally used for testing the inner quality of samples, and BPT mainly doing the sample’s surface testing.
Q7. What is the radiation energy in kW/m2 for 300-400 nm range ? What is the maximum radiation energy for 300-400 nm ?
A: The intensity of the radiation depends primarily on the how many xenon lamps used and the power of lamps, The normally range is 60–110W/m2; But we can choose a 180W/m2 as well. We need apply the more strongly xenon lamps and more quantity xenon lamps to make it to be 180W/m2.
Q8. Can we remove filters to receive 300-800 nm energy band ?
A: It’s not means remove the filters, the inner/ outer filter, Try to choose borosilicate and we can get a 300-800 nm energy. In another words, The Wewon’s xenon test chamber can make it to 300-800 nm energy band.
Q9. Is that possible to use a higher power lamp such as 7.5kW or 12 kW to achieve higher radiation energy as possible ?
A: For this moment, The Wewon’s xenon lamp has a 6.5KW, and can get a MAX power which support 7.5KW, For the 12KW, We have not developed this type, Now we are working and developing for it.
Q10. Is the refrigeration system necessary? Let’s say we use the chamber 40-80 degree C.
A: Refrigeration system is necessary, Because the xenon lamps has quantity of heat, If we don’t use the refrigeration system, the fully xenon test chamber and parts will be limited, Because of heat, It’s not a smart idea for customer to reduce the refrigeration system
Q11. According to the data provided for the 60s time step for recording, the recording time will be 60 days, But somewhere you have mentioned the maximum recording time is 180 days. I need recording time up to 180 days and if it is no considered I suggest to delete 1 sec time step for recording and add 240 sec.
A: This is no problem for Wewon’s xenon test chamber. The customer better declare their request clearly during order, And we can meet this requirement.
Q12. Is it possible to put two 6.5 Kw lamps in the chamber ?
A: For sure, If we can equip 2 pcs 6.5KW, We will mentioned it in our data sheet. In fact, Even the ATLAS, Q-LAB, SUGA, still can not equip 2 pcs xenon lamp in a same chamber ! If you want a good and exactingly/ exactly radiation intensity, Better choose the ATLAS xenon test chamber or Wewon’s Xenon Test Chamber can meet your requirement.
Meanwhile, The Chinese supplier they equip 2 pcs even 3 pcs xenon lamps in the xenon test chamber with an air cooling way, They are doing a poor car way, In this solution they can not get an exactingly/ exactly radiation intensity. In fact, They are doing a false work without exactly testing data, The main problem is the poor solution what they have choosed.
wewon xenon test chamber

What’s the purpsoe of a xenon test chamber ? A xenon test chamber is used to simulate the effects of sunlight, temperature, and moisture on materials and products. It is especially useful for testing the durability of materials that are exposed to outdoor conditions, such as plastics, coatings, and textiles. The chamber exposes the test specimens to xenon light, which simulates the UV spectrum of sunlight, and cycles the temperature and humidity to simulate different weather conditions.

By subjecting the materials to these conditions over a period of time, the xenon test chamber can determine how well they will hold up in real-world applications. This information is important for manufacturers, as it can help them improve their products and ensure that they meet industry standards and customer expectations. This allows engineers and researchers to evaluate the durability, performance, and reliability of products and materials in a controlled, accelerated manner, and make informed decisions about their design and manufacturing processes.

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