Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Need a xenon arc test chamber for testing work ? I suggest you buy from the xenon arc test chamber manufacturer directly. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has one model xenon arc test chamber which has the same testing performance, Compare with the ATLAS Ci 4000. You can visit our factory to make a quality check by yourself, When have a xenon arc test chamber for demo in our factory. If you are not convenience for a business visit, Please send us an inquiry and we can feedback your technical questions there. We appreciate your effort !

xenon arc test chamber
Product Name Programmable Xenon Arc Test Chamber, Water Cooling Series
Equipment Model WEW-500-XD
Volume Size 500 Liters
Testing Room 800mm × 800mm × 800mm (W*H*D)
External Dimension 1350mm × 1950mm × 1350mm(W*H*D)
Sample Plate 1PC Sample Size= 70 mm×145 mm, 70 PCS Inside During Testing
Shelf Layers 3-Tier inclined Specimen Rack
Gross Weight 250 KG
xenon arc test chamber
Purpose: Wewon xenon arc test chamber use xenon arc lamp as a light source, It is a equipment for simulation and strengthening of weathering accelerated aging test, After testing, You can quickly get closely atmospheric aging test results, Used to evaluate the weather resistance of the testing material/ samples.
Purpose: The weathering test is an important way to optimize the composition of the product in the process of scientific research and production. It is also an important part of the product quality inspection. Application for testing such as coatings, plastic, aluminum-plastic plate and automobile safety glass are required to do this kind of weatherability test.
Purpose: The main factors that cause the aging for material/ product are sunlight and moisture. The Wewon Xenon arc test chamber can simulate hazards which caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The Wewon Xenon Test Chamber uses the xenon lamp to simulate the damage of sunlight, use condensed moisture simulates the rain and dew.
Purpose: The WEW-500-XD weather ometer has been recognized as a manufacturer of automotive, plastics, paint coatings, inks, packaging, photochemical materials, and pigments, dyes, stabilizers and additives, and is considered to be accurate and reproducible The only equipment that predicts product life.
Purpose: The testing material/ product placed in a certain temperature of the light and moisture alternating cycle of the program to test, with a few days or weeks to reproduce the outdoor months or even years of the emergence of the harm/ damage.
Purpose: Artificial accelerated aging test data can help use select new materials/ right product, modify existing materials, and evaluate how the formulation changes affect the durability of the material/ product.
xenon arc test chamber
Important: There only very few manufactures who can produce the xenon test chambers in the world. It is a highly technology and difficult to make it. These very few manufactures are : Q-LAB & ATLAS from USA, and SUGA from Japan, There no more suppliers in the world !
Important: There only 3 suppliers from China who can make it, I mean xenon test chambers. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is one of the best from this 3 supplier for xenon test chambers. (Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyright)
Important: Now the xenon test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has got the independent research and development patents. It is under the protection by National Patent and Copyright Organization with Lawyer Dept, Meanwhile, Wewon Xenon Test Chambers keeps a quite cheap price compare with Q-LAB, ATLAS, SUGA xenon test chambers.
xenon arc test chamber

adobe-pdf-logo Check Our Engineer’s Quality Certificate Diploma for UV xenon arc test training course in SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Please Download Here.
To make us more familiar with the xenon arc test, Our engineer go to SGS CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. to have a training course there. Yes, We are seriously and honestly to communicate with the professional testing professor.
During our engineer has a training course in SGS Guangzhou, We noted there many ATLAS Ci 4000 xenon arc test chambers, and SUNTEST XXL+ parking there. The professor make us visit their workshop and we do the training course at the price where they are doing the testing. It’s easier way to make us understand their testing process and how the TLAS Ci 4000 xenon arc test chamber work !

xenon arc test chamber

How we do the solar irradiance and solar UV measurement ? Buy one UV xenon arc test chamber is easy, But the customer worried about the irradiance calibration work, during they are doing the testing moment. Yes, It’s quite important ! The below photos are the answer which will let you know how we do the irradiance calibration work for Wewon xenon arc test chambers. Yes, We use the AVANTES Solar Irradiance Tester for irradiance calibration work.

This is quite expensive calibration equipment which has seldom buyer for China manufacturer, But we have. Because we are the one who is doing the serious work on xenon arc test chamber test. We supply to the customer not only xenon arc test chamber, What we supply to customer is a good quality and meet their testing requirement.

If the supplier without these quality check calibration tester, It’s difficult to say their xenon arc test chamber will meet your testing requirement. Because the solar irradiance can not be judged when you running this xenon arc test chamber. So the irradiance calibration equipment is quite necessary and important !

xenon arc test chamber
Xenon Lamp Power Long Xenon Lamp, 6.5KW X 1PC
Xenon Lamp Wavelength 250-800nm, the aging mechanism of sunlight can be reveal in the maximum way, the sample can be set to be exposed to light which was in the summer noon for 24 hours.
Irradiation Intensity 1 300-800W/M2 (at 200-800nm) Adjustable
Irradiation Intensity 2 0.30-0.57 W/M2 (at 340nm) Adjustable
Irradiation Intensity 3 0.66-1.22 W/M2 (at 420nm) Adjustable
Irradiation Intensity Adjustment Microcomputer + PID digital power electronic power + Xenon lamp step less adjustment
Blackboard Temperature Room Temperature:+10℃~110℃ Adjustable
Black Standard Temperature Room Temperature:+10℃~120℃ Adjustable
Temperature Resolution 0.01℃; (Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Copyright)
Humidity Range Illumination: 45% R.H ~ 75% R.H Dark: 20% R.H ~ 98% R.H
Dark Cycle, Irradiation 0~9999H, Adjustment
Setting Control 1 Direct setting and control of irradiance: 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm
Setting Control 2 Direct setting and control of relative humidity
Setting Control 3 Direct setting and control of specimen chamber air temperature
Communication Mode Streaming data output via Ethernet or USB port. USB thumb drive included
Water Purity Indicator Water purity indicator with alarm, Chamber viewing window in door
Sample Plate Each Plate Size: 70 mm× 145 mm
xenon arc test chamber

Lamps, internal filters, external filters, digital power supply and other core accessories for Wewon xenon arc test chambers comply with ATLAS, Q-LAB and other well-known brands in Europe and America supplier, Wewon Xenon Test Chamber break the European and American supplier’s technology monopoly.

Wewon xenon arc test chamber comply with GB/T, AATCC, ASTM, GME, GMW, ISO, JASO, SAE, VDA, VW related testing standard. If you have a special testing requirement, Please send us an email and we can have a communication according to your testing spec. The main functional components of Wewon UV xenon test chamber choose world famous configuration, the real reproduction of outdoor climate, heat, humidity and rainfall and other comprehensive conditions, Make the sample artificial accelerated aging test.

During the production process, for each process will do self-test, mutual inspection and get approve by the quality check department and gonig to the next process; Before the product leave Wewon workshop, lt will be checked by the intelligent temperature and humidity logging device (D64-2 type) and with a special high-precision test platinum resistance with a strictly quality inspection as well.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and supply temperature and humidity chamber for abroad partners many years ! The mainly product including : UV xenon arc test chamber, xenon arc test chamber, xenon test chamber, weather ometer, xenon weather ometer, climatic chamber, environmental chamber, temperature and humidity environmental test chamber, environmental test chamber. Many thanks for your reading ! I am glad to know you have the inquiry for UV xenon arc test chamber. The related data as above files mentioned, Hope you like it ! For more details check, Please send us a mail. I am waiting for you there ! Thank you.

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