Xenon Test Chamber

Xenon test chamber is affordable, full-featured, and has a large specimen capacity. It provides precise control of critical test parameters including spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black standard temperature. Xenon test chamber is used for the selection of new materials, the improvement of existing materials or evaluating the changes in product formulation that affect product durability. This is an ideal instrument for total accelerated light stability and weathering testing; And can be used to test for light stability quickly !

Xenon test chambers which supplied by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. are meticulously engineered to deliver precise and reliable test results. It utilizes a xenon arc lamp as the light source, which closely reproduces the spectral distribution of sunlight. This enables accurate simulation of the full spectrum of light, including ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) radiation, along with different temperature and humidity conditions. With customizable test parameters, such as irradiance level, exposure duration, and temperature control, Wewon’s xenon test chambers can meet the specific testing requirements of various industries.

In fact, There only very few manufactures who can produce the xenon test chambers in the world. It is a highly technology and difficult to make it. These very few manufactures are : Q-LAB & ATLAS from USA, and SUGA from Japan, There no more suppliers in the world ! Meanwhile, There only 3 suppliers from China who can make it, I mean xenon test chambers. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is one of the best from this 3 supplier for xenon test chambers.

xenon test chamber

Now the xenon test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has got the independent research and development patents. It is under the protection by National Patent and Copyright Organization with Lawyer Dept, Meanwhile, Wewon Xenon Test Chambers keeps a quite cheap price compare with Q-LAB, ATLAS, SUGA xenon test chambers. Welcome your inquiry ! Here are some most efficiently advantages from Wewon Xenon Test Chambers, These are the good point which we can fighing with Q-LAB, ATLAS Xenon Test Chambers.

● Wind Running WaysThe same as ATLAS, Wind running up and down opposite way. Get better temperature and uniformity of irradiation.
Temperature Control MethodThe same as ATLAS, New coming wind and the recycle wind with PID adjustment. Saving electric energy and tap water consume, noise dB reduction.
Lamp Cooling WaterHeat exchanger supply for foreigh supplier, custom design, Pipes choose the teflon and SUS spare parts, Water’s quality more secure. Reduce corrosion for the lamp.
Measurement Testing 1Using electronic temperature and humidity sensor.
Measurement Testing 2Smaller power compressor, Cold humidification.
Advantages for TestingImprove testing accuracy, save electric energy, reduce the difficulty of manual maintenance.

Before the product leave Wewon workshop, lt will be checked by the intelligent temperature and humidity logging device (D64-2 type) and with a special high-precision test platinum resistance with a strictly quality inspection as well. If you are running a lab with limited budget, then buy xenon test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.  is your good choice ! There are several features that Wewons xenon test chamber can provide you. Let’s take a look.

Quality Guarantee : We have the controller/ meter aging test equipment, motor test instrument, mechanical shaking table and environmental testing equipment and dong the testing service for the components/ spare parts which coming into Wewon workshop. During the production process, for each process will do self-test, mutual inspection and get approve by the quality check department and going to the next process.

Xenon Test Chamber

Lamps, internal filters, external filters, digital power supply and other core accessories for Wewon Xenon Test Chambers comply with ATLAS, Q-LAB and other well-known brands in Europe and America supplier, Wewon Xenon Test Chamber break the European and American supplier’s technology monopoly.
Wewon Xenon Test Chamber comply with GB/T、AATCC、ASTM、GME、GMW、ISO、JASO、SAE、VDA、VW related testing standard.
The main functional components of Wewon Xenon Test Chamber choose world famous configuration, the real reproduction of outdoor climate, heat, humidity and rainfall and other comprehensive conditions, Make the sample artificial accelerated aging test.
Optimum performanceXenon test chambers use the xenon lamp and simulate the Xenon matters in nature. The mainly purpose is testing the service life for new design products.
Simple Installation DescriptionThe xenon arc test chamber from Wewon can be easily installed in a lab. You do not require having any prior or specified knowledge to be able to operate them.
Operation Easy & FriendlyUsing these xenon test chamber is no rocket science. The specimens can be conveniently mounted on the specimen tray in the chambers. The simple and user friendly interface facilitates easy operation of the machine and you can easily conduct your testing.
Built-in connection for data loggingThere is an additional service of remote that you can avail by request via Ethernet port. You also get system support RS-232 and RS-485 as well.
Fast Results FunctionsThese xenon test chamber provide you unbelievably quick results. You can expose the specimen for just few hours each day and relax.
Easy interpretation of Warnings and RemindersTalking about the user friendly features, you can easily interpret the self-diagnostic and service reminders.
Fast and real simple calibrationThe xenon arc test chamber offer you fast and real simple calibration so you can easily negotiate any calibration request. You can easily determine the color fastness, light fastness, aging to sunlight, weather resistance, etc.
Affordable Price for YouLow purchase price and low operating costs provide you an appropriate balance in price and performance expectations. Even the smallest of the labs can afford these chambers.
Xenon Test Chamber Graph
Equipment ModelWEW-080-XDWEW-225-XDWEW-500-XD
Testing Volume80 Liters225 Liters500 Liters
Internal Dimension (D×W×H mm)500*400*400900*500*500800*800*800
Exterior Size (W×H×D)700*1950*11001150*1950*12001350*1950*1350
Gross Weight (Kgs)125 Kgs175 Kgs250 Kgs
Power Supply4KW4.5KW6.5KW
Cooling SystemAir CoolingWater CoolingWater/Air Cooling
Temperature RangeRT+10℃~65℃RT+10℃~85℃RT+10℃~85℃
Humidity Range (brightness)10%~70%R.H10%~70%R.H10%~78%R.H
Humidity Range (darkness)10%~95%R.H10%~95%R.H10%~98%R.H
Spraying Time1~9999 hours,59 minutesAdjustable
Spraying Period1~240 minutes, interval (cut-off)Xenon Arc Test Chamber
Spectral Wavelength250nm~800nm250nm~800nm250nm~800nm
Light Irradiance Deviation±0.01 W/m2±0.01 W/m2±0.01 W/m2
Accuracy RangeSetting/direction accuracy:Temperature ±0.1℃,Humidity ±1%R.H
Sensor TypePlatinum resistance: PT100Ω/MVPT100Ω/MV
Heating SystemIndependent system,Nichrome electrical heaternbsp;
Humidification SystemExternal insulation,Stainless steel surface evaporative humidifier
Black Panel Temperature10~+110℃10~+110℃10~+110℃
Water Supply SystemSelf-filtrator, auto controlHumidification, water supply, Lamp cooling circulating water
Temperature ControllerAdopt Weinview colorTouch screen and SiemensPLC modules controller
Recycle SystemTemperature resistanceLow noice, air-condition motor,Multi-vane centrifugal impeller.
Exterior MaterialCarbon steel panel withPhosphide static sprayingPlastics processing
Interior MaterialSUS304SUS304SUS304
Door frame thermal insulationAnti-heating,anti-agingSilicon gel sealing stripXenon Test Chambers
Safety ProtectionElectric leakage, short circuit,Water shortage, motor overheating,Over-current protection.
Power VoltageAC 220V, 230V, 380VAC 220V, 380V, 50/60Hz; AC380V±10%,
xenon test chamberxenon test chambers
Water Cooling System for Wewon’s Xenon Test ChamberHow the Wewon’s Xenon Lamp working ? See the Movie
● Question 1. How is the radiometer calibrated for Wewon’s Xenon Test Chamber ?
● Answer: We have 2 ways to do the rediometer calibrate. Way 1 is, We have a measurement tool which can calculate the data automatically; Way 2 is, We have 1 unit standard parts and stock here, When we need the rediometer calibrate, We use this standard unit for calibration.
● Question 2. Is the radiometer single band such as 340nm or over the range 300-400 nm ?
● Answer: Normally the Xenon lamp’s spectrum is 280–800 nm, If there has a special requet, We can filter out a part of band/ waveband. In Wewon, We have some manners to estimate the 280–800nm lamp’s strength. For example, Choose the UVA340 to do the estimation, or we can choose 300–400 nm band to estimate the lamp’s strength, But frankly to say, they have a same essence.
● Question 3. In Wewon’s xenon test chamber’s software manual I could not see the choice for exposure time and spraying time cycles and number of cycles. How can we do that ?
● Answer: There has a procedure in Wewon xenon test chambers, So you can setting the exposure time, sprayting time, and cycles by yourself freely. We will make a short movie and teach you how to process the programme for exposure time, spray ting time, and cycles. It’s easier way to our both parties !
● Question 4. I need extra lamps and accessories since our lab is going to use the chamber non-stop.
● Answer: OK, No problem, We can supply you continuously. Because we are the manufacurer, and sometimes we have the stock there.
● Question 5. How BST and BPT are selected ?
● Answer: The Wewon xenon test chamber support both BST and BPT mode. BST normally used for testing the inner quality of samples, and BPT mainly doing the sample’s surface testing.
● Question 6. What is the radiation energy in kW/m2 for 300-400 nm range? What is the maximum radiation energy for 300-400 nm ?
● Answer: The intensity of the radiation depends primarily on the how many xenon lamps used and the power of lamps, The normally range is 60–110W/m2; But we can choose a 180W/m2 as well. We need apply the more strongly xenon lamps and more quantity xenon lamps to make it to be 180W/m2.
● Question 7. Can we remove filters to receive 300-800 nm energy band ?
● Answer: It’s not means remove the filters, the inner/ outer filter, Try to choose borosilicate and we can get a 300-800 nm energy. In another words, The Wewon’s xenon test chamber can make it to 300-800 nm energy band.
● Question 8. Is that possible to use a higher power lamp such as 7.5kW or 12 kW to achieve higher radiation energy as possible ?
● Answer: For this moment, The Wewon’s xenon lamp has a 6.5KW, and can get a MAX power which support 7.5KW, For the 12KW, We have not developed this type, Now we are working and developing for it.
● Question 9. Is the refrigeration system necessary? Let’s say we use the chamber 40-80 degree C.
● Answer: Refrigeration system is necessary, Because the xenon lamps has quantity of heat, If we don’t use the refrigeration system, the fully xenon test chamber and parts will be limited, Because of heat, It’s not a smart idea for customer to reduce the refrigeration system.
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