Xenon Weather Ometer, Lamp Wavelength: 300 ~ 800 nm Volume: 80L

Xenon Weather Ometer Advantages: xenon weather ometer with the advanced experimental system structure and comply with: National Standard GB / T16422.2; American Standard: AATCC TM16 ASTM C1442. The main functional components in wewon xenon weather ometer choose the world famous brand accessories parts, with advanced and reliable technical principles, low noise and energy saving design- The performance of wewon xenon Weather can be same quality level such us ATLAS, QLAB.

Xenon weather ometer use xenon arc lamp as a light source, simulated weathering accelerated aging test equipment to quickly get near atmospheric aging test results, The xenon weather ometer used to evaluate the weather resistance of the test material.

The Xenon Weather Ometer Purposes and Usage :

It is also an important method for the product quality inspection. Checking materials such as paint, plastic, aluminum-plastic plate and automobile safety glass are required to do weatherability test. The main factors that cause the aging of the material are sunlight and moisture.
The xenon Weather ometer can simulate hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew. Xenon Weather ometer uses the xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight. The condensed moisture simulates the rain and dew, and the measured material is placed in a light and moisture cycle at a certain temperature.
The test is carried out in a few days or weeks to reproduce the outdoor months and even years of harm test. Artificial accelerated xenon aging test data can help us select new materials, modify existing materials, and evaluate how the formulation changes affect the durability of the product.
Xenon Weather Ometer
Product Name: Intelligent Xenon Weather Ometer (air-cooled type)
Equipment Model: WEW-XD1- (80)-SUNEYES
Volume: 80 Liters
Testing Room: 500*400*400 (W*D*H mm)
External Dimension: 700*1100*1950 (W*D*H mm)
Gross Weight: 125 KGS
The xenon weather-ometer is a state-of-the-art testing machine designed to test the durability of materials in a simulated outdoor environment. The WEW-XD1-(80) machine, developed by Wewon Tech, is a powerful tool for manufacturers who want to ensure their products can withstand the harshest weather conditions over time.

The xenon weather-ometer uses a powerful xenon lamp to simulate the effects of sunlight, rain, and humidity on materials. This allows manufacturers to test the performance of their products under a range of different weather conditions, all in one machine. The machine is capable of testing a wide variety of materials, including plastics, textiles, coatings, and other materials used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.
Environmental Conditions Temperature Range: -10C~+28℃、Humidity: ≤85% Performance Characteristics:
Xenon Lamp Power Long arc xenon lamp, 2.5KW, 1 PC, GB/T16422.2
Xenon Lamp Wavelength 250-800nm, the maximum reproduction of the sun’s aging mechanism can be set to be tested samples for 24 hours exposed to the equivalent of summer noon when the lighting environment,
Compared with the actual outdoor environment, the average light intensity is stronger, the average daily exposure time is longer, so that the test results can be quickly obtained.
Irradiation Intensity 35- 70 W/M2 (at 300- 400nm) Adjustable
350- 580 W/M2 (at 300- 800nm) Adjustable
0.30- 0.57 W/M2 at 340nm |0.60- 1.22 W/M2 at 420nm
Irradiation Intensity Adjustment Microcomputer + PID digital power + Xenon lamp stepless adjustment
Irradiation Intensity Measurement Without SOLAR EYETM, set manually
With SOLAR EYETM, automatic measurement adjustment
Filters 1. S1 high purity quartz glass, so that the irradiance of the sample on the spectrum of the peak value and the value of the ground near the sun
2. Modular design, according to the test space to optimize the combination
3. Depending on the environment, you can choose to simulate direct sunlight or window glass to transmit sunlight
4. Unless the filter is damaged, generally do not need to replace the filter
Blackboard Temperature Range RT+10℃~100℃ (Adjustable)
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±2℃
Humidity Range 45%R.H~75%R.H (Adjustable)
Humidity Deviation +2%R.H-3%R.H
Arc Center to Tray Distance 200mm ~ 500mm (Adjustable)
Dark period, Irradiation Cycle 0~9999min (Adjustable)
Rainfall Cycle 0~9999min (Adjustable)
One of the major benefits of the xenon test chamber is its ability to provide accurate and reliable results. The machine has been designed with the latest technology and engineering, making it one of the most advanced testing machines on the market. It is also very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows operators to quickly and easily set up and run tests.

Another major benefit of Wewon’s xenon weather-ometer is its efficiency. The machine is able to run multiple tests simultaneously, allowing manufacturers to test a large number of samples in a short amount of time. This means that manufacturers can get their products to market faster, without sacrificing quality or performance.

In addition to its efficiency and reliability, the xenon weather-ometer is also very versatile. It can be used to test a wide range of materials, from automotive paints to outdoor furniture. This means that manufacturers and test center can use the machine for a variety of applications, making it a valuable tool for any product development and testing process.

High performance simulated solar full spectrum value of 98% or more Lamp Lighting System:
Professional high-pressure xenon lamp trigger with my company’s special isolator, enhanced triggering ability to make the cycle trigger the light Triggers
Digital power supply, precise control, efficient conversion, so that the xenon lamp lit after the stability Power Supply Module
1. Strong centrifugal blower, for the lamp to provide a good cooling environment, enhance service life Xenon Lamp Cooling
2. Add an independent xenon lamp temperature probe to prevent abnormal conditions, timely protection of the lamp
3. Unique xenon lamp cooling air flow channel, exhaust resistance is small, high reflective efficiency
4. Independent space design, replace the lamp is simple and quick, do not need professionals to operate
5. Reserved standard irradiation probe interface, according to the requirements of rapid installation, easy to upgrade
1. Ni-Cr alloy electric wire heater Heater Heating System:
2. Heater control: non-contact cycle pulse width, SSP (solid state electrical)
3. Heater power: 2 KW
1. Multi-wing centrifugal circulating fan, reinforced shaft with high and low temperature of the rotating blade made of aluminum alloy to achieve forced convection Air Flow System
2.FLOW THROW air supply mode; horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange arc cycle
3. Adjustable side blowing air outlet and protection back to the outlet
4. Set up a separate temperature probe to prevent temperature out of control
1. External removable boiler humidification method Humidifier Humidification System:
2. Stainless steel armored humidifier
3. Humidifier control mode: no contact and other periodic pulse width, SSP (solid state electrical)
4. Water level control device, humidifier anti-dry device, sediment collection device, liquid level observation window
5. Humidifier power: 2.5KW
1. Supply the refrigerator 30L, with high and low water level instructions, removable cleaning Waterway Control
2. Efficient electromagnetic squeeze pump, can continue to turn 5000H
3. PO film + activated carbon water supply filter, removable cleaning
4. High and low temperature dual water level electronic level switch, to prevent malfunction
5. Water shortage over-temperature protection + ultra-low water level protection + water overtime to ensure the safe operation of equipment
6. Backwater PP cotton filter, reduce equipment, water consumption, consider the backwater impurities
Imported French Tecumseh fully enclosed compressor Refrigeration Compressor Cooling System:
Outer fin internal thread heat exchanger (both dehumidifier) Evaporator
Air Cooled: Outer fin internal thread heat exchanger Condenser
1. Control system according to the experimental conditions automatically adjust the refrigerator to run the best energy-saving conditions Chiller Control Mode
2. The evaporator cooling capacity is switched by the control system to drive the solenoid valve
3. Compressor return air cooling circuit
1. R404a / R23 (Ozone depletion factor is 0, R23 cascade refrigeration system used) Refrigerant
Xenon Weather Ometer
Main structure Test area, lamp maintenance area, instrument control area, room partition design, modular combination, to meet the test and maintenance of human operation, the bottom of the box with high-quality fixed PU activities round, easy to move customers.
1. Outside: High-quality color plate electrostatic spraying
2. Inside Chamber: High-quality heat-resistant stainless steel plate
Door Single hinge (facing the box, the left hinge, right handle) silicone rubber tight seal
Water supply system Drawer type water or water connection after the automatic replenishment
Control System:
Microcomputer Controller 5.7 inch, 640 × 480, TFT color LCD display
Operation Mode Support program mode, Fix setting mode
Setting Method English operation manner with touch screen setting way
Program Capacity
1. Procedure: Up to 120 groups
2. Segment number: the maximum number of paragraphs 14400
3. Number of cycles: maximum infinite loop
Curve Recording Function
1. With a battery protection with the PAM, you can save the device settings, sampling values and sampling time of the time;
2. The maximum recording time is 180 days (when the sampling period is 60S)
Subsidiary Functions
1. Fault alarm and cause, processing prompt function
2. Power protection function
3. Upper and lower temperature protection function
4. Calendar timer function (automatic start and automatically stop running)
5. Self-diagnosis function
Safety Protection Device:
Lighting System
1. Temperature anomaly protection
2. Safe power range limits
3. Xenon lamp ignition trigger time limit
4. Fan cooling system and lamp interlock, such as fan failure xenon lamp automatically extinguished
Refrigeration System
1. Compressor overheat protection
2. Compressor overcurrent protection
3. Compressor overpressure protection
4. Condensing fan overheating protection
Humidification System
1. Humidification heat pipe dry protection
2. Water level abnormal protection
3. Water supply overtime protection
Inner Test Chamber
1. Adjustable over-temperature protection
2. Air conditioning channel limit over temperature protection
3. Fan motor overheating protection
1. Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection (three-phase power supply)
2. Overload and short circuit protection
3. Cabinet several times to open the door caused by refrigeration system fault alarm protection
Power Cable AC 220V; Three-core (single-phase two-wire + ground protection) cable 1 (about 4 meters length)
Main Power switch NFB circuit breakers
Installation Conditions:
Installation Site
1. The ground is smooth and well ventilated
2. There is no strong vibration around the equipment
3. There is no strong electromagnetic field around the equipment
4. There are no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment
Environmental Conditions
1. Temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 28 ℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
3. Air pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
Tap Water
Flow ≥ 200kg / h, pressure 0.1MPa ~ 0.25MPa
Water quality in line with GB 5749-1985 drinking water health standards
Power Supply Conditions
1. Single-phase two-wire + protection ground
2. Voltage range: AC (220 ± 10) V
3. Frequency permissible fluctuation range: (50 ± 0.5) Hz
4. Protection ground wire grounding resistance is less than 4Ω
5. Require the user to configure the appropriate capacity for the equipment at the installation site of the air or power switch, and this switch must be independent for the use of the device
Maximum Current and Power Consumption
42A (Max); 9KW (Max)
(At the ambient temperature + 25 ℃, no sample, the operating conditions to stabilize one hour after the test to obtain the data)
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