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Looking for a laboratory oven for your samples testing work ? Please don’t hesitate to contact Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. for a quotation reference before you will place an order to anyone else. You will not to be late any time when you have found an optimal laboratory oven manufacturer finally who will meet your testing requirement. The laboratory oven from Wewon Technologies support RS 232, RS 485, and Ethernet Port connect with your computer.

According to this, The engineer can download the testing data and program any testing work from your computer directory. This should be the convenient solution for your engineers and easier way for testing process. The forced, blower-assisted airflow design offers excellent temperature uniformity and fast recovery. A turbo blower and heavy-duty motor combine to direct air over the shelves and samples for even, constant drying, curing and baking. These laboratory Drying Oven are especially ideal for glassware drying. The independent overtemperature safety feature is user adjustable and provides added safety.

laboratory Oven
Equpment Model  WEW-150-SW WEW-270-SW WEW-480-SW WEW-1000-SW
Volume Size 150 Liters 270 Liters 480 Liter 1000 Liters
Interior Size (W*D*H)mm 500*500*600 600*500*900 800*600*1000 1000*1000*1000
Exterior Size (W*D*H)mm 800*690*1320 920*690*1690 1120*790*1790 1320*1190*1790
Max Shelf Load 25 Kgs 25 Kgs 40 Kgs 40 Kgs
Power Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz  AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz 
Temperature Range +10 ºC~ +220 ºC +15 ºC~ +320 ºC +10 ºC~ +220 ºC +15 ºC~ +320 ºC
Temp. Constancy ±0.2 ºC~0.3 ºC ±0.3 ºC~0.3 ºC ±0.2 ºC~0.3 ºC ±0.3 ºC~0.3 ºC
Temperature Uniformity ±2.0 ºC / 15 ºC~ 200ºC ±2.5 ºC / 15 ºC~330C ±2.0 ºC / 20 ºC~ 200ºC ±2.5 ºC / 20 ºC~330C
Heating Up Time 6 min / 50 ºC  to 200 C 10 min / 52 ºC  to 300 ºC 6 min / 50 C  to 200 C 10 min / 55 C  to 300 ºC
Power Watts (kW) 3.0 kW 6.5 kW 8.5 kW 10.0 kW
Gross Weight (Kgs) 65.0 Kgs 90.0 Kgs 120.0 Kgs 185.0 Kgs
Drying : Removing the moisture from the specimen and oven chamber as efficiently as possible.
Baking : Heating a substrate without dehumidifying it.
Curing : The sample is physically or chemically altered by a slow baking and drying process.
● A laboratory oven heats its contents via the principle of convection. The heating element is not located within the specimen chamber of the oven, but in a separate external envelope. This prevents radiant heat from affecting the specimen, but the resulting temperature of the oven walls is enough to heat and dehydrate a specimen.

● Convective heat transfer is achieved by gravity or mechanical convection. In the former, cooler air is displaced by warmer air and directed towards the heating element until the entire chamber is up to temperature. Since this method has poor uniform heat distribution, energy waste, and a longer preheat time than mechanical convection, mechanical convection lab ovens are favorable. These types heat quicker and more evenly due to blowers and baffles in the oven chamber.

● Air intakes and exhausts can be adjusted to withhold or release humidity, and are necessary to expel VOCs and fumes. Insulation reduces the rate of thermal transfer and is responsible for the energy efficiency of the oven. The laboratory drying oven itself is typically steel in construction which helps prevent radiant heat from the oven exterior. A locking door with robust gaskets provides user access to the laboratory oven.
Laboratory Oven Features and Technical Parameters :
Two inch Adjustable Exhaust Port
Stainless Steel Shelves, Corrosion-resistant stainless steel (SUS 304) inner chamber
Independent Overtemperature Safety
Timer: On / Off, Recurring weekly, or real time
Optional Reversible Door|Spare Parts of Laboratory Oven
High Temperature Silicone Door Seal
Automatic Over Temperature Alarm System Protects Samples
No Exposed Heating, Heating and Drying Oven
Wrap Around Insulation
Durable Powder Coat Paint Exterior Finish
Digital Timer, laboratory drying oven
Door alarm notifies user when door is left open (for large capacity models)
Inner test room material: Adopt 1.5mm SUS#304 Stainless steel plate
Carton Material: Cold rolled steel with galvanized anti-rust treatment and paint coating outside with advanced resin
Insulation Material: Imported hard wool (Rockwool Cisle 120K)
Heater: Fin-shaped stainless steel heater heat pipe (Taiwan Nichrome wire)
Machine with 4-layer test rack; One Controller manual.
One Operating Instructions; Factory certification.
Machine Structure
Temperature Controller: Taiwan Original Temperature Controller
Screen Display: temperature setting (SV) and actual (PV) value displayed directly
United States OMEGA precision temperature sensor
Output power via microcomputer temperature control to achieve high precision and high efficiency benefits
Timing Functions: 0-9999H/M/S. Attached to a long timer, thermostat timing, and time to time selector switch to automatic stop.
Circuit System
Over-temperature protection function
Drying oven over current protection
Motor over-current protection; Motor overload protection
Laboratory oven’s leakage protection
Machine line missing protection; With no-melting wire switch
Fault is not excluded machine can not boot.
Over temperature, the main power switch off
Safety Protection

● Air-Conditioning of Wewon Laboratory Oven : Forced ventilation balance thermostat Act (BTC). This method unused in the case of continuous heating system work, the control system according to PID to set temperature point and ultimately achieve a state of dynamic equilibrium.

● Air Loop Device: Built-in air-conditioned rooms, and the long axis of the loop duct centrifugal fan, efficient energy systems to change temperature . By improving the air flow to improve the air flow and the heater and air cooler heat exchange capacity, thereby significantly improving the temperature uniformity of the temperature oven.

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