Weatherometer with Air Cooling System, 80 Liters, 175 Liters, 225 Liters

Weatherometer test is important to bring out the defects in something and to ensure its durability. The weatherometer result will make us identify those areas which need immediate improvements. But, there are areas where basic testing is not enough and does not do the job perfectly. To meet the high quality requirement, there is a need to perform extensive weatherometer testing on some materials. A place where such kind of testing is conducted is the xenon weatherometer.

Different kind of environment is required for different type of testing. The weather-ometer provide a controllable xenon aging environment test. So, the accelerated aging test level in these xenon test chambers can be changed as per the requirement. Weatherometer is easy to install (proper ventilation required), easy to use and easy to maintain. Specimen mounting and evaluations are fast and easy with easily removed specimen holders. It is completely automated and can operate continuously. The top features of these weatherometer are as follows :

Innovative designs and easy to install. There has a patent for this weatherometer design from WEWON. Xenon weatherometer can be the most realistic simulated solar spectrum, including ultraviolet, Visible and infrared. Equipment Photos 1| Equipment Photos 2| Equipment Photos 3
Weatherometer is very simple and user friendly interface. There has a fully process which help customer doing xenon lamp aging test.
Built-in connection for data logging. There has a remote control additional service by customer request via Ethernet port. System support RS-232, RS-485 as well.
Easy to interpret self-diagnostic warnings and service reminders for this design weatherometer.
The xenon weatherometer with fast and real simple calibration. Any calibration request can be negotiated. To determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, etc.
Equipment ModelWEW-080-XDWEW-175-XDWEW-225-XD
Testing Volume80 Litres175 Litres225 Litres
Internal Dimension (D×W×H mm)500*400*400700*500*500900*500*500
Exterior Size (W×H×D)700*1950*1100900*2050*12001150*2050*1200
Gross Weight (Kgs)125 Kgs225 Kgs355 Kgs
Power Supply4.0 KW Weatherometer5.5 KW8.5 KW
Cooling SystemAir CoolingWater CoolingAir Cooling
Temperature RangeRT+10℃~65℃RT+10℃~80℃RT+10℃~85℃
Humidity Range (brightness)20%~70%R.H20%~72%R.H10%~78%R.H
Humidity Range (darkness)20%~95%R.H20%~95%R.H10%~98%R.H
Spraying Time1~9999 hours,59 minutesAdjustable
Spraying Period1~240 minutes, Interval (cut-off) Interval (cut-off)
Spectral Wavelength290nm~800nm290nm~800nm300nm~800nm
Light Irradiance Deviation±0.01 W/m2±0.01 W/m2±0.01 W/m2
Accuracy RangeSetting/direction accuracy:Temperature ±0.1℃,Humidity ±1%R.H
Sensor TypePlatinum resistance: PT100Ω/MVPT100Ω/MV
Heating SystemIndependent system,Nichrome electrical heater 
Humidification SystemExternal insulation,Stainless steel surfaceEvaporative humidifier
Black Panel Temperature+40℃~+100℃+40℃~+100℃+40℃~+110℃
Water Supply SystemSelf-filtrator, auto controlHumidification, water supply, Lamp cooling circulating water
Temperature ControllerAdopt Weinview colorTouch screen and SiemensPLC modules controller
Recycle SystemTemperature resistanceLow noice, air-condition motor,Multi-vane centrifugal impeller.
Exterior MaterialCarbon steel panel withPhosphide static sprayingPlastics processing
Interior MaterialSUS304 #SUS304 #SUS304 #
Door Frame Thermal InsulationAnti-heating, Anti-agingSilicon gel sealing strip 
Safety ProtectionElectric leakage, short circuit,Water shortage, motor overheating,Over-current protection.
Power InputAC 220V, 230V50/60HzAC380V±10%
Weatherometer is specially designed for conducting various laboratory and research experiments. Xenon weather-ometer are important for carrying out different quality control tests on various types of materials such as cement, various electrical fittings, motors, electronic circuits and components etc. The most unique thing about these xenon test chamber that makes their quality testing different from the usual ones is their arc lamp accelerated conditions. The weatherometer can simulate damage from full-spectrum sunlight, heat and humidity.
Question:Does your xenon arc weatherometer 100% comply with SAE J2527 test standard ?
Yes, Our air cooling model xenon arc weatherometer convenient for SAE J2527 test standard. Please check below articles, The Q-SUN Xe-3 model has explained the SAE J2527 with details. This should be the easier way to make you understand how to prepare the test work according to the SAE J2527 testing standard.
Question:How will you provide service during guarantee, do you have service engineer based at Mumbai or India
Answers:When our engineer is busy and can not move to your factory, We can find an engineer in your local place and invite the engineer visit your factory for the maintenance and service work for us. We will pay the engineer service cost by our side.
Question:What will guarantee period for this xenon weatherometer ?
The first year, We will support to customer free of charge ! In case there any quality problem and spare parts damaged, We will send to customer by DHL free of charge and teach the customer how to do the replace work.
The second year, In case there any parts damaged, We will charge the spare parts cost and delivery to customer address. No other additional cost.
The third year, We may charge the spare parts cost and a part of our labor cost in case the cost there. This is our normal and traditional ways !
Question:What about spare parts service pack consumables ?
Answers:We will provide the daily consumables parts to customer for a safe stock. For example, the wet bulb gauze, water pipes, and water valves. Sometimes we supply the safe stock parts for customer depends on customer local test conditions.
Question:In case there any quality problem happen, How will you provide assistance for trouble shooting ?
Before shipment, We will submit the trouble shooting drawing to customer. Meanwhile, When our engineer visited the customer factory, We can training your workers which will operate this xenon weatherometer.
We have the service engineer who can do the support online. Here is a guidance for your easier understand our support and service → Techical Support
Question:Xenon weatherometer is water cooled or air cooled design ?
This xenon arc weatherometer is air cooled design.
Meanwhile, We have one xenon test chamber which is a water cooled design. If you are trying to know more about the water cooling type xenon test chamber, Please check this web page → Xenon Test Chamber
Question:What will be installation charges ? How will conduct training to our technicians for use of weatherometer ?
The installation charge is free. Our engineer will visit your factory for a installation work by our engineers. Normally, When the xenon arc weatherometer has been arrived at your factory address, Our service engineer will prepare the visit schedule to your factory address directly.
The training service is free. Our engineer will come and visit your factory for training course there.
adobe-pdf-logoCatalog Photos, POP Photos of Weather ometer
adobe-pdf-logoTechnical Specificatioin of Weather ometer
adobe-pdf-logoTechnical Parameters of Weather ometer
adobe-pdf-logoWEW-080-XD/ WEW-175-XD / WEW-225-XD Weather ometer Technical Specification There, This is an Excel file format and popular used when quoted to a potential customer.
adobe-pdf-logoTechnical drawing (body structure design) for the WEW-175-XD-SUNEYES
adobe-pdf-logoCompany Product Line of Weather ometer
adobe-pdf-logoCircuit diagram for the WEW-175-XD-SUNEYES Xenon Weather Ometer
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