Thermal Inducing System Temperature Cycling System for Fiber Optic Test

Fiber optic test need the thermal inducing system temperature cycling system. Because fiber optic test equipment is an important supporting force in the communication industry. It penetrates in communication chip, module, terminal, base station, wireless network and so on almost all industrial chain link. Throughout the design and development, certification and acceptance, production, network construction and optimization and other almost complete industry life cycle.

Design and development is the stage with the most type of thermal inducing system, It mainly includes oscilloscope, signal source, spectrum analyzer (signal analyzer), vector network analyzer and other general thermal management solutions, As well as channel simulator, terminal simulator, base station simulator and other dedicated thermal inducing system. Benefit from long-term and continuous high intensity of research and development investment, Wewon Tech has various types of temperature forcing system are the industry’s leading products, Provide to different customers with a full range of solutions.

As a thermal management system leader for fiber optic manufacturers, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., which started in scientific research laboratory in 2011, has accumulated a lot of professional knowledge in semiconductor chip, memory Flash, EMMC, PCB circuit board, IC optical communication (such as transceiver high and low temperature devices, SFP light module high and low temperature test, etc.), and other electronic industries.

A batch of temperature cycling system for fiber optic test

Wewon Tech has fruitful, diverse and advanced expertise in optics, optoelectronics, machinery and product portfolio, It is well known for its efficient research and development, assembly, manufacturing and reliability testing of fiber optic communications products, as well as its many years of practical experience. The ATS 710 model thermal inducing system developed by Wewon, It is a precision thermal cycling test equipment for ultra-high temperature and low temperature limit accelerated life testing specially designed for fiber sensing, fiber optic gyro, optical switch and fiber laser.

While the other competitors are still working on thermal inducing system solutions, Wewon Tech has been accumulating for three years, The reliability of the thermal stream plan is precipitated, In September last year, Wewon obtained an order from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. successfully. For highly accelerated life testing, With thermal inducing system is known as the pearl in the industrial chain. Therefore, It is significant to use temperature cycling system for the fiber optics cable manufacturers. Use the thermal inducing system to determine fiber optic’s quality, Choose the thermal inducing system for fiber optic test from Wewon Is a very good choice.
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Thermal inducing system temperature cycling system, Temperature test with -40℃ ~ +125℃. Used to repair the cladding layer of fused fiber, and the exposed glass part is coated with ultraviolet hardening resin to restore the flexibility of fused fiber. Compared with the traditional heat shrinkable sleeve, The fusion point is smaller and lighter, which can repair the fused fiber to the degree close to the original fiber. The coated fiber can be processed and wound normally without damaging the fusion area of the fiber, The result is a higher quality coating that lasts longer.

ATS 710 series thermal cycling test system produced by Wewon, It is simple operation and customizable semiconductor chips, PCB boards, IC optical communicators have more choices. ATS 710 thermal test chamber provides the advanced ultra high temperature low temperature solution for temperature cycling test. It greatly meets the strict requirements of the production and assembly of optical devices and optical fiber communication research units in the optical module factory.

thermal inducing system

Use the thermal inducing system for fiber optic testing, Higher requirements are put forward for mechanical fixation of outer sheath and reinforcement core of optical cable. Faced with the current 4G communication network is not enough to meet the social needs of the environment, 5G networks are coming. With its unique advantages sweeping the society. Optical fiber test and semiconductor testing technology is an important part of Internet technology. In particular, wavelength division multiplexing devices at 1310nm will bring better applications to 5G systems. Let users enjoy high speed, zero delay network services.

Fiber optic test is associated with the development of the information age. Information between people all over the world is transmitted through various means of communication. Due to the rapid development of mobile phone chip, IC semiconductor and Internet in recent years, So people’s demand for data communication is getting higher and higher. Not content with a low-speed network that can only communicate, Therefore, the establishment of a higher level of 5G network has become a hot topic in the current communication industry research.

This requires a large amount of temperature cycling system for fiber optic manufacturers. With the continuous development of temperature cycling test, People can communicate and contact through network communication with good quality guarantee. Optical fiber communication and test is an indispensable auxiliary resource in people’s life. It must have high capacity and high speed. Against this backdrop, 5G networks are being developed. Optical fiber test and communication will also be more comprehensive and widely used in 5G system, To provide high-speed, safe and free connections between people, people and things, and things to things, Make people’s life better.

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