Temperature Forcing System for Semiconductor IC Testing from Wewon

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed one kind of temperature forcing system successfully this week. The temperature shock range can be -70C +200C. Wewon temperature forcing system broke the monopoly of foreign technology and filled the blank of thermal air forcing system model for China market. We are proud of the newly developed temperature forcing system and ready to sell it for our customers. When we engaged in research and developing process, We use the semiconductor IC parts for trial test. We found the temperature reduce to minus 70C from room temp within 5 seconds.

From +130C to minus -40C which takes 10 seconds, and from minus 40C up to +125C cost 9 seconds. This should be the most rapidly cooling rate for temperature shock test by environmental chambers. In China, There seldom have the manufacturer who can produce the temperature forcing system. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. always keep improvement and innovation on their technology with more flexibility design which meet the world-class performance requirements.

Temperature Forcing System
Product Name: Wewon Temperature Forcing System
Equipment Mode: WEW-TFS-010D-001
Temperature Range: -40C +125C|-60C +200C|-80C +220C|-100C +300C
Cooling Type: Air Cooling|Water Cooling
Temp Control Accuracy +-1C Temp Display Accuracy +-0.1C
Machine External Dimension 850*1200*1280mm (W*D*H)|Wewon Temperature Forcing System
Communication Mode Ethernet Port|USB Flash Disk|RS232 Port
Temperature Change Speed From +125C to minus -55C which takes 10 seconds, and from minus 55C up to +125C within 10 seconds.
Operation Interface 10 Inches Touch Screen Controller, Japan OYO System
Test Methods Program Test|Fix Value Test (PT TEST|FIX TEST)
Test Data Storage Download the test report by USB Flash Disk or check by your computer via Ethernet port way.
Fresh Air Supply Temp 20~25C, dew point +10C, Dry Air
Pressure Request 90~ 110 pis|Power Consumption: 4.0KW~4.5KW
Power Voltage: AC 380V, 440V, 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz Optional Choice
Gross Weight (KG) 285 KG|Not include the Plywood Weight.

So far as we know, There has a good brand which is professional for thermal air forcing system named MIP Thermal USA. We consider that they are a good provider for temperature forcing system. We reviewed their design and testing performance by Youtube videos, It seems we can catch up with their testing performance for temperature forcing system. Because we checked the Wewon temperature forcing system and make the cooling temp down to minus -100C is capable for the semiconductor IC parts when we processed a trial test.

Advanced temperature forcing systems use a variety of methods to regulate temperature, including thermoelectric cooling, liquid nitrogen cooling, and mechanical refrigeration. In thermoelectric cooling systems, electrothermal modules are used to transfer heat from the chamber to a heat sink, thereby cooling the chamber temperature. Liquid nitrogen cooling systems, on the other hand, directly inject liquid nitrogen into the chamber to cool the temperature. Mechanical refrigeration systems utilize a compressor and a refrigerant to transfer heat from the chamber to the outside environment, thereby lowering the temperature.

Any way, The temperature forcing systems are essential tools for semiconductor IC testing, enabling engineers to accurately simulate real-world temperature environments and predict device behavior and reliability. By providing precise and customized temperature control, these systems play a critical role in ensuring the performance and quality of semiconductor devices.

Continuous Displacement: 4 to 12 scfm ( 1.8 to 5.6 l/s)
Temp Display Resolution of Wewon’s Temperature Forcing System : ±1°C
Temperature display accuracy: ±1°C (Calibration by NIST, national institute of standards and technology)
The heating cap provides a limited temperature test environment, Prevent moisture from condensing on the DUT
The hand held heat pipe can also be moved to the component under test at will. Optional working bracket eliminates hand – held operation.
Heat defrost, Quickly remove moisture accumulated inside the refrigerator.
Thermal mode automatically reduces power at low temperatures.
Wewon’s temperature forcing system keeps automatic power saving features when standby.
Wewon’s Temperature Forcing System Features:

Temperature forcing systems are an essential component of semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) testing, especially for devices such as microprocessors, memory, and mixed-signal ICs that perform their function under a wide range of temperature conditions. Temperature forcing systems can replicate this temperature variation in a laboratory environment, thereby allowing engineers to conduct tests under a desired set of temperature conditions.

In semiconductor testing, measuring IC performance under both high and low temperature conditions is critical to predicting device reliability and behavior in the field. Temperature forcing systems are used to provide precise control over the temperature environment during the testing process. These systems typically consist of a thermal chamber and a control system that regulates the temperature within the chamber using a heating or cooling mechanism.

The working principle of Wewon temperature forcing system: The temperature forcing system be used to spray the compressed air (-70c +150C) at the controlled temperature from the front nozzle. It only takes a few seconds to create an environment that is either super-cold or super-hot. Compared with the old design thermal shock chamber solution, the test time is greatly shortened and the working efficiency is improved.

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inTEST Thermal Solutions is more than 50 years of thermal measurement system research and development experts in USA.
Temptronic founded in 1970 and incorporated by inTEST in 2000, inTEST is the first manufacturer of ultra-high speed temperature environmental testing machines in the United States
Thermonics founded in 1976, it was incorporated by inTEST in 2012, making inTEST ThermoStream even more powerful in the field of high and low temperature cycle testing and temperature shock testing.
In Year 2013, inTEST Thermal Solutions developed the original temperature environment testing machine with the brand-new research and development technology,
Make the Temptronic TPO series and Thermonics PTFS series are integrated into ATS series products.
Thermonics and Temptronic have been replaced by inTEST ThermoStream high and low temperature cycle temperature control system.
The History of inTEST ThermoStream:

inTEST Thermal Solutions ATS-Series Introduction: THERMOSTREAM temperature forcing system is used for a variety of temperature testing and adjustment applications. From traditional applications such as semiconductor test failure analysis, device description to more widely used printed circuit boards and electronic sub-assembly testing. inTEST Thermal Solutions ATS-Series system automatic temperature regulation function to meet customer needs.

inTEST Thermal Solutions ATS-Series THERMOSTREAM system provides an innovative temperature measurement solution, Enable customers to use the place: such as test bench, production equipment or laboratory instruments PCB module test the system has speed accuracy and portability of a wide range of temperature regulation capabilities. It has become the most comprehensive product –ATS- series THERMOSTREAM system. inTEST Thermal Solutions Temperature Forcing System ATS-Series includes desktop and portable for customers choose purpose.

Temperature Forcing System body structure and control system
Compared with the traditional rapidly temperature shock chamber, thermal shock chambers, The main advantages of Wewon temperature forcing system include:
The rate of temperature change is faster; Wewon temperature forcing system Precision of temperature control: ±1℃
Real-time monitoring of the real temperature of the components to be tested, the impact air temperature can be adjusted at any time.
For a single IC(module) of many components on the PCB circuit board, high and low temperature shock can be carried out independently without affecting other peripheral devices.
Wewon temperature forcing system treat with the test beach of load board, For IC lead frame temperature shock test.

Why Flash Memory Need ATS 710 Temperature Forcing System Test ?

Flash memory is a non-volatile memory that does not require power to maintain data storage. It can be divided into NOR Flash and NAND Flash, the former is used to store code and the latter is used to store data. Applications include automotive electronics, the Internet, storage, DSL cable data machines, digital televisions, camera phones, Bluetooth, GPS, Industrial Electronics … etc.

To ensure that the device can normally achieve robust flash memory read, write operations in extreme and harsh temperatures (for example, oil and gas exploration, heavy industry and aviation), Therefore, the temperature forcing system is needed to carry out high temperature and low temperature cycle tests to verify the reliability.

Testing Method for Flash Memory Using a Temperature Forcing System:

Customers can directly test the operating characteristics of Flash Memory at extreme temperatures. The temperature range of ATS 710 temperature forcing system produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can be up to -80 ℃ ~ 225 ℃, with two kinds of temperature operation modes: Air mode and DUT mode.

Normally, The Flash memory test use DUT mode, that is device under test mode, to measure the temperature cycle. Connect the Flash Memory with the temperature forcing system using T type Thermocouple to control the temperature set by the controller system. If you need more support for technology guidance, Don’t hesitate to inquiry to us ! If you have the interest and want to know more about the temperature forcing system technology, Please check our newest model ATS 710 Thermal Control System and ATS-535 Thermal Control System :

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