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Puncture Resistance Tester For Plastic Films and Sheet Material

The puncture resistance tester from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. uses advanced computer measurement and control technology for control and measurement. The machine adopts high-precision S-shaped force sensor, high-resolution force analysis cont Read More

Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance Test Apparatus

Stress corrosion cracking resistance test is a stress corrosion test for stainless steel, metals and alloys by boiling magnesium chloride test. The corrosion temperature can be controlled at 143°C or 155°C. Test time generally requires hundreds of hour Read More

Dynamic Test of Retention System for Helmet IS 4151 ECE R22.05

Electric motorcycle travel is relatively green and environmentally friendly. However, there is a greater safety hazard without a helmet. A helmet is a device with extraordinary protective capabilities for the head, and is usually used in military trainin Read More

Various Type and Model Test Equipment for Calbe and Wire Test

Wire and cable applications are very extensive, related to all aspects of us, Quality testing is required before wire and cable production goes on the market. It can be put into use only when the values meet the standard requirements. This requires the u Read More

Wire Elongation Tester|Elongation Test Machine for Copper Cable and Wire

The wire elongation tester is used to test the elongation of copper wires, aluminum wires, aluminum magnesium alloy wires, iron wires, and other wires. The circuit for Wewon's elongation test machine is adopted the integrated circuit and process control, which d Read More

FPC Bending Test Machine|MIT Folding Endurance Tester

FPC bend test machines are designed to test the flexural strength and endurance of FCBs. The machine is capable of performing a reciprocating push-pull action with twists and turns, during which it evaluates the FCB's ability to withstand bending and twi Read More

45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester

The 45 degree automatic flammability tester is designed as an integral box, mainly composed of a control system and a combustion chamber. The sample is installed on a sample holder inclined at an angle of 45° in the combustion chamber, the burner is clo Read More

Technical Support Videos For Thermal Stream System

Wewon's thermal stream system suitable for the requirements of the professional electronics market defence, test & measurement, industrial, scientific & medical, environmental test. If you can’t find the prper thermal system you require please Read More

Technical Support Videos For Flammability Chamber

The flammability test chamber from Wewon Tech major direct at V-0, V-1, V-2, HB, 5V grade materials flammability to process grading evaluation, suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage apparatus, household appliance, machine tool electric appliance, Read More

Cord Winding Crack Tester for Wire and Cable Test

The cord winding crack tester is used to determine the bending performance of wires and cables at low temperatures. It is suitable for round wire and cable with outer diameter ≤12.5mm or round insulated core, and flat wire and cable with size ≤20mm or fan-sh Read More

Technical Support Videos For Simulated Transport Vibration Testing Machine

Simulated transport vibration testing machine used for toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products for simulated transport testing. The simulated transport vibration test machine complies with the American and European tra Read More

IP X7 Water Immersion Test Equipment

IP X7 water immersion test equipment is used to test the waterproof rating of the product. IP X7 waterproof rating is a standard used to determine a product's ability to withstand water immersion. The IP X7 water immersion test equipment is specifically Read More

User Manual for Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

This article is about the user manual for cyclic corrosion test chamber. Compared with the traditional salt spray chamber, the cyclic corrosion test chamber can set multiple test data, and set different temperature points and humidity test. The standard salt spr Read More

Connect Your Computer with Ozone Chamber Successfully

This article is about how to connect your computer to the ozone test chamber. First of all, What you need to prepare is an ozone aging chamber, Of course, the control system is u745-th model, A data line successfully connected to a computer. If you are w Read More

Thermal Stream Instrument from WewonTech Has Been Ordered by HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.

4 units thermal stream instrument from WewonTech has been ordered by HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. last week. The thermal stream equipment equip with Ethernet communication port from Wewon will accept the custom design and supply the full-service, This s Read More

Environmental Chambers Testing Standards For Environment and Reliability Test

Environmental chambers testing standards for new design products, small batch production, mass production sampling inspection is very important reference value. Using environmental chambers testing standards and verifying the reliability of products in t Read More

Wet Bulb Gauze Replace Work and Method of Application for Environmental Chamber

Why the environmental chamber need the wet bulb gauze during humidity test ? Why the humidity sensor inside the test room need cover the wet bulb gauze ? Users who have used the environmental test chamber know that when doing humidity test in an environm Read More

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Standard Test Method (STM) for IP X9K Test

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for IP X9K Rain Test Chamber : Before the test, the nozzle parts inside the IP X9K rain test chamber should be swabbed clean, the nozzle aperture is not big, it is a fan structure, if there are residual Read More

Temperature Controlled Chamber with Cooling Rate 7℃/min, Heating Rate 7℃/min

We have a customer from United Arab Emirates bought the temperature controlled chamber from us. The temperature controlled chamber with a custom design. Test run time is 140 minutes with 8 cycles, Temperature range requirement: -40C +150c. Temperature go Read More

Box Compression Tester – Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Box compression tester from Wewon Tech include the load cell and connect with computer directly ! So engineer can program the test work via their computer and check the testing data from computer as well. This is the more user-friendly design, compare wi Read More

Ventilation Aging Tester | Convection and Ventilation Aging Oven

Wewon has shipped 1 unit ventilation aging tester for our Vietnam customer 2 days ago ! If you are looking for a ventilation aging tester from China, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a good supplier and convenient for your inquiry any time ! Bef Read More

Altitude Test Chamber – Altitude Test Chamber Manufacturer from China

Altitude test chamber is mainly used to test the environmental adaptability and reliability of test sample under single or simultaneous action of low pressure, high temperature and altitude. At the same time, the electrical performance parameters of the Read More

Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test Chamber | -70C +150C, 30%~98%

Benchtop temperature humidity test chamber support customer reliability testing with small size and amazing testing performance. When the temperature and humidity rising, when the benchtop environmental chamber working with a mistake, In order to prevent Read More

Water Boiling Test for Insulating Glass Unit | Water Boiling Test Equipment

Water boiling test equipment is suitable for the aging accelerated life time test before the tinning test of the metal terminals of electronic components in the electronic connector, semiconductor IC, transistor, diode, liquid crystal LCD, chip resistanc Read More

MIL STD 810G Sand Dust Test Chamber Manufacturer | Test Method 510.5

MIL STD 810G sand dust test chamber is employed to perform and test all mechanical, optical, electrical, electronic, chemistry and mechanical device devices liked to be exposed to dry processing sand or dry processing dust-laden environment. The MIL STD Read More

Vehicle Automotive Test Chamber – Drive-in Vehicle Test Chamber

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed one unit 6000 litres vehicle automotive test chamber for China local customer. This 6000 litres vehicle automotive test chamber contains a 1200*2500*2000mm (W*D*H) test room which used for the motorcyc Read More

Accelerated Weathering Tester Comply with ASTM D 1148, Benchtop Minitype

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has made one unit accelerated weathering tester which comply with ASTM D 1148 and HG/T 3689-2001 for China local customer. This ASTM D 1148 accelerated weathering tester is minitype which equipped with two pcs 15W U Read More

What is Salt Spray Testing ? Introduction by Wewon Technologies

Salt spray testing is an environmental test which mainly use the artificial simulated salt spray environment conditions created by salt spray chamber to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. Salt spray testing divided into two Read More

Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace for Controlled Atmosphere Heat Treating

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has delivered one unit vacuum atmosphere furnace for controlled atmosphere heat treating for China local customer. The controlled temperature of this vacuum atmosphere furnace for controlled atmosphere heat treating Read More

4050 Liters Laboratory Oven for Drying and High Temperature

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed one unit 4050 liters laboratory oven for drying and high temperature purpose this week. This 4050 liters laboratory oven will be shipped to the Wewon's customer in next few days ! The temperature range Read More

MIL STD 810G Test Standard Purpose Testing Capabilities and Test Method

The MIL STD 810G test method standard for environmental engineering considerations and laboratory tests is a publication of the US Department of Defense with contributions from the US Army, Air Force, and Navy as well as the Institute of Environmental Sc Read More

Temperature Forcing System for Semiconductor IC Testing from Wewon

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed one kind of temperature forcing system successfully this week. The temperature shock range can be -70C +200C. Wewon temperature forcing system broke the monopoly of foreign technology and filled the bl Read More

VOC Emission Test Chamber Shipment Work for European Customer

We have made one unit VOC emission test chamber shipment for our European customer today. Testing room dimensions: 100010001000 mm (WDH), Machine Power Request: AC 380V, 50Hz, Three Phase, Power Consumption: 32A, This Manufactured by We Read More

VOC Test Chamber Packing Solution with High Definition Photographs

The VOC test chamber packing solution with high definition photographs seldom displayed from internet. It's not convenient for a new user to understand how the VOC test chamber packing with safe during the shipment. If you are looking for a VOC test cham Read More

Ventilation Aging Chamber for Cable Wire Test

Ventilation Aging Chamber used for electric wire, leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, and keep fresh air in the test room after heating at specified temperature and time set. Observing the samples tested, the yellowing resistance, opening, shrinkage, elonga Read More

Steam Aging Test Chamber China Manufacturer –

This article is the definition for 3 drawers steam aging test chamber which comes from a China manufacturer. This type steam aging test chamber mainly used for cable wire test, PCB board solderability test, or any other small SMD capacitors etc. We appre Read More

Pressure Cooker Tester – Pressure Cooker Test (PCT)

Pressure cooker tester also named pressure cooker test chamber. Use a pressure cooker tester, You can check your products the performance in storage, transportation and use process when your samples in a high temperature, high humidity and pressure condi Read More

CT-160D Salt Spray Chamber

Here is a CT-160D Salt Spray Chamber we will do the shipment soon. Before packing this salt spray chamber, Let me take some photos and share with you. I hope you like it. The totally lenght 2240 mm, width 1255mm with 1350mm stack height. The Testing Stan Read More

UV340 Calibration Radiometer︱Radiometer Calibration Services

The CR-10 calibration radiometer from Q-LAB corporation has been a popular option among customers due to its good design. Many customers bought the CR-10 calibration radiometer from Q-LAB corporation. I have to say, The CR-10 calibration radiometer desig Read More

2018-09-03 Shipment | UV Test Chamber Shipment for Vietnam Customer

Today, We have finished one UV-600C UV test chamber shipment for our Vietnam customer. The customer use this UV test chamber to test their wood plastic composite products. Customer request the ATLAS UV340 model, 40W, Wavelength ultraviolet light: 280 ~ 4 Read More

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