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45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester

The 45 degree automatic flammability tester is designed as an integral box, mainly composed of a control system and a combustion chamber. The sample is installed on a sample holder inclined at an angle of 45° in the combustion chamber, the burner is close to the sample, and the sample is ignited with flame for a specified time after returning, observe the combustion of the sample Read More

Test Standards for Sand Dust Test Chamber

The sand and dust test chamber is mainly used to simulate the destructiveness of the natural wind and sand climate to the product, and it is suitable for testing the sealing performance of the product shell. The sand dust test chamber has a vertically circulating airflow carrying dust, and the dust used in the test can be recycled. The entire air duct is made of imported high-qua Read More

Cable Flammability Test and Electrical Power Cord Flex Bending Test

All aspects of modern people's life are inseparable from electricity, and wires and cables are used wherever there is electricity. Not only that, but also the mobile phone you use every day. If there is no wire and cable, there will be no mobile phone signal, so how can you make calls. Therefore, wires and cables are distributed in every corner and space of the earth, not to ment Read More

Intake Manifold Leak Testing Machine for Automotive Industry

This week, Wewon Tech has developed an intake manifold leak testing machine to use a 4 bar air pressure to make the water spray on the surface of intake manifold. The air tightness of the intake manifold has been tested to meet the industrial requirements of the automotive industry by a continuous hydrostatic test at 60 PSI. This 60 PSI intake manifold water pressure test system u Read More

Nylon Moisture Absorption Machine

Nylon moisture absorption machine is suitable for nylon products, plastic products, automobile finished or semi-finished products, electronic and electrical devices, plastics, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and other products to do constant temperature and humidity, low temperature and low humidity, high temperature and high humidity, high and low temperature changes, Read More

Accelerated Weathering Test Standards for Plastics, Textiles, Automotive, Military and Coatings Paints Varnishes

Long-term outdoor sunlight exposure, high temperature and humidity are the main causes of coating cracking, loss of gloss, fading, yellowing and chalking. The weather resistance of the coating is related to the spectral sensitivity of the coating components. For outdoor paints, UV rays are the main cause of paint aging. The UV accelerated aging test can simulate the damage of the Read More

Technical Support Videos For Thermal Stream System

Wewon's thermal stream system suitable for the requirements of the professional electronics market defence, test & measurement, industrial, scientific & medical, environmental test. If you can’t find the prper thermal system you require please contact us for further information on our extensive range of off-the-shelf and bespoke products or for a quote. Transition Rates: -55°C Read More

Technical Support Videos For Flammability Chamber

The flammability test chamber from Wewon Tech major direct at V-0, V-1, V-2, HB, 5V grade materials flammability to process grading evaluation, suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage apparatus, household appliance, machine tool electric appliance, dynamo, electric tool, electronic instrument, electrotechnical instrument, electrical connector and accessory to research, produc Read More

Cord Winding Crack Tester for Wire and Cable Test

The cord winding crack tester is used to determine the bending performance of wires and cables at low temperatures. It is suitable for round wire and cable with outer diameter ≤12.5mm or round insulated core, and flat wire and cable with size ≤20mm or fan-shaped insulated core that cannot be made into dumbbells. The machine is an indispensable instrument in the wire and cable Read More

Technical Support Videos For Simulated Transport Vibration Testing Machine

Simulated transport vibration testing machine used for toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products for simulated transport testing. The simulated transport vibration test machine complies with the American and European transport standards and the international transport standards of EN, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA. The simulated transportation vibration ta Read More

Different Plugs and Power Voltage for Environmental Chambers

There has different plugs and power voltage all over the world. Right ? When you bought an environmental chamber from China, You need to remind the China environmental chambers manufacturer to prepare the suitable power plugs and correct power voltage for the machine which you have ordered. Otherwise, The machine can not be used in your local place, especially if your local voltag Read More

Technical Support for TH-1000L-0321 and TH-0800L-0312 Environmental Chambers

We have the customer from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ordered the TH-1000L-0321 and TH-0800L-0312 environmental chambers from us. Temperature range for both 800 liters and 1000 liters environmental chambers are: -40℃ ~ +100℃. Test Room Dimensions 1000 x 800 x 1000mm (W x D x H) for TH-0800L-0312 environmental chambers and Test Room Dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm (W x D x Read More

Why You Need Wewon Tech’s Logistics Service ?

I am totally understand that a lot of customers are trying to find cheaper test equipment by Inernet, But they're missing a very important issue: delivery the equipment after purchased. As a buyer, You are confident that the delivery of goods is simple and you are fully capable of safely delivering the equipment to your company's designated warehouse or location. But, in fact, You Read More

IP X7 Water Immersion Test Equipment

IP X7 water immersion test equipment is used to test the IPX7 waterproof rating of the product. The test samples include electronic components, outdoor lamps, mobile phone cases, auto parts, etc. The IP X7 and IP X8 water immersion test equipment adopts box structure, no site restrictions, 304# stainless steel material, strong and durable. The technical parameters of IP X7 water i Read More

User Manual for Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

This article is about the user manual for cyclic corrosion test chamber. Compared with the traditional salt spray chamber, the cyclic corrosion test chamber can set multiple test data, and set different temperature points and humidity test. The standard salt spray chamber can complete NSS neutral salt mist test, ASS acetate mist test, CASS copper accelerated acetate mist test, whi Read More

Connect Your Computer with Ozone Chamber Successfully

This article is about how to connect your computer to the ozone test chamber. First of all, What you need to prepare is an ozone aging chamber, Of course, the control system is u745-th model, A data line successfully connected to a computer. If you are watching carefully the following video files, You'll find it easier to install software on your computer and connect your computer Read More

Tumbling Barrel Test Machine for Suitcase and Bags Performance Test

Tumbling barrel test machine is designed and manufactured according to ISTA and GB test standards. The simulation test is carried out to simulate the roll and impact of travel cases and other packing cases during transportation. The suitcase and bags rolls and impacts in the drum. After the specified number of revolutions is completed, Check the damaged condition of the case as th Read More

Components Introduction of Vibration Testing System

Brief introduction of working principle of class D power amplifier: Class D power amplifier adopts bilateral modulation technology. A stable high-frequency triangular wave is compared with another error signal after being amplified and amplified by the system feedback signal through an error amplifier to generate a pulse width modulated logic signal, which is then The driver drive Read More

Preparation for Start-up of Vibration Testing System

Thank you order the EV203H electrodynamic vibration testing system from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. In order to protect your rights and interests and ensure that you should enjoy the after-sales service, Please read this article carefully when using the EV203H vibration testing system. To avoid unnecessary human errors caused by future maintenance inconvenience, Please Read More

Power-on Operation Steps and Shutdown Operation Steps

Power-on operation steps and shutdown operation steps are necessary training course for EV203H electrodynamic vibration testing system. After receiving the vibration shaker, the user does not carefully read the operation instructions of starting and shutting down, which is easy to damage the operation of the machine. Due to the abnormal operation or illegal shutdown of the switch Read More

Fault Phenomenon and Troubleshooting for Temperature Humidity Test Chamber and Vibration Testing System

This is the training course about the fault phenomenon and troubleshooting for temperature humidity test chamber and vibration testing system|In any system, multi-point grounding will cause a ground loop between the loops. The electromagnetic field output from the power amplifier generates voltage in these loops, which forms ripple noise, and this noise is superimposed on the si Read More

Technical Parameters of EV203H Vibration Testing System

Read this article you may easier to understand the technical parameters of EV203H vibration testing system. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us. The maximum value of each vibration parameter is not achievable in the entire frequency range, and it is impossible to obtain the rated values of all vibration parameters at a certain point or frequency band at the s Read More

Electrodynamic Vibration Testing System Final Testing Report

This is an article about EV203H electrodynamic vibration testing system's testing report. The ambient temperature tested by the machine is 26.5 degrees Celsius and the humidity condition is 50%. Electrodynamic vibration testing system model: EV203H0404-2, Equipment's Serial Numaber: WEW-L1910146. Vibration test system performance testing according to JJG948 1998: Digital electrody Read More

Maintenance Methods for EV203H Vibration Testing System

This is an article about maintenance methods for EV203H vibration testing system. Generally speaking, Stability and reliability are guaranteed by design. Only a few maintenance operations on the system can ensure a long life of the system without problems. The standard configuration of the system is usually composed of a power amplifier, vibration table and a cooling fan, and also Read More

Technical Terms for EV203H Vibration Testing System

EV203H vibration testing system is the shaker system for WEW-AG-002 agree chamber, It is based on the principle that the current-carrying conductor moves under the force of the magnetic field. The main features for : double magnetic circuit field magnetic structure, new technology voice coil, voice coil support system using cantilever bracket and air spring support. The high-effic Read More

Safety Instructions for Temperature Humidity Test Chamber and Vibration Testing System

This is an article about the safety instructions for temperature humidity test chamber and vibration testing system. When you unpack the machine, You work with your technician, Trying to connect the temperature humidity test chamber & vibration testing system to the local power supply, You need to be very careful with the high voltage. To protect your safety during the installatio Read More

Cyclic Corrosion Test and Traditional Salt Spray Test

The cyclic corrosion test chamber is a professional facility for corrosion resistance testing. But do you know the production process for the cyclic corrosion test chamber ? I took some pictures about drilling the machine. Through these holes, We can install the controller, pressure gauge, and power indicator, over temperature signal, etc. In addition to take some photos, I also t Read More

Challenge the No 1 of Salt Spray Test

If you are making the salt spray test with +80 ℃ or +85 ℃, What you should do ? Because all the salt spray test chambers factories only promise the temperature range for their salt fog chambers is +20 °C ~ +55 °C. This is a fact and cannot be changed. Because the test container material from salt spray chambers manufacturers are corrosion resistant PVC plate. This material h Read More

Abrasion Tester for Rubber Wheels and Plastics Test | Abrasion Test Machine

This abrasion tester is suitable for friction life test of all kinds of product surface and printing surface. Abrasion tester for rubber adjustment is very easy, can show the test speed, and set the number of tests. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for the abrasion test of all kinds of non-conductor coating film layer. The alcohol eraser abrasion tester ca Read More

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester For Surface Coating Specimens Conform ASTM F2357-04

The abrasion wear tester is mainly used for testing the surface paint film, ink, electroplating coating and wear resistance of mobile phone, laptop computer, silicone, rubber plastic, hardware and other shell products. Paper tape wear tester in accordance with ASTM F2357-04 test standard. The RCA tape abrasion tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of coating on th Read More

Key Life Tester – Keyboard Key Life Tester

Key life tester is used to test the damage of the key after repeatedly pressing for a certain number of days in the working condition, so as to judge the key life. To help customers better understand their products and continuously improve product quality, the key button life-time testing machine has four small counters, respectively, can be tested and recorded the current test va Read More

Bursting Strength Tester for Cardboard and Paper Testing

Bursting strength tester for cardboard and paper testing is applied to the paper making and carton manufacturer in various countries. Rupture strength tester is the gear to gauge that quality. Bursting strength testers for cardboard & paper testing assesses that at what estimation of weight in kg/cm², the test gets break and burst out. Test methods for bursting strength testing i Read More

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer for Adults or Kids

Infrared non contact thermometer will play a very important role in the global control of COVID-19 infectious virus. Use the non contact thermometer, You can quickly probe potential carriers of COVID-19 in less than a second. This will greatly provide the work efficiency, the maximum extent of suppression of the virus spread over a large area. If you need the infrared thermometer Read More

Pendulum Impact Tester for Plastics According to ISO 179-2

Pendulum impact tester is used for testing impact toughness of plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, plastic electrical appliances, insulating materials and other non-metallic materials. Charpy and izod impact tester is a simple structure, easy to operate, high test accuracy of the instrument. Digital izod charpy impact tester is scienti Read More

Thermal Stream Instrument from WewonTech Has Been Ordered by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

4 units thermal stream instrument from WewonTech has been ordered by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. last week. The thermal stream equipment equip with Ethernet communication port from Wewon will accept the custom design and supply the full-service, This should be the mainly reason why Huawei Technologies Co., Limited. choose the WewonTech thermal stream instrument - thermal stream Read More

Drop Weight Tear Tester Technical Parameters DWTT ASTM E436

Drop weight tear tester will comply with ASTM E208 impact fracture test and ASTM E436 for tear test of ferrite steel. According to the experimental requirements and parameters provided by the user, the design scheme of the drop weight tear tester can be determined through technical exchange and discussion between the supplier and vendor. The technical engineer from Wewon Environme Read More

Environmental Chambers Testing Standards For Environment and Reliability Test

Environmental chambers testing standards for new design products, small batch production, mass production sampling inspection is very important reference value. Using environmental chambers testing standards and verifying the reliability of products in the stage of trial production and random inspection in mass production will help enterprises to save research and development cost Read More

Wet Bulb Gauze Replace Work and Method of Application for Environmental Chamber

Why the environmental chamber need the wet bulb gauze during humidity test ? Why the humidity sensor inside the test room need cover the wet bulb gauze ? Users who have used the environmental test chamber know that when doing humidity test in an environmental chamber, We need to use the wet bulb gauze to cover the humidity sensor. Some users are curious and don't want to use the w Read More

Muddy Water Test Equipment for Automobile Motors, Car Headlights

The muddy water test equipment mainly used to simulate and monitor work performance of the automobile motors, car headlights frequently or intermittent work with muddy water conditions. Muddy water test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. include the testing room, muddy water recycle system, muddy water churn-dasher, air flow system, control system and refrigeratio Read More

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Standard Test Method (STM) for IP X9K Test

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for IP X9K Rain Test Chamber : Before the test, the nozzle parts inside the IP X9K rain test chamber should be swabbed clean, the nozzle aperture is not big, it is a fan structure, if there are residual objects, will affect the spray effect. In the fixed test sample can be realized through the fixed hole of the sample plate, the sample pl Read More

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