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Many customers want buy ATLAS UV lamp test chamber, Q-LAB UV test chamber, But they have limited budget. If you can give us a chance to work together, We will return you a surprise and over your expection.   Becuase we equip our UV test chambers with ATLAS UV lamps. In another words, We use the same UV lamps like ATLAS Accelerated Weathering Test Instruments. I have taken some photos when t Read More

CT-160D Salt Spray Chamber

Here is a CT-160D Salt Spray Chamber we will do the shipment soon. Before packing this salt spray chamber, Let me take some photos and share with you. I hope you like it. The totally lenght 2240 mm, width 1255mm with 1350mm stack height. The Testing Standard According with GB/T2423.17|10125-1997, GB10587 |6460 |1771, ASTM-B117, GJB150, DIN50021-75, ISO3768 |3769 |3770   Salt Spray Cha Read More

Resistance to UV Rays Standard HD 605 S2-2008

Resistance to UV Rays HD 605 S2-2008 , Test principle and definition of the light source: This test is based on the prolonged exposure of the flat surface of the outer side of the cable test specimens to ultra-violet rays.   The light source used should be such that in a dry atmosphere (relative humidity below 30 %) the exposed surfaces of the two flat surfaces of the test specime Read More

IP X7 X8 Pressurized Immersion Test, Simulate 30 Meters Water Pressure

IP X7 X8 Pressurized Immersion Test, Through the air compressor to simulate the water tank 30 m water pressure; (according to the requirements of different water depth) The purpose of IP X7 X8 Pressurized Immersion Test: This IP X7 X8 pressurized immersion tank is suitable for testing electrical products, shells and sealed in the rain environment can guarantee the equipment and components of good Read More

A Proposal to Help You Remove the Hot Air from Your Laboratory

In China, Most of the home kitchen, There has a kitchen ventilator, The mainly purpose is, remove the lampblack and hot air from kitchen and push it outside.   In fact, There has a same application for industrial oven and rapidly temperature change environmetal chambers, such as termal shock test chamber. We will make a metal cover and connect with the fans which equipped with our testing Read More

Камера термоудара 80 л -80°C..+200 °C TST-080-B

Мы отправляем камеру термоудара вчера для нашего местного клиента. Диапазон значений температур в рабочей корзине: -80 ° C .. + 200 ° C; Внутреннийполезныйобъем: 80 л; модель: TST-080-B, kамера термоудара   Назначение об kамера Read More

15 CBM Walk-In Test Chamber Installed in a New Energy Car Plant

The walk-in test chamber for a new energy parts testing is the good way for quality and performance guarantee. We are a walk-in chamber manufacturer made a 15 CBM walk-in test chamber and installed in a new energy car plant.   A few weeks ago, We have a customer they are a new energy car factory, They buy one 15 cbm size walk in chamber from us for their car parts testing work.   To Read More

Testing Hole for Environmental Chamber

We can make the testing hole diameter 50mm, 100mm, 150mm or any custom size based on customer requirement. This is really important if some one need the power-on test inside the testing room for samples.   I also taken some short movies as below youtube movie mentioned to let you understand how we manufacture the testing hole for temperature humidity test chambers. It's easier way to make t Read More

Keystroke Life Tester

Keystroke Life Tester, The three axis (XYZ) servo-control automatic key loading-curve tester which we simply named keystroke life tester used for various of tensile pressure test. It can set the coordinates, the machine automatically displacement test, and record the test value. Use the Windows Chinese Windows menu. All data can be stored (test conditions, load - stroke curve, life curve, inspecti Read More

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