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Wewon has shipped 1 unit ventilation aging tester for our Vietnam customer 2 days ago ! If you are looking for a ventilation aging tester from China, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a good supplier and convenient for your inquiry any time ! Before the shipping work, The Wewon sales dept engineers taken some photos as below mentioned. In case we got any inquiry from customer for convection and ventilation aging oven, We will prepare the related solution as the below ventilation aging tester photo mentioned. If you prefer to have a more details communication, Please inquiry to us !

Ventilation aging tester is used to test the material characteristic for wire type, skin type, plastic, rubber, cloth, Equiped with a special ventilation regulator for maintain the fresh air inside when heating. UL ventilation aging testing machine design with sophisticated air-displacement adjustment device and a digital voltage meter, current meter, watt-hours, the timer can be used to measure the air replacement rate. Horizontal circulatory air supply system and both sides of airflow regulator to ensure the internal temperature uniformity and stability.

ventilation aging tester
Equipment ModelWEW-UL-100LWEW-UL-150LWEW-UL-200L
Testing Volume100 Liters150 Liters200 Liters
Interior DimensionsW500×D450×H500mmW500×D500×H600mmW600×D550×H600mm
External DimensionW1050×D650×H1280mmW1050×D700×H350mmW1150×D750×H1350mm
Temperature Range+10℃~200℃ | 300℃
Heating Timeto 300℃ for about 40min
Temperature Accuracy±0.5 ℃
Temperature Tolerance±2.5 ℃
Temperature Resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature ControlLED display, PID automatically calculation Micro-procesa temperature controller
Cycle WayMulti-wing centrifugal circulating fan forced ventilation
Ventilation5~300 times/hr adjustable (Measured at 80℃)
Test FrameRotating at 10rpm double layers test frame
InsulationVentilation aging tester insdie will use 100 mm thickness high density rockwool
Material DescriptionInner with SUS304 Stainless Steel, Outer use steel Plate Power Coating, Refer the Photos Mentioned.
Power SupplyAC220V, 230V, 30A, 50Hz, 60Hz

The ventilation aging tester used to study the rubber that is heated under the rotary mode in a fixed period. Tested 1 day at 70 °C, theoretically equivalent to 6 months exposed to the outside atmosphere. The UL air ventilation climatic test chamber is equipped with motor driven rotary disk, hotair circulation system that ensure uniform distribution of temperature.

The tensile strength elongation and hardness of dumbbell specimens before / after aging can be compared .This ventilation aging tester uses hot-air-circulation to make specimens aging. Its interior is sealed well and it is equipped with the induced draft device and auto shut-off protection if over-heated. Inner air is changeable, Also convection and ventilation aging oven tester can be used as a drying oven by introducing web-frame.

Ventilation aging tester also named forced air-circulating oven, For many manufacturers who do cable testing, How to adjust the 100 ~ 200 air cycles per hour on our forced air-circulating oven is the very important issue. In another words, The cable manufacturer don’t know how to do ventilation volume adjust when they use the forced air-circulating oven to make the cable test. In fact, There is a conversion formula for the ventilation volume.

Further morem, If customer ordered the forced air circulating oven from our manufacturer, When the machine is ready for shipment, We will provide customer with a calibration certificate for the temperature and ventilation volume in the test room to meet their testing requirements. The attachment is an example.

The Features of Ventilation Aging Tester | Convection and Ventilation Aging Oven from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.
The ventilation aging tester from Wewon comply with the test standard for ASTM D5423-9(R2005)(Ⅱ-Type oven)and ASTMD 5374-93(2005) UL-1581
Apply to test the material aging in rubber , plastics, artificial leather and other chemical optimization.
Adopt high precision micro-computer and PID Auto-heating system, high accuracy of temperature control.
Adopted multi-blade centrifugal fan and the ventilation aging tester has forced air supply can ensure the internal temperature stable and even.
Hanger and Interlayer can free disassembly, the hanger rotating speed is 10 r/m.
Adopted the convenient air regulating system, UL ventilation aging testing machine easy to adjust the fresh air. Good uniformity of temperature.
Convection and ventilation aging oven tester provide bright and broad observation window, convenient to observe the experiment.
Internal material is high imported SUS304 mirror Stainless steel or 304B TIG, outside is A3 Steel spray, it improves the texture and appearance of cleanliness.
ISO 4577-1999 Plastics polypropylene and propylene polymers determination of thermal oxidation stability in air: Aging Tester Method
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UL 1581-2009 Wires and Cables and Cords
JIS A 5756-1997 Construction cushions and building structural gaskets. Preformed solid vulcanizates for window glass installation and panel sealing
JIS C 3005-2000 Test methods for rubber or plastic insulated wires and cables
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JIS K 6301-1995 Physical Test Method for Sulfur Rubber
JIS K 6723-2006 Plasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds
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GB/T 3512-2001 Vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber hot air accelerated aging and heat resistance test
JB/T 7444-1994 Air Thermal Aging Test Chamber
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