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How to Enjoy the Chinese Tea ?

In a busy life, A cup of fragrant Chinese tea is not only a taste enjoyment, But also a journey of tranquility for the soul. Why should we choose Chinese tea? First of all, China has a wide variety of teas with rich varieties. From refreshing green tea t Read More

Environmental Chambers – Create Optimal Testing Environments

An environmental chamber, also known as a climatic chamber, is a piece of equipment used to test the effects of different environmental conditions on various materials and components. These chambers can simulate different environments, such as temperatur Read More

Temperature Humidity Chamber

A temperature humidity chamber is a specially designed piece of equipment that allows for the precise control and manipulation of temperature and humidity levels within an enclosed space. These chambers are commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuti Read More

Wewon Climatic Chambers

We take pride in offering top-notch climatic chambers that are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Wewon climatic chambers are precision-engineered to simulate and control a wide range of environmental conditions, enabling accurate Read More

2017-05-24 Shipment | 408 liters Environmental Test Chamber for Italy Customer

On the 24th of May, 2017, an environmental test chamber with a capacity of 408 liters was shipped to a customer in Italy. This environmental test chamber is designed to provide a controlled environment for testing various products and materials, includin Read More

2018-05-04 Shipment | IP X3 X4 Rain Spray Test Chamber

Today we are doing a sea shipment for a rain spray test chamber. This is a rain spray test chamber for Vietnam customer for LED lamps testing work. The local voltage request is 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase. Max power for this rain spray test chamber is 1.8kW Read More

Ball Pressure Test Apparatus for Wire and Cable Specimen, Plug and Sockets

Ensuring the highest quality of your wire and cable specimen is imperative in staying competitive in the industry. With our comprehensive ball pressure test conducted in our state-of-the-art hot temperature chambers, You can be confident that your produc Read More

Impact Test Apparatus In Low Temperature Test Chamber

The impact test apparatus should be used in conjunction with the low-temperature box, and the fixture should be placed on a sponge rubber pad with a thickness of about 40mm. It should be placed in a suitable low-temperature box before and during the test Read More

Bending and Winding Test with Low Temperature For Flexible Cords and Cables

Bending and winding tests are used to check the resistance durability of flexible cords and cables. Learn more about the process with this guide! Get the low-down on Low Temperature Winding Test Device - learn how it works, why it matters and get tips to Read More

A Guide to Test of DC Resistance of Conductors

Knowing the DC resistance of conductors is an important part of any electrical circuit design. Luckily, testing this parameter is fairly straightforward and can be done accurately using a range of techniques. In this guide, we’ll cover the best practic Read More

Tips for Maximizing Results in the Firmness Test for Bolts

Learn the secrets to passing your firmness test for bolts with ease! Maximize your results by learning our tried and tested tips. For anyone performing a firmness test for bolts, ensuring the accuracy of results can be challenging. To make sure you get p Read More

Find the Right Pull-Out Force Test Machine For Your Sockets

Are you looking for the right pull-out force test machine for your sockets? This guide answers your questions and offers tips on how to find the best solution. The pull-out force test for sockets is an important diagnostic tool to assess the strength and Read More

User’s Guidance and Features of Wewon’s Torque Test Machine

A torque test machine is used to accurately measure the amount of force applied. In this beginners' guide, we'll cover key concepts and usage tips for analyzing torque performance. A torque test apparatus is an essential tool for measuring the amount of Read More

Finding the Right Button Life Testing Machine For Your Needs

Looking for the convenient button life testing machine to meet your needs? Learn all you need to know with this ultimate guide! Are you in the market for a button life testing machine? This article will help you find the right machine to meet your needs, Read More

Ultimate Guide to the Load-Displacement Curve Test For Buttons and Switches

Get to know the load-displacement curve test for buttons and switches with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to make sure your products pass the industry standards? Understanding load-displacement curves is essential to tensile testing and knowing how Read More

5 Key Features to Look for When Shopping for a 90 Degree Peel Test Machine

Make sure you're getting exactly what you're looking for by learning about the five main features of a good 90 degree peel test machine. Find out more here! When looking for a 90 degree peel test machine, there are five key features you want to look for. Read More

Climatic Chamber with CO2 Control for Building Material Carbonation Test

A climatic chamber with CO2 control is designed to provide precise environmental control of temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. The CO2 control allows researchers to simulate the effects of atmospheric changes, such as global warming, on plant and ani Read More

Fiberglass Cooling Tower FRP Cooling Tower

We know that the thermal shock test chamber is divided into two types for cooling, They are air cooling way and water cooling way, and the water cooling type needs to be used with a water tower to assist its cooling. Some customers are more concerned abo Read More

Limiting Oxygen Index Tester|LOI Tester ISO 4589-2 ASTM D2863 NES 714

Limiting oxygen index tester is a new equpiment developed according to the technical requirements stipulated in the national standard of ISO 4589 "Textiles -- Burning Behaviour -- Oxygen Index Method" and GB/T2406-1993 "Plastics -- Determination of Flammability Read More

Cables and Wires Flame Resistance Test UL 1581 UL 2556 UL 1685

In the U.S. market, the flammability of UL1581 is probably the most widely used standard for evaluating the flammability of wires and cables. It is used to evaluate the extinguishing ability of the cable after being ignited, and is generally divided into Read More

Battery Testing Equipment for Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries Testing

In order to ensure the safety of air transportation and meet the transportation needs of customers for goods containing lithium batteries, According to the relevant provisions of the IATA “Dangerous Goods Regulations”, The rechargeable lithium batter Read More

Shock Test, Compression Test and Vibration Test Equipment for ISTA 6-SAMSCLUB

ISTA 6-SAMSCLUB are the test of packaged products ready to be shipped to US destinations through the SAM distribution system. In this system, packaged products are typically shipped from the manufacturer or producer through one or more Distribution Cente Read More

VOC Online Monitoring System for Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs Analysis

Volatile Organic Compounds, referred to as "VOC" is an important reason that affects the air quality in the car. VOCs mainly include alkanes, olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes or ketones and other substances, with a special pungent odor, and some of them have been classified as carcinogens, such as vinyl chloride, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., and some V Read More

Laboratory Incubator|Laboratory Incubator Price and Manufacturer

A laboratory incubator is a warm isolator used to grow and maintain microorganisms or cell cultures. It can well control the temperature, humidity and gas content in the test room. Laboratory incubators are the instruments required in laboratories to control cell culture and tissue culture performance. It protects the tested cells from changes in temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2, Read More

IP5X IP6X Blowing Dust Sand Test Chambers

The IP5X IP6X blowing dust sand test chambers simulates a sandstorm, dust and other climatic environments, and conducts an inspection test on the products that need to test the dustproof and sealing of the IP shell. A IP5X IP6X blowing dust and sand test chamber Read More

23 Liters Benchtop Environmental Chamber, Manufacturer, Price

Wewon has produced one piece 23 liters benchtop environmental chamber which is a desktop mini-type equipment in this week. Its test room size: 300*250*300 mm (W*D*H) Furthermore, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can customize the production test room for d Read More

Technical Support Videos For Sand Dust Test Chamber

The sand and dust test chamber is designed to provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test tests for scientific research, product development and quality inspection. It is be used to evaluate and determine the enclosure and sealing Read More

MIL-STD-202-203 Test Method 203, Random Drop Machine

MIL-STD-202 is a test method and test standard for electronic and electrical components developed by the Columbus National Defense Center in the United States. MIL-STD-202-203 Test Method 203, Random drop test standard is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. This entire standard has been revised. This revision (MIL-STD-202H) has resulted i Read More

MIL-STD-810H 500.6 Low Pressure Altitude Test Machine

MIL-STD-810H 500.6 low pressure altitude test is a test that puts the test sample into the test room, then reduces the air pressure in the test area to the value specified by the relevant standard and maintains the specified duration of the test. Its pur Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 505.7 – Solar Radiation Sunshine Machine

MIL STD 810H test method 505.7-The thermal effect of solar radiation (sunshine) can cause thermal aging, oxidation, cracks, chemical reactions, softening, melting, sublimation, viscosity reduction, evaporation and expansion of electronic and electrical p Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 509.7 – Salt Fog Test Equipment

MIL STD 810H 509.7 salt spray test standard is a clear and specific stipulation for the salt spray test conditions, such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and pH value, etc., and also puts forward technical requirements for Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 506.6 – Rain Test Equipment

The purpose of MIL STD 810H test method 506.6 can evaluate materials that may be exposed to rain, water mist or water droplets during storage, transportation or operation. This method does not include standardized test procedures for rain erosion, becaus Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 510.7 – Sand and Dust Test Equipment

The purpose of the MIL STD 810H Test Method 510.7 sand and dust test is to evaluate the equipment’s resistance to dust that may block openings, seep into cracks, bearings and streets, and also to evaluate the working efficiency of the filter device. Ho Read More

Cell Ageing Oven IEC 60216-4-3 IEC 60811-401 ISO 188 DIN 53508

Welcome to inquiry the multi cell ageing oven, We are the right manufacturer for you. The cell ageing oven is used to determine the performance changes of pvc and rubber materials at a specific temperature and time. In the oven, a single sample is aged in a separate air bath and prevents any contamination from adjacent samples by migrating volatile products found in many rubber an Read More

Dragon Boat Festival, Making Rice Dumplings

The Dragon Boat Festival is our Chinese important traditional festival. In order to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival and promote traditional Chinese culture, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. organized their employees to carry out a h Read More

Benchtop Thermal Forcing System for Semiconductor PCB Reliability Test

If you are looking for the semiconductor and printed circuit board reliability test solution for quality confirm purpose in most extreme temperature conditions, The benchtop therml forcing system from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will give you Read More

Condensation Chamber for Condensation Water Test|ISO 6270-1|ASTM D4585

The condensation chamber designed and manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. comply with ISO 6270-1: 2017, ASTM D4585 and BS 3900-F9 test standards. The machine will be used to evaluate the moisture resistance of the coating system and its simila Read More

Wewon’s Power Transformer Design and Product Characteristics

Wewon’s power transformers are widely used in placement machines, processing centers, injection molding machines, printing machines, precision machine tools, and other imported equipment, motors, assembly lines, test/aging racks, and machinery, electro Read More

0.45 MPa Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber Technical Parameters

The Wewon's 0.45 MPa highly accelerated stress test chamber is used for reliability testing of products under very severe temperature, humidity and pressure conditions. For example, moisture absorption of circuit board materials, semiconductor packaging performa Read More

0.45 MPa Pressure Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed the 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chamber for IC chips, 5G and semiconductors customers. So far, The Chinese suppliers can produce up to 0.20 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress t Read More

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