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Rain Spray Test Apparatus Waterproof Rain Test Apparatus UL 50E UL 1598

Rain spray test apparatus is mainly suitable for waterproof performance test and UL waterproof level test of communication equipment, auto parts, outdoor lamps, auto lamps, household appliances, electric cabinet power supplies, outdoor lighting and signal devices. The sample or equipment to be tested may be affected by water intrusion during transportation or use. It is very wise Read More

Test Standards for Types of Electrical Wires and Cables

In the International Standard Classification, Wire and cable testing involves insulation materials, fire protection, components and accessories for telecommunication equipment, wires and cables, and optical fiber communications. In the Chinese standard classification, wire and cable testing involves electrical insulating materials and their products, cables and their accessories, Read More

Solar Simulation Chamber → Metal Halide Lamp Test Chamber → DIN 75 220

Wewon Tech has developed solar simulation chambers for automobile components customers according to DIN 75 220 test standard. The design of solar simulation chambers from Wewon Tech meets the specific requirements of DIN 75 220 Table 1 for the irradiance spectrum. According to the requirements of the test standard, a sunlight simulation system must be installed to simulate the lig Read More

Making Rice Dumplings for Employees During Dragon Boat Festival

On the morning of June 2, colleagues from the business department, finance department, and marketing department of Weihuang Technology worked together, and everyone gathered together to make rice dumplings for all employees in the canteen of Weihuang Technology, distribute salted duck eggs, Yantai apples, and pass the festival warmth. In order to successfully wrap the dumplings, t Read More

Dry Storage Cabinet Moisture-Proof Cabinet

The electronic dry storage cabinet absorbs the moisture in the moisture-proof cabinet through electronic physical action, adopts the method of adsorption intermittent continuous dehumidification, uses shape memory alloy springs and capacitive polymer sensors. The electronic moisture-proof dry cabinet is a control structure that integrates sensors, drives and actuators. Using the c Read More

Oil-Free Air Compressor Noiseless 65 Liters 8 Bar 140L/min 1700W

At the heart of an oil-free air compressor is a superior secondary compressor. The rotor is finished in twenty steps, resulting in unparalleled accuracy and durability of the rotor profile. High-quality bearings and precision gears are installed inside to ensure the coaxiality of the rotor, so that the rotor can be matched accurately, so as to maintain long-term efficient and reli Read More

Cable Fire Test Equipment EN 50265 IEC 60695 60332

The EN 50265 cable fire test equipment is suitable for testing the vertical burning non-spread performance of single plastic wire, control wire, elevator, marine and mining cables. The EN 50265 cable fire test equipment from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can also do the vertical combustion test of self-extinguishing low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin insula Read More

Reliability Abuse Testing Machine for Electric And Hybrid Electric Vehicle Rechargeable Energy

Governments around the world continue to make regulations that require automakers to improve the average level of fuel economy, So automakers turn to gas-electric hybrid vehicles. In 2015, China's sales of new battery electric vehicles accounted for nearly one-third of the global total, and it is expected that 5 million zero-emission vehicles will be on the road by 2020. Germany a Read More

Touch Screen Test System For Infotainment Systems, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops

The Wewon's self-developed and manufactured touch screen test system is a set of precision machinery, automatic control scribing in one of the high-tech products. The Wewon's touch screen testing system is mainly a automatic touch performance test and calibration of drawing frames, clicks, and friction on the infotainment systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, Read More

IP5X IP6X Blowing Dust Sand Test Chambers

The IP5X IP6X blowing dust sand test chambers simulates a sandstorm, dust and other climatic environments, and conducts an inspection test on the products that need to test the dustproof and sealing of the IP shell. A IP5X IP6X blowing dust and sand test chamber generally has two dustproof grades, which are IP6X and IP5X. Among them, IPX5 refers to the dustproof level of the produ Read More

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector|Ultrasonic Flaw Testing Equipment

The ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industrial non-destructive testing instrument that can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (cracks, inclusions, pores, etc.) inside the workpiece quickly, conveniently, without damage, and accurately. It can be used both in the laboratory and on the engineering site. The portable ultrasonic flaw test machine from Wewon E Read More

Thermal Cycling Chamber – Ramp Rate 20℃/min – 1500 Liters

This week, We have developed 1 piece 1500 liters rapid-rate thermal cycling chamber for our engineering mechanics research institute customer. This thermal cycling chamber equip with a 50 ton water cooling tower system. Different from other Chinese thermal cycling chambers manufacturers, The technician from Wewon Tech has considered the heat load of the test samples. During the sa Read More

Footwear Testing Equipment Leather Test Equipment

Wewon Tech has various type of footwear and leather test equipment, such as leather cracking tester, De Mattia flex cracking, low temperature DeMattia flexing fatigue tester, leather rubbing color fastness tester and other precision textile testing equipment. The footwear testing equipment and leather test equipment supplied by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. are suitable Read More

DeMattia Flex Cracking Tester for Rubber Samples Test

De Mattia flex cracking tester manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is mainly used to determine the fatigue resistance of vulcanized rubber after repeated expansion and contraction under high and low temperature conditions. After the test samples are exposed to different temperature environments for a certain period of time in the test, compare the differences b Read More

IEC 60227-2 Flexing Test Machine|Bending Test Machine

Flexible cables testing equipment can meet the different requirements of dynamic bending and bending test for flexible wires and cables made by wire and cable manufacturers and inspection departments. Flexible cables testing equipment from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can choose a variety of test loads and comply with test standard such as IEC 227-2 IEC 245-2 UL1581 VDE0 Read More

Miniature Spectrometer for UVA 340 and UVB 313 Lamps Irradiance Calibration

Buy a miniature spectrometer for UVA 340 and UVB 313 lamps' calibration by yourself is a good idea. However, the real situation is that there has 80% possibility that you will buy an irresponsible miniature fiber optic spectrometer from the different miniature spectrometers suppliers. There are various different brands of miniature spectrometer system manufacturers and suppliers o Read More

Accelerated Carbonation Chamber for Concrete Test ISO 1920-12:2015

Accelerated carbonation chamber from Wewon Tech was carried out as per ISO 1920–12: 2015 -Part 12 (ISO, 2015). It is used to determine the degree of carbonization of concrete specimens in a certain concentration of carbon dioxide gas medium. Users can evaluate the corrosion resistance of reinforced concrete according to different ranges of test results. The accelerated carbonati Read More

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Wire and Cable Tensile Test

The space of a horizontal tensile testing machine is something that a vertical tensile testing machine cannot do. Because the horizontal tensile strength testing machine increases the stretching space compared to the vertical stretching design. The horizontal tensile test machine can be increased to more than 20 meters, which is not possible in a vertical test. The machine meets t Read More

23 Liters Benchtop Environmental Chamber, Manufacturer, Price

Wewon has produced one piece 23 liters benchtop environmental chamber which is a desktop mini-type equipment in this week. Its test room size: 300*250*300 mm (W*D*H) Furthermore, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can customize the production test room for different customers with a size of 300*300*300 mm (W*D*H) benchtop environmental test chamber as well. Since this 23 liter Read More

Technical Support Videos For Sand Dust Test Chamber

The sand and dust test chamber is designed to provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test tests for scientific research, product development and quality inspection. It is be used to evaluate and determine the enclosure and sealing of electrical and electronic products and the protection (IP) rating of the enclosure of electrical equipment, and whether it ca Read More

IEC 60529 Sand and Dust Test Procedure and Method

IEC 60529 test standard and GB/T4208 enclosure protection grade (IP code), in fact, there are descriptions for dust protection from number 1 to number 6, but only equipment that performs IP 5X and 6X tests. The reason is that the dust in the standard for 1 and 2 requires that the test must not completely enter the shell, that is, the entire diameter of the sphere must not pass thr Read More

MIL-STD-202-203 Test Method 203, Random Drop Machine

MIL-STD-202 is a test method and test standard for electronic and electrical components developed by the Columbus National Defense Center in the United States. MIL-STD-202-203 Test Method 203, Random drop test standard is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. This entire standard has been revised. This revision (MIL-STD-202H) has resulted i Read More

MIL STD 810H 500.6 Low Pressure Altitude Test Machine

MIL STD 810H 500.6 low pressure altitude test is a test that puts the test sample into the test room, then reduces the air pressure in the test area to the value specified by the relevant standard and maintains the specified duration of the test. Its purpose is mainly to determine the adaptability of components, equipment or other products to low-pressure environments during stora Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 505.7 – Solar Radiation Sunshine Machine

MIL STD 810H test method 505.7-The thermal effect of solar radiation (sunshine) can cause thermal aging, oxidation, cracks, chemical reactions, softening, melting, sublimation, viscosity reduction, evaporation and expansion of electronic and electrical products. Temperature or local overheating caused by solar radiation can cause product expansion or lower lubrication performance, Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 506.6 – Rain Test Equipment

The purpose of MIL STD 810H test method 506.6 can evaluate materials that may be exposed to rain, water mist or water droplets during storage, transportation or operation. This method does not include standardized test procedures for rain erosion, because any related test procedures will depend on the materials used and the specific requirements of the factory used. Due to the lim Read More

MIL STD 810H Test Method 510.7 – Sand and Dust Test Equipment

The purpose of the MIL STD 810H Test Method 510.7 sand and dust test is to evaluate the equipment's resistance to dust that may block openings, seep into cracks, bearings and streets, and also to evaluate the working efficiency of the filter device. However, as the degree of mechanization of military operations increases, they cause more problems than the natural sand and dust env Read More

Cell Ageing Oven IEC 60216-4-3 IEC 60811-401 ISO 188 DIN 53508

Welcome to inquiry the multi cell ageing oven, We are the right manufacturer for you. The cell ageing oven is used to determine the performance changes of pvc and rubber materials at a specific temperature and time. In the oven, a single sample is aged in a separate air bath and prevents any contamination from adjacent samples by migrating volatile products found in many rubber an Read More

Dragon Boat Festival, Making Rice Dumplings

The Dragon Boat Festival is our Chinese important traditional festival. In order to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival and promote traditional Chinese culture, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. organized their employees to carry out a happy dumpling, sharing the deliciousness- a DIY activity for the Dragon Boat Festival on 12th Jun, 2021. At the event site, Every Read More


The ring crush tester can cooperate with a variety of materials to do a full range of tests, and conduct a variety of paper quality tests on paper packaging materials. The RCT ring crush tester is mainly used to test corrugated core paper, box board (kraft liner paper), and corrugated board. The machine combines multiple functions in one. There are 5 types of test tests that can b Read More

Pin Adhesion Test Fixture for Corrugated Board PAT Sample Holder TAPPI T821

The pin adhesion test fixture is to test the adhesive strength of the corrugated board after pasting, insert the upper and lower needle rows into the corrugated groove of the sample, and place them between the two pressure plates of the ring compression tester to test. It is a test instrument for measuring the adhesive strength of corrugated board (PAT test). The pin adhesive test Read More

Quantitative Sampler Detect Weight of Paper and Cardboard ISO 536

Quantitative sampler used to detect the weight of paper and cardboard. First use a quantitative sampler to cut a standard sample of 100c㎡, Then put the standard sample on a high-precision balance for weighing, The result of the weighing is calculated to obtain the quantitative of the product. Test standard for Wewon's quantitative sampler will comply with ISO 535, ISO 536, QB/T Read More

Puncture Resistance Tester for Paperboard Puncture Resistance Test

The puncture resistance tester is the special instrument for anti-punching performance (pierced strength) testing. It reflects the ability of corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes to resist dynamic impact. Meanwhile, It also reflects the protective ability of packaging cartons to protect products from external force when they are impacted by instantaneous external force. Board Read More

RCT Sample Cutter|Edge Crush Tester RCT/ECT/FCT Model

The RCT sample cutter is a sampling device for the cardboard ring compressive strength test (RCT) and corrugated core paper flat compressive strength test (CMT). The machine has the advantages of high sampling precision and easy operation. It is an ideal test aid for the industries and departments of papermaking, packaging, scientific research, quality inspection and so on. The RC Read More

Folding Endurance Tester for Paper and Paperboard’s Folding Endurance Test

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of paper's packaging testing instruments such as schopper folding endurance tester. The schopper folding endurance tester is used for determining the folding endurance strength of paper and paperboard. It is suitable for carton box board, kraft paper, corrugated paper, grey board and other materials with folding Read More

Compression Tester for Paper Cones, Tubes & Cores DIN ISO 11093-9

The compression tester is used to judge the pressure resistance of the carton & paper cores, the machine can do the test of holding pressure stacking. The test results can be used as an important reference for the height of packing boxes or an important basis for the design of packing boxes. The paper cores compression strength tester from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. wi Read More

Ink Rub Tester|ASTM D5264 TAPPI T 830 ASTM F1571

The ink rub tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance and decolorization degree of ink and printed matter, color printing box. The rub tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer of the printed matter, the abrasion resistance of the PS plate photosensitive layer and the abrasion resistance of the surface coating of related products Read More

Side Pressure Sampler for Corrugated Board Edge Compressive Strength Test

The side pressure sampler is a special sampling device necessary for corrugated board edge compressive strength test and adhesive strength test. It can cut the standard test size quickly and accurately. The side compression strength testing machine sampler is corrugated board and carton production scientific research and quality supervision and inspection departments ideal auxilia Read More

Temperature Shock Test Chamber for MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-833H

The temperature shock test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will comply with the test standard such as MIL-STD-810 Temp Testing Methods 501.7, 502.7, 503.7, IEC 60068-2-14, EIAJ ED-2531B, MIL-STD-833H method 1010.8, JASO D014-4, MIL-STD-202G method 107G. According to the customer's requirement, Wewon Tech has developed a 27 liters temperature shock test chamber Read More

Elmendorf Tear Tester for Paper and Cardboard Tear Strength Test

Elmendorf tearing tester is used to test the tear strength of paper and cardboard, and can also be used to test the tear resistance of laminate composites such as textiles, leather and film. Further more, the machine is also suitable for thin film, waterproof, coils, woven materials, paper, paperboard, textiles and non-woven fabrics and other tear resistance detection. The Read More

Operation Manual for WEW-YW-200D Salt Spray Chamber

Thank you very much for buying Wewon Tech's WEW-YW-200D salt spray test chamber. This operation manual describes the operation method of the control system. Please provide this operating instructions to the end-user and place it at any time for use. Read the operating instructions carefully before using this product. The operation manual content will be less part with wrong or typ Read More

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