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Gravelometer Machine and Gravelometer Testing

The gravelometer machine uses compressed air to spray gravel or other media onto the test sample, simulating the different degrees of damage caused by the impact of stone and sand on the surface of the car's exterior trim during road driving. Through the gravel impact simulation, the test piece is subjected to different degrees of impact (various gravel types, air pressure require Read More

Martindale Abrasion Tester for Abrasion and Pilling Tests

The Wewon's Martindale abrasion tester has a beautiful appearance and an easy-to-understand interface. The microcomputer system adopts two counting methods, which are intuitive and easy to set. There has four stations to test at the same time to improve test efficiency. Wewon's Martindale abrasion tester also has Lissajous 24mm×24mm, 60.5mm×60.5mm motion tracks and a variety of Read More

Low Temperature Test Chamber for Electric Cables and Cords UL 62

The Wewon's low temperature test chamber complies with the test standards of GB2951.4, UL62, IEC540, and IEC 60598-2-21. When selecting a low-temp test chamber, one of the most important features to consider is the available control functions and programming languages. Look for test chambers with advanced digital temperature controllers that offer high-end features like synchroniz Read More

Hard Pressing Life Tester For Mobile Phone, Touch Screen Panel

Hard pressing life tester can perform sitting pressure test for mobile phones, tablets and other products. Imitating the repeated seat pressing action of the human body, the machine uses an aluminum round bar with a certain hardness as the indenter, driven by a cylinder, and the pressure value is adjusted to 17kg. After measuring the number of arrivals, observe the damage degree o Read More

Life Testing Machine For Flip Cover Flip Life Tester

Flip life tester is suitable for the flip life test of small consumer electronic products and components such as mobile phones and electronic dictionaries. It is an indispensable test instrument for the testing of flip-type finished and semi-finished products. Flip life tester adopts touch screen control and display, and the motor drives the pendulum to open and close. The machine Read More

Tensile Strength Testing Machine for Telephone Cords, Spring Cords

Tensile strength testing machine is specially designed to test the service life of various winding wires such as telephone wires and spring wires. During the test, the sample is continuously stretched and shrunk by the pneumatic power during the electrification. Lifting and lowering by pneumatic device to simulate the expansion and contraction of telephone handset wire and various Read More

Friction Resistance Test Machine with Abrasive Medium: Eraser, Cotton Cloth, Alcohol, Steel Wool

Friction resistance test machine is used for product spraying, silk screen printing, baking paint, and abrasion resistance testing of glass, protective film, touch screen, tempered glass film and other products. The machine uses rubber, alcohol cotton cloth, steel wool to rub against the product to test the wear resistance life of the product. The friction medium is subjected to a Read More

Soft Pressure Testing Machine For Mobile Phone, Touch Screen Panel

Soft pressure testing is a process used to measure the extrusion and behavior of a device when exposed to force. This type of testing is especially important for mobile phones and tablets, as it reveals how resistant they are to everyday wear and tear. The soft pressure test machine uses high elastic rubber and denim to extrude mobile phones or tablets specimens. By imitating mobi Read More

Drop Test Machine For Mobile Phone Life Test

The drop test machine simulates the user's action of dropping the mobile phone to a horizontal surface such as a table during the process of using the mobile phone. Manually put the mobile phone on the drop panel of the reset fixture → the 2 reset cylinders push the baffle to reset the mobile phone and return it → the motor drives the lifting mechanism through the synchronous Read More

Life Testing Machine for Rotary Shaft for Laptop

The life testing machine can simulate whether the user has opened and closed the upper cover (LCDCOVER) many times, and check whether the shaft still has the retention force. Shaft life testing machine can prevent the resistance of the rotating shaft from increasing and avoid damage to the plastic body. Maximising the life of your laptop rotary shaft requires a life testing machin Read More

Hinge Fatigue Testing Machine|Torque and Life Testing Machine for Hinges

Hinge fatigue testing machine uses Windows screens for test program settings. The machine is easy to operate and all test data can be stored (For example: test conditions, torque-angle curves, life curves, inspection reports, etc.) Hinge fatigue testing is a process used to assess the strength and durability of a hinge over time by measuring its fatigue levels. It involves subject Read More

Melt Flow Indexer for Thermoplastic Materials MFR ASTM D1238 ISO 1133

Melt flow indexer is used to determine the melt mass flow rate (MFR) of thermoplastic resins. The melt flow index tester from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is suitable for engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, nylon, fluoroplastic and polyarene with high melting temperature. It is also suitable for testing plastics with low melting temperatures such as polyethylene, Read More

Folding Life Test for Headphone Joint Axis

Folding life test machine is used for folding life test of folding earphones. Folding life test machine for headphone joint axis adopts cam structure control, easy to operate, good mute effect, test times and speed can be adjusted. Touch screen angle, times, speed and other parameters can be set, humanized design. Through machine simulation, the quality of the product can be quick Read More

Telescopic Life Test for Headset Microphone Arm

Telescopic life testing machine is suitable for a variety of pull rod stretching tests. It can be set for the number of times, the speed of the pulling stroke is adjustable, and the speed value is displayed by digital LED display device. Telescopic life testing machine is an important tool for testing the stretching fatigue test of earphones. The telescopic life test is a measurem Read More

Swing Life Test Machine for Microphone Arm

Swing life test machine for microphone arm adopts touch screen + PLC + stepping motor control, this machine is easy to operate, the test angle is accurate, and the number of tests, speed, and angle can be set by yourself. The swing life test machine from Wewon Tech mainly simulates the operation of the microphone arm swinging back and forth during use. Through machine simulation, Read More

Tensile Life Testing Machine for Headphones Headband

The tensile life testing machine is used for the torsional life test of the left and right earmuffs of headphones. The Wewon's tensile life testing machine is to fix the left and right earmuffs of the earphones on the left and right torsion jigs respectively, and simulate the life test of the product in actual use at a certain number of times, angle and speed. The headphones tensi Read More

UL 1666 Riser Cables Fire Test

UL 1666 riser cable fire test is a fire test for determining values of flame propagation height for electrical and optical-fiber cables that are for installation vertically in shafts or in vertical runs that penetrate one or more floors. The purpose of this test is to determine whether the flame propagation characteristics of these ″riser″ cables are in accordance with the Nat Read More

Life Testing Machine For Mobile Phone Sliders

Life testing machines are an essential part of assessing the performance and durability of mobile phone sliders. With this produce page's guidance, You will be able to understand how life testing machines can help improve your mobile phone slider's longevity, and discover how to accurately use them to check their performance. When using life testing machine for mobile phone slider Read More

Click Life and Draw Line Life Testing Machine

Click life and draw line life testing machine is a special testing equipment for small consumer electronic products such as mobile phone screen, tablet computer, navigator, learning machine, intercom, intercom videophone, electronic dictionary, etc. It can be applied to the test of resistive screen and capacitive screen only by changing the tip of the pen. The machine is mainly us Read More

Life Testing Machine for Keyboard Keys and Buttons

Life testing machine can test computer key switch, tact switch, membrane switch, mobile phone, car device, PDA, Bluetooth/hands-free headset, car remote control, TV/computer controller, MP3, electronic dictionary button, remote control button, Various types of keys such as silicone rubber keys are subjected to life tests. It is especially suitable for fatigue testing of silicone r Read More

Tape Adhesion Tester|Adhesion Tape Test for Double Sided Tape, Stickers, Pressure Sensitive Tape

Tape adhesion tester is used to test the adhesion time of tape under normal temperature environment and under certain load. It is a method used to measure the bond strength of adhesive materials. It’s often used to assess the bonding quality of double-sided tapes and stickers, especially for applications in harsh environments and high performance requirements. The adhesion tape Read More

High and Low Temperature Impact Test For Automotive Grade Chips

Wewon's temperature forcing system can be used to complete the high and low temperature impact test of automotive grade chips. Car-grade chips refer to chips whose technical standards have reached the car-grade level and can be applied to car control. Automotive grade is one of the specification standard grades applicable to automotive electronic components. Automotive-grade chips Read More

Clamping Force Testing Machine for Headphone

Clamping force testing machine is a test device used to test the shrinkage force of earphones and headphone steel bar products. The machine is composed of sensor system, electric displacement control system and LCD display. The expansion stroke is adjusted electrically, and the clamping force value is displayed on the digital tension gauge. The clamping force measuring device from Read More

Torsion Test Machine for Metal and Non-Metal Materials, Composite Materials

Torsion testing machine is suitable for metal and non-metal materials, composite materials and quality inspection departments to torsion small household appliances, such as: hair dryers, hair clips, power cords, earphone cables, data cables, various mobile phone connectors and other electrical connections torsion test. The machine can be converted into various test modes, such as Read More

Insertion Force and Withdrawal Force Test Machine for Connectors

Insertion force and withdrawal force test machine from Wewon Tech is suitable for pin headers, female headers, simple horns, long ear horns, crimping heads, WAFER, round hole LIC sockets and USB cables (USB3.0), HDMI high-definition cables, Display connections cable, DVI cable, VGA cable and other computer peripheral cables for plugging and unplugging tests of various connectors. Read More

Torsion Testing Machine for Resistive Screen, Capacitive Screen and Mobile Phone Screen

The torque testing machine is used to test the twist and torsion test of earphones, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, tablet computers, handwriting screens, PDA, MP3 and other products. The machine adopts a touch screen + PLC + stepping motor control system, which can set the number of twists, twist angle, and real-time display of the torque value. After completing the numbe Read More

Scratch Resistance Testing Machine for Wire and Cables Test

Scratch resistance testing machine is suitable for the scratch resistance test of various automobile wires and cables. It mainly tests the scratch resistance of automobile wire harnesses, and can also test the scratch resistance test of braided sleeves and sheaths. The scratch resistance test machine includes a scraping needle for scratching the insulating surface, scraping the in Read More

Bend Tester for Rubber or Plastic Insulated Wires and Cables JIS C 3005

Bend tester is a bending test device for bending tests on rubber, plastic and other insulated wires and cables. This machine is to make the sample pass through the threading hole of the turntable of the bending test device corresponding to its size, and then fix the two ends of the sample. The turntable is rotated continuously 200 times at a rate of 20 cycles per minute. Then chec Read More

Heat Deformation Tester for Rubber or Plastic Insulated Wires and Cables

How to use the heat deformation tester ? Heat deformation tester is used to test the degree of heat deformation of materials such as plastics and wire skins. It is also suitable for testing leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, deformation before and after heating. At a specific temperature, the specimen is freely placed in the testing machine for 30 minutes, and then sandwiched betwee Read More

Abrasion Testing Machine for Aerial Insulated Cable, Extruded Insulation Cable and Rubber Insulated Cable

Abrasion testing machines provide accuracy and precision when examining extruded insulation used for aerial insulated cables, as well as rubber insulated cables. Using an abrasion resistance tester for aerial insulated cables, rubber insulated cables, and extruded insulation cables can provide fast and accurate information that is invaluable for assessing the characteristics of th Read More

Flexibility Test Machine for Wire and Cables Manufacturers

The flexibility test machine can choose a variety of test loads to meet the different test requirements of wire and cable manufacturers and inspection departments for dynamic flexure tests on flexible wires such as wires and cables. Wewon's flexibility testing equipment is mainly used to detect the damage degree of soft cables with rubber insulation and sheath under dynamic load a Read More

Universal Testing Machine with Climatic Chamber

Universal testing machine with climatic chamber is suitable for constant temperature comprehensive mechanical performance testing of adhesive tape, metal, non-metal, rubber, wire, electronic products, chips, FPC and other products. It is mainly used to test the tensile, compression, bending, bending, tearing, shearing, sticking and other properties of materials under high temperat Read More

Ball Pressure Test Apparatus for Wire and Cable Specimen, Plug and Sockets

Ensuring the highest quality of your wire and cable specimen is imperative in staying competitive in the industry. With our comprehensive ball pressure test conducted in our state-of-the-art hot temperature chambers, You can be confident that your products meet quality standards. The ball pressure test apparatus consists of a ball pressure device with a spherical surface and a sam Read More

Impact Test Apparatus In Low Temperature Test Chamber

The impact test apparatus should be used in conjunction with the low-temperature box, and the fixture should be placed on a sponge rubber pad with a thickness of about 40mm. It should be placed in a suitable low-temperature box before and during the test. Drop impact height: adjustable from 10 to 250mm. The impact test apparatus is suitable for impact tests on plugs, sockets, swit Read More

Bending and Winding Test with Low Temperature For Flexible Cords and Cables

Bending and winding tests are used to check the resistance durability of flexible cords and cables. Learn more about the process with this guide! Get the low-down on Low Temperature Winding Test Device - learn how it works, why it matters and get tips to use it effectively! The bending and winding test is an important procedure used to evaluate the durability of flexible cords and Read More

A Guide to Test of DC Resistance of Conductors

Knowing the DC resistance of conductors is an important part of any electrical circuit design. Luckily, testing this parameter is fairly straightforward and can be done accurately using a range of techniques. In this guide, we'll cover the best practices for measuring DC resistance and discuss some of the most popular methods available. Discover a comprehensive guide to testing th Read More

Tips for Maximizing Results in the Firmness Test for Bolts

Learn the secrets to passing your firmness test for bolts with ease! Maximize your results by learning our tried and tested tips. For anyone performing a firmness test for bolts, ensuring the accuracy of results can be challenging. To make sure you get perfect results every time, here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to pass your firmness test with ease. The Wewon's Firmnes Read More

Find the Right Pull-Out Force Test Machine For Your Sockets

Are you looking for the right pull-out force test machine for your sockets? This guide answers your questions and offers tips on how to find the best solution. The pull-out force test for sockets is an important diagnostic tool to assess the strength and holding power of the socket. When it comes to finding the right pull-out force test machine for your sockets, there are a number Read More

User’s Guidance and Features of Wewon’s Torque Test Machine

A torque test machine is used to accurately measure the amount of force applied. In this beginners' guide, we'll cover key concepts and usage tips for analyzing torque performance. A torque test apparatus is an essential tool for measuring the amount of torque applied to an object. It's a versatile device that can measure both static and dynamic forces, and provides accurate readi Read More

Finding the Right Button Life Testing Machine For Your Needs

Looking for the convenient button life testing machine to meet your needs? Learn all you need to know with this ultimate guide! Are you in the market for a button life testing machine? This article will help you find the right machine to meet your needs, from capacity and accuracy to price. Read on to learn more about everything you need to consider before making a purchase. A Key Read More

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