Wewon’s Power Transformer Design and Product Characteristics

Wewon’s power transformers are widely used in placement machines, processing centers, injection molding machines, printing machines, precision machine tools, and other imported equipment, motors, assembly lines, test/aging racks, and machinery, electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifiers, lighting and other power supply occasions where the power supply voltage needs to be changed. The power transformer produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is mainly suitable for alternating current, frequency conversion between 50-60Hz, and power supply places where the input voltage does not exceed AC 1000V.

Wewon’s power transformers adopts rigorous design with excellent performance, reliable operation and wide applicability. The transformer’s rated input voltage, rated output voltage, connection group, distribution of tap winding capacity, etc., can be carefully designed and manufactured according to customer’s requirements. The single phase power transformers and 3 phase power transformers are installed vertically and can work continuously for a long time under rated capacity.

Wewon’s dry type transformer is a multi-coil (double coil and above) structure transformer. First and secondary windings are insulated from each other, Its transformation ratio has two types: fixed and tapped. The pressure can be increased or decreased. In addition to changing the voltage, the magnetic transformer can also electrically isolate the input winding and output winding from each other. Used to avoid the danger caused by touching the live body (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage) and the ground at the same time. In addition, the power transformer also has the effect of suppressing various interferences.

01. Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before use, and follow the instructions to operate in sequence.Safety Precautions
02. Please place this instruction manual in a safe place closest to the power transformer for easy access at any time.
03. There is strong electricity in this electrical transformer, and it must be operated by a licensed electrician or professional during installation, maintenance and repair to prevent electric shock.
04. Do not use accessories that are not recommended by the original manufacturer to avoid danger.
05. The large power transformers should be handled with care to avoid collision.
06. Do not place the machine on uneven or inclined places, and it is strictly forbidden to turn it upside down.
07. In order to ensure the heat dissipation effect and normal operation of the machine itself, Please do not block the cooling holes or cooling fans, and reserve at least 10 cm (4 inches) around the body to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation.
08. Before inputting the power supply, the power supply specification should be determined to avoid damage to the machine. When wiring the input and output terminal blocks, install them correctly according to the signs, and securely lock them to avoid poor contact and prevent electric shock.
09. The ac power transformers has different installation standards due to the capacity and input voltage. Please select the appropriate wiring method according to the capacity and input voltage, and pay attention to the requirements for the load on the wires.
10. Do not suppress heavy objects on the power cord, and please make sure that you do not trip pedestrians.
11. Do not overload the power cord to prevent electric shock or fire.
12. Avoid overloading to prevent machine failure|Wewon’s Power Transformer Design and Product Characteristics
13.Please keep the single phase power transformer clean and dry.
14. Prevent any liquid and debris from entering the inside of the machine to avoid electric shock or fire due to poor contact or short circuit.
15. Avoid using in the following environments:-During storms, lightning or thunder, if there is no good lightning protection measures, please turn off the transformer first.
15-1. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, rain or damp places.
15-2. Please stay away from fire and high temperature to prevent the machine from overheating.
15-3. When carrying or repairing electrical transformers types, Please turn off and remove the power cord.
power transformer
01. Before purchase the three phase electrical transformers, Please estimate the total capacity of the electricity you are using, and select a power transformer with a considerable capacity to ensure that the transformer will not be burned out during instant startup.Installation Instructions
02. Please read below relevant instruction manual to easier understand the Wewon Tech’s electric power transformers.
03. After receiving the power transformer, You should check whether the data on the nameplate parameters meet your requirements. After confirming that it is correct, check the appearance of the transformer is complete, and securely fix the transformer in place after no deformation.
04. Sufficient space should be reserved around the body to prevent poor heat dissipation and subsequent maintenance and repair, to avoid personnel approaching, and to ensure that it is free from vibration and erosion.
05. Before installation and use, it is necessary to test whether the circuit and grid voltage are at the rated input voltage value, and the allowable deviation is ±5%. If the range exceeds this range, a stabilized power supply should be installed at the front end to ensure reliable operation of the transformer.
06. Correctly select the main switch and cable for power transformer 220V to 110V to ensure safe and long-term operation.
07. The installation process should be operated by professionals after power off to ensure correct installation and tighten the terminals.
08. After the installation is complete, Please check again that the installation is correct and turn off the load switch.
09. Check Before Starting: Whether the input voltage, phase line polarity is correct, whether the independent grounding is good, whether all phase loads are disconnected.
10. Power on to the Wewon’s power transformer, The work light will light up, and the output voltage will be detected at the rated voltage.
11. After power on, the transformer core and coil will heat up (the temperature rise does not exceed 75°C), which is normal. If the temperature rise exceeds 75°C or even smoke, You should cut off the power switch, recheck the capacity of the electrical appliances you are using, and make sure Adjustment.
12. Power on to the load, turn on the load, check whether the phase sequence is normal, if it is reversed, just swap any two.
13. It is normal if the temperature rise of the transformer does not exceed 75℃ during operation, and it can be operated for a long time.
The electrical power transformers produced by Wewon Tech is laminated with high-quality new cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets. H-class temperature resistant 180° enameled wire, bare coil winding is beautiful and generous. Primary, secondary air duct fan heats up quickly, Galvanized tripod treated with special dipping process. Vacuum dipping paint, fast drying treatment in high temperature oven. Effectively reduce the vibration and noise during operation, and increase the electrical strength.

The industrial power transformer adopts high temperature resistant insulation material design and the introduction of new technology making the transformer more energy-saving and quiet. The energy-saving and low-noise coil has ventilation slots, and the air flows smoothly, which can quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the coil. Because the power transformers produced by Wewon Tech do not have oil, there are no problems of fire, explosion, pollution, etc. Meanwhile, The electrical codes and regulations do not require dry-type transformers to be placed in a separate room.

power transformer diagram
01. Before inputting power to the power cord, Determine the power supply specifications to avoid damage to the power transformer.Installation Precautions
02. Wewon’s power transformers have different installation standards due to different capacity and input voltage. Please choose the appropriate wiring method according to the capacity and input voltage, especially the wiring of the transformer must comply with the regulations.
03. Note that the input terminal of the transformer should avoid sharing a switch with other equipment, and should be as close as possible to the mains power supply.
04. When wiring the input and output terminals, be sure to connect the power cord to avoid poor contact and place electric shock.
05. Please turn off the power when wiring, and it is strictly forbidden to work with electricity to ensure safety.
06. When wiring, Please refer to the implementation of electrical regulations to ensure the safe use of wires.
07. The input and output wiring of dry-type transformers are clearly marked, and the wiring method is clearly marked.
08. The input power of the three-phase power transformer is connected to the input power terminal, and the output terminal of the transformer is connected to the load equipment. The neutral line (N-zero line) and the grounding point are marked with clear labels. Please connect as required.
09. There should be a good grounding system, in addition to safety considerations, It can also prevent the power system from interfering with the normal operation of the equipment.
10.The grounding wire for high frequency power transformer should be of sufficient size.
11. Please try to use the grounding point of the ground rod or the contact point in the switchboard for the ground wire.
13. Make sure the linear power transformer surface is clean (such as oil, dust, processed parts).Maintenance Instructions
14. It is strictly forbidden for conductive oil and water to enter the body, otherwise a short circuit will cause unnecessary damage to the transformer.
15. Keep the cooling fan or vents well ventilated, without affecting heat dissipation factors.
The AC power transformer produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a new product developed further on the basis of fully absorbing the technology of many similar products in China and abroad. The product has strong ability to withstand thermal shock, flame retardant, high fire resistance, low loss, small partial discharge, low noise, no harmful gas, no pollution to the environment, insensitive to temperature and dust, small in size, no cracking, simple maintenance.
System Schematic of Wewon’s Power Transformer
Transformer | Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd.
110V Environemntal Test Chamber Change to 380V Power Supply
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Frequency Description: AC Power, 50/60Hz.The Main Technical Parameters
Number of Phases: 1Φ2W/ 3Φ3W/ 3Φ4W
Work Capacity: 1KVA-2000KVA
Primary Voltage: 110/ 208/ 440/ 480V (other specifications can be customized within 1000V)
Secondary Voltage: 220/380V or less (other specifications can be customized within 1000V)
Work Efficiency: > 98% or More
Cooling Method: Dry natural cooling/dry air cooling
The maximum ambient temp is below 40℃, and the daily average temperature is below 35℃Use Environment Requirements
The altitude does not exceed 1000 metres.
The relative humidity is not more than 90%.
Make sure good ventilation and keep clean.
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