Temperature Controlled Chamber with Cooling Rate 7℃/min, Heating Rate 7℃/min

We have a customer from United Arab Emirates bought the temperature controlled chamber from us. The temperature controlled chamber with a custom design. Test run time is 140 minutes with 8 cycles, Temperature range requirement: -40C +150c. Temperature goes to +60℃ from -40℃ in 20 minutes, From +60℃ to +40℃ will be done within 20 minutes. Ambient temperature inside the temperature controlled chamber down to -40℃ must be finished within 15 minutes. There will be 15~18 pcs test samples inside the temperature controlled chamber.

Each test samples with 1~1.2 KG weight, Test samples without power on test, So there will not occur any additional heat or hot air during testing moment. According to customer’s testing requirement, We have made a water cooling solution for their testing purpose and they have accepted our proposal finally ! In the past few years, Imported temperature and humidity controlled chambers has always be first choice by the Chinese user. But in recent years, with the continuous development and innovation of refrigeration technique, domestic quality has changed the views of many Chinese users and gradually entered the world.

temperature controlled chamber

Example, HUAWEI mobile phone research and development has been recognized by the majority of users now, and it become the world’s top 500. The rapidly change heating and cooling stability chamber in the environmental test industry is also aimed at continuous innovation, and it will get better. In terms of cooling rate, the fastest Chinese environmental test chamber technology can reach 20℃/min. Chinese environment chamber has decades of low-temperature production experience, to provide users with stable, reliable environmental test equipment.

Chinese environmental controlled chamber, not inferior to foreign brands in terms of technology, such as csz chamber, thermotron chamber, tenney chamber. The main core system, High and low temperature devices use independent systems and mechanical single-stage refrigeration or cascade refrigeration, in which the commonly used cryogenic liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, liquid helium.

How fast can the cooling rate and heating rate achieve inside the testing room ? That is a good question. In fact, There are two methods to change the temperature rate of the environmental chambers: the nolinear movement and linear movement.

1. Nolinear Movement: Average rate of rise and drop in the whole process (that is, the rate of change in the whole process at N degrees), linear rate of rise and drop in the whole process (that is, the rate of change in N degrees per minute)

Average rate of temperature rise and drop in the whole process refers to the ratio of the difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature and the time within the range of temperature change in the small temperature controlled chamber. At present, the technical parameters of variable temperature rate provided by foreign manufacturers of temperature chambers refer to the nolinear movement.

2. Linear Movement: Linear rise and drop rate refers to the rate of temperature change that can be guaranteed in any 5 minute period, The temperature change rate will be guarantee.

In fact, for rapid temperature change temperature and humidity chamber, The most difficult part to guarantee the linear rising and cooling speed is the cooling rate that the climate chamber can achieve during the last 5 minutes of the cooling section of the vortex flowmeter. It is better for the climatic chamber have two parameters: the nolinear movement and linear movement functions. Generally speaking, The linear movement cooling speed is an average of nolinear movement cooling speed of 1/2.

In the case of abide by the laws of nature, in the long time use and transform the natural process, accumulate knowledge and skills and methods is a way people use natural transformation but need in the process of actual experience more can find their technology, rapid only continued innovation, litre drop in temperature test chamber can be done better.

temperature controlled chamber

What is the cooling and heating test program for temp controlled chamber ? Here are the guidance to make you understand how to do the temperature cooling rate and temp heating rate measurement work. We are not sure if the sub zero cincinnati environmental test chambers have such kind of comment, But we supply our customer these test program for their checking purpose.

1 Within the adjustable range of temperature of the temp chamber, the lowest nominal temperature is selected as the lowest cooling temperature, and the highest nominal temperature is the highest heating temperature.

2 Turn on the power, make the temperature controlled vacuum chamber from room temperature to lowest temperature, stable at least 3 hours, rise to the highest temperature, stable at least 3 hours later to the lowest temperature. During heating and cooling period, record once per minute until the end of the test process.

The measured temperature value for benchtop temperature chamber is corrected according to the corrected value of the temperature controlled chamber.
According to GB 11158 formula to calculate the temperature, the rate of change should meet the requirements of 4.1.7
3 Calculation and evaluation of test results

4 Methods for checking and evaluating the sealing performance of refrigeration systems. Halogen lamp or soapy water shall be used to check the sealing condition of the refrigeration system pipe joints. If there is no leakage, humidity test chambers shall meet the requirements of section 4.2.3

This test will be done in heating and cooling during the test, When the temperature controlled chamber reaches the maximum test temperature and stability after three hours, check environmental temperature test chamber with a surface thermometer outside wall window frame and other accessible parts of the temperature, such as no more than 50℃.
At low temperatures condition, when the environment temperature is 30℃~35℃, relative humidity is 75% ~ 85%, the outside of the climatic testing systems and seal the door should not have obvious condensation phenomenon.
When the thermal test chamber reaches the minimum test temperature and stabilized for 3 hours, visually observe the condensation at the door seal of the outer wall of the environmental controlled chamber, such as no obvious dew or water film condensation phenomenon and other matters.
The above methods for measuring the heating and cooling rates of constant temperature and humidity chambers are extracted from the GB 10592-89 test standard for high and low temperature chambers. This test standard with higher requirements, if only need to comply with GB/ T2423.1-2008, GB/ T2423.2-2008 standards, The request cooling rate should be 0.7℃ ~ 1 ℃/ min. , heating rate should be 1℃~ 3℃ per minutes.
5 Methods for testing and evaluating thermal insulation performance
Environmental Test Chambers for United Arab Emirates Customer


Temperature heating and cooling test method for temperature controlled chamber: Temperature and cooling rate test for temperature control chamber should be carried out under the condition of full load. Temperature and cooling rate: the average rate of change for every 5 minutes should be 5±1℃/ min or humidity and temperature controlled chamber has the highest average rate of change. The test point for temperature controlled environmental chamber is set as the geometric center point of the workspace. Wet bulb tester for climate test, accelerated test, hast test which is necessary and important to calculate the environmental chamber price.
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