Semiconductor Test Equipment for Probe Card Manufacturing

Probe card manufacturing need the semiconductor test equipment. When we designed the thermal testing equipment, Only some commonly used test items are packaged into the IC tester, and the logic function of the verification chip is implemented in a fixed test mode. But as chip products diversify, Some thermal inducing system can no longer do it alone, For example, some chips have random codes, After the random code is obtained, the encryption algorithm is run, The instructions to the chip can then be calculated.

Why the probe card manufacturing need semiconductor test equipment ? In recent years, Semiconductor probes manufacturing technology has advanced rapidly. Products are thin and short, IC volume is getting smaller, But functions are getting stronger, more feet, In order to reduce the area occupied by chip packaging and improve IC efficiency. Nowadays, Flip Chip packaging is widely used in graphics chips, chipsets, memory and CPU. Meanwhile, the instructions of different IC chips are different, As a result, the fixed test mode of the existing probe card manufacturer cannot realize good adaptability. The unit price of high – order packaging is high, If the chip can be tested before packaging, When a defective product is found in the wafer, it is marked.

semiconductor test equipment

Wafer probe card is an important test and analysis interface indispensable for semiconductor fabrication. By connecting the temperature cycling chamber and the chip, the chip parameters are tested by transmitting signals. Wafer probe card are widely used for test of memory IC (DRAM, SRAM, Flash) logic IC, consumer IC, drive IC, communication IC, power management IC, electronic instrument and medical device IC. It is a rather subtle link in the semiconductor industry.

Use the semiconductor test equipment for probe card manufacturing. The main purpose are : (1) The qualified chip is identified before the wafer is sent to the packaging plant. (2) The electrical properties of the device/circuit are evaluated. Engineers need to monitor the distribution of parameters to maintain the quality level of the process. (3) The accounting of qualified and defective chips provides overall performance feedback to wafer production personnel. The position of qualified chips and defective items on the wafer is recorded on the computer in the form of a wafer chart.

Nowadays, Wafer testing is one of the main methods to measure chip yield. So use thermal cycling chamber for probe card manufacturing is important. As the size and density of the chip increases, wafer testing becomes more and more expensive. As a result, chips require longer test times and more sophisticated power supplies, semiconductor test equipment and computer systems to perform the tests and monitor the results.

Visual inspection systems have also become more sophisticated and expensive as chips have grown in size. Chip designers were asked to introduce test patterns into the storage array. Test designers are exploring how to make the test process simpler and more efficient, For example, use simplified temperature forcing system after chip parameters have been evaluated. Semiconductor test equipment is also possible to interlace the chips on a wafer, or to test multiple chips simultaneously.

production area of semiconductor test equipment

The significance of semiconductor test equipment in detecting probe card: Contact the probe on the probe card directly with the solder pad or bump on the chip, Lead out chip signal, Then cooperate with peripheral semiconductor testing equipment and software control to achieve the purpose of automatic measurement. Probe card are used before IC packaging, Function test of bare crystal system with probe to screen out defective products, Then carry out the subsequent packaging engineering, Therefore, Probe card is one of the most important processes in IC manufacturing which has great influence on manufacturing cost.

What Is Semiconductor Test Equipment? Semiconductor test equipment refers to a wide range of tools and systems used in the semiconductor industry to measure and test the properties of semiconductor devices. This equipment is designed to help manufacturers ensure that their semiconductors are of high quality and are functioning correctly before they are distributed to customers. These tools and systems play an essential role in semiconductor manufacturing, as they help detect defects, reduce waste, and optimize manufacturing processes. There are types of semiconductor test equipment, each with its purposes and applications:

Wafer probers are used to test semiconductor chips on a wafer before they are separated into individual components. This equipment is used to test the electrical properties of the active and passive components on the wafer. Wafer Probers:
Test handlers are used to handle and test semiconductor components after they have been separated from the wafer. These handlers are designed to test multiple components simultaneously, making them useful in high-volume manufacturing. Test Handlers:
Automated test equipment (ATE) is a type of semiconductor test equipment that is used for testing the electrical properties of semiconductor devices. ATE systems can perform a wide range of tests, including functional, parametric, and reliability testing. Automated Test Equipment:
Probing stations are used to test the electrical properties of semiconductor chips. These stations can be configured to test various parameters, such as resistivity, capacitance, and voltage. Probing Stations:

Semiconductor test equipment is an important tool for ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductors used in electronic devices. The process of semiconductor testing involves a series of steps that are designed to detect any defects or inconsistencies in the semiconductor material. Semiconductor test equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductors used in electronic devices. WeWonTech’s product offerings and services are designed to help semiconductor manufacturers optimize their testing processes, reduce waste, and improve the quality of their products.

quality check for semiconductor test equipment before shipping

With its range of wafer probers, test handlers, automated test equipment, and probing stations, WeWonTech is a leading provider of semiconductor test and measurement solutions. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including the following:

Wafer Probers: WeWonTech offers a range of wafer probers that are designed to meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturers. These probers are designed to deliver high accuracy, repeatability, and throughput, making them ideal for high-volume manufacturing.

Test Handlers: The test handlers from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. are designed to handle and test a range of semiconductor components, including ICs, LEDs, and sensors. These handlers are optimized for high-volume manufacturing, offering fast and accurate testing.

Automated Test Equipment: WeWonTech’s ATE systems are designed to deliver high-performance testing for a wide range of semiconductor devices. These systems are customizable, allowing manufacturers to configure them to meet their specific testing requirements.

Probing Stations: WeWonTech’s probing stations are designed to deliver accurate and reliable testing of semiconductor chips. These stations can be configured to test a range of parameters, including resistivity, capacitance, and voltage. In addition to its product offerings, WeWonTech also provides a range of services, including installation, training, and technical support.

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