Thermal Forcing System – Thermal Stream Temperature Test System

There are many good thermal forcing system manufacturers such as inTEST thermal solutions from United States, MPI Corporation from Taiwan, and Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. from China mainland. They all have good reputations and research the thermal forcing system for many years ! Compare with the inTEST thermal solutions and MPI Corporation thermal forcing system, Wewon Tech’s thermal stream temperature test system paid 50% cost more and equip the additional filter unit to clean and dry the compressed gas in customer’s local place.

Compressed gas is an essential component in many industries, but its quality can significantly impact the performance of equipment and products. It is important for customers to ensure that the gas they use meets the necessary quality standards. Because each customer’s local compressed gas keeps different quality level, and many of them have the poor quality gas, high oil content, dust and moisture inside. Even this is not the responsibility what Wewon have to, But we know that we can do more for our customers.

The Wewon thermal forcing system has become an essential tool in the electronics and communication industries, providing companies with a way to test the reliability and performance of their products. This versatile system can conduct various tests, including high and low temperature tests for transceivers, rapidly temperature tests for SFP optical modules, IC characteristic analysis, and failure analysis. It is also capable of carrying out high and low-temperature cycle tests and temperature impact tests.

thermal forcing system
Temperature Range -80℃ ~ +250℃
Temperature Conversion Time -55℃~+125℃≤10 seconds|+125℃~-55℃≤10 seconds
Temp Control Precision ±0.5℃
Temperature Resolution ±0.1℃
Equipment Outlet Flow 4~18 SCFM (1.8L/s~8.5L/s)
Measurement Model AIR MODE(air flu test) or DUT MODE(remote measurement)
Working Mode High temperature – room temperature – low temperature | high temperature – low temperature | high temperature – room temperature | low temperature – room temperature 
Operation Mode Manual | Program | Manual Loop | Automatic Loop
Appearance Size Width = 660 mm, Depth = 1050 mm, Height =1000 mm
Arm Extension 1400 mm
Max and Min Dimensions 720~1220 mm
Temp Proof Glass Cover Inner Diameter: 140mm; Height: 55 mm
The Power Supply Single Phase, 220V, 50Hz, 40A, Net Weight: 150 Kgs

Using a thermal test system with a long time is quite difficult ! Because the long time rapidly cold temperature testing work for semiconductor chips, Flash, EMMC parts, The refrigerating system will has a deeply frozen problem. This can cause the system to become inefficient or stop working altogether, leading to potential delays and decreased productivity. To mitigate this issue, it is essential to have regularly scheduled maintenance and monitoring to ensure that the refrigerating system is functioning correctly and any issues are addressed promptly.

Additionally, It may be beneficial to consider alternative testing methods. inTEST thermal solutions use the fresh air to blow these frozen area which will takes 20 hours to make the ice thaw. Wewon Tech temperature forcing system use the fresh air blow way and the heat generated by compressor’s working which will remove these ice within 4 hours ! You can see that the working efficiency will be greatly improved if you will choose the Wewon Tech temperature forcing solution.

Inlet Temperature +15℃~+25℃ Air Supply Requirements
Inlet Pressure 90~110 PSIG|6.2~7.6 Bar
Inlet Flow 1~1.5m3/min
Inlet Dew Point ≤10℃
The Oil Content ≤0.01 PPM

The thermal stream temperature test system from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will comply with MIL STD 883 method 1010.8, MIL STD 750 method 1051.7 and JESD 22 A101D. The test standard and test method has been identified as below graph and excel form mentioned. These standards and methods are essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic components, and as such, the thermal stream temperature test system is an important tool for companies operating in the electronics industry.

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