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You have bought an environmental chamber from China, When it arrived at your laboratory, You found the environmental chamber not working, Because of the main power is difference. How to solve this problem ?

Here is a training course to guide you how to change your local voltage to AC 380V. Because our environmental chamber’s power request is AC 380V. We mainly use the transformer to connect with the main power and the environmental chamber.
Refer below photo, There has a breaker on the main power port. The breaker will connect with transformer. In this way, You local voltage will be changed to AC 380V. The solution as below photo mentioned, Hope you can understand them !

Briefly speaking, This is a simple but efficiency way to teach you use our equipment successfully. When you have received our equipment and not sure how to install it. Please take the photograph on the place where you will install and email us the photos, We will check and estimate it.

After this, We can give you the suggestion once we have received your photos. Because photograph will be easier way to understand your local condition. Here is a transformer drawing which will help you change the 480V voltage to 380V voltage. Please check it.
Regarding the transformer unit, We can make it based on your local power voltage. In another words, When your local voltage is 110V, 260V, 440V, 480V, 660V… which is difference with China power consumption. Please inquiry to us timely, This is important. Thank you.


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