2018-05-04 Shipment | IP X3 X4 Rain Spray Test Chamber

Today we are doing a sea shipment for a rain spray test chamber. This is a rain spray test chamber for Vietnam customer for LED lamps testing work. The local voltage request is 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase. Max power for this rain spray test chamber is 1.8kW. This rain spray test chamber with a custom design, It is not only for IP X3 X4 raining test, But also request the water temperature range to be +10C ~ +35C.

So we need equip the additional heating system to hot the domestic water to the point temperature based on customer testing requirement. Meanwhile, There has the water filter installed in the bottom place. This will remove the dust and dirty from the domestic water and make the rain spray test chamber with clean water into the water tank. More technical parameters, Please refer below writing forms.

rain spray test chamber
Rain Spray Test Chamber Model: WE-LY-1728C-1
Testing Room: 1200 x 1200 x1200 mm (W x D x H)
Volume 1728 Liters Rian Spray Test Chamber
External Dimensions: 1800 x 1345 x 2100 mm (W x D x H)
Test Bench Area: OD 800mm
Pipe’s Hole Size: The number of holes 25 pcs
Pendulum Tube Water Hole: Diameter 0.4mm 
Spray Hole Spacing: 50mm, Can be adjusted according to customer’s spec
Swing Angle Range: 0°~180°can be set
Swing Speed Adjustment: 0~20 times can be set
Water Pressure: 80Kpa– 100 Kpa; Test Bench Speed: 1~10r/min
Water Supply Quantity: Adjusted according to IPX3, IPX4 Testing
Swing Pipe Material: SUS 304; Turntable Speed: 1-5r/min(Accurate Control)
Standard: IEC60529; GB/T 16422.38, ASTM/ ISO/ ROHS Certification
rain spray test chamber
Inner Box Material: Heatproof and cold resistance stainless steel plate with circumferential welding (SUS # 304)
Control Mode: Adopting the digital display table control, and set the parameters automatically according to the test requirement.
Observation Window: Install multi-layer hollow rectangular insulated glass windows (310 × 420mm)and there is energy-efficient LED lighting on the window. (Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyright)
Sample Bearing Course: Sample on one layer is not more than 15 kg; Standard: GB/T 2423.38-2006/IEC 60068-2.18:2000
Operation Mode: IPX3, IPX4 Independent control, Manual Operation
Control system with waterproof protection in order to avoid leakage accident. In this way, Keep the operators safe guarantee.
Machine Positioning: There are installation of four high-loading corner bearing pulleys and PU wheels at the bottom of the machine to facilitate moving the machine.
rain spray test chamber
Water tank uses SUS304 stainless steel, which was installed on side of test devices. 
Automatic water supply device for water tank. When the water level of the water tank is lower than the safe water level, the water tank can be automatically supplied by the external water supply.
Water shortage alarm function for water tank. When the water level in the water tank is lower than the water inlet of the circulating water pump, pump stops working and alarm.
Water gauge for tank. Water gauge is arranged in the front surface of the box, you can always watch the water tank
An overflow port & a drain port are provided and a manual valve is arranged at the end of the overflow pipe and the drain pipe.
Water tank can be disassembled & cleaned,The corresponding joint or hose connection is arranged in the water pipe connection.
The water filter is arranged on the external water supply side of the water tank, and the impurities in the filter water can be observed directly.
Water Tank
rain spray test chamber
Leakage and Surge Protected  Leakage circuit breaker to prevent leakage protection electronic surge protection.
Prevent Power Surge Protection AC power primary side controller with arrester ZRN device
The Fault Exception Protection  Turn off the power , malfunction indication and alarm output signal when a fault exception occurs.
Equipped with an abnormal sound and light alarm device; Water safety protection device
Power supply phase shortage, power supply abnormal alarm, leakage, short circuit, open circuit protection device
The total power switch has the leakage protection function
Motor overheating, overload alarm device, water shortage, low water level alarm device
Pressure regulating device for the front end of the air supply system of the test device. (Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyright)
rain spray test chamber

If you have the interest and want to know more for this rain test chamber design, Please go ahead to read the another article as below web link. It is the exactly testing work what our Vietnam customer plan to do. Yes, It’s for LED lamps testing work. We also positively and welcome your technical parameters communicate if you are a technician and professional on the raining test.

If you have the inquiry for the rain test chamber, Please don’t hesitate to contact with us timely. Because we are the right manufacturer for this rain test chamber design. We accept the OEM/ ODM design work. Sometimes, We don’t mark our logo on our rain test chamber, Because it’s custom design. We respect our customer’s requirement and copyright always ! Thank you.

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