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A laboratory incubator is a warm isolator used to grow and maintain microorganisms or cell cultures. It can well control the temperature, humidity and gas content in the test room. Laboratory incubators are the instruments required in laboratories to control cell culture and tissue culture performance. It protects the tested cells from changes in temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2, temperature can be controlled by a water or air jacket. Laboratory incubators provide a complete and stable working environment for cell and tissue culture in a controlled pollution-free environment by regulating conditions such as temperature humidity and CO2.

Incubators from Wewon Tech are thermally insulated equipment with adjustable heaters that typically reach +60°C to +65°C (140 to 150°F), although some may be slightly higher (usually no more than +100°C). Higher laboratory temp & humidity Incubators can also have the ability to lower the temperature (through refrigeration), or control humidity or CO2 levels. This is important for culturing mammalian cells, where relative humidity is typically >80% to prevent evaporation, and slightly acidic can be achieved by maintaining a 5% CO2 concentration.

laboratory incubator
Equipment ModelTemp Range (℃)Volatility (℃)Humidity Range (%RH)Volume (Liters)Inner (Outer) Size D*W*H(mm)
WEW-ABS-100F+0 ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%100 Liters500*500*400 | 600*670*1100
WEW-ABS-150F+0 ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%150 Liters500*500*600 | 600*670*1200
WEW-ABS-350F+0 ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%350 Liters500*520*1300 | 600*670*1920
WEW-ABS-600F+0 ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%540 Liters620*670*1300 | 720*800*1920
WEW-ABS-1000F+0 ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%1000 Liters1250*670*1280 | 1350*800*1920
Laboratory incubators are important experimental tools for cell and tissue culture, biochemical and hematological research, pharmaceutical work, and food analysis. It is widely used in constant temperature culture, constant temperature reaction and other experiments. The body of the incubator is made of polyurethane and other foam plastics as insulation materials, which have good insulation ability against the cold and heat of the outside world; the inner cavity is mostly made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance; Intelligent artificial climate incubator has heating, cooling and automatic temperature control device. It can adjust the temperature in the test room sensitively !
Microcomputer intelligent control, LCD display to control temperature, humidity, time, over temperature alarm function. The exterior adopts baking varnish matt coating to avoid light radiation, and the partition can be adjusted arbitrarily. Equipment Features
The Wewon’s laboratory incubator adopts a centrifugal fan, and the domestic original air duct design makes the cold and heat fully mixed and then blown to the box to ensure more precise temperature and better uniformity.
The inner tank of Wewon’s laboratory incubator is made of mirror stainless steel material, and the circular arc design avoids the problem of dead angle caused by right-angle air volume and poor uniformity.
The independent fresh air device can be opened and closed at any time to adjust the air in the test room to keep the air in the test room fresh.
The observation window adopts the original double door design: the double door can be opened for observation when observing the cultured objects in the inner cavity, and the double door can be closed when not observing.
Adopt internationally renowned brand compressors and fluorine-free refrigerants, leading environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. Artificial climate incubator for agricultural and forestry research can be cultivated in a closed environment (no light).
Integrated refrigeration system, multi-layer protection, effective self-checking for safe operation, using unconventional automatic frost with no energy consumption, avoiding the impact on temperature, and making the equipment use continuously for a long time.
The humidity sensor adopts imported components, the humidification part adopts intelligent atomizer, and the humidification water is supplemented with large capacity.
lab incubator

Laboratory incubators are designed to provide precise climate control, temperature uniformity, and contamination prevention for a variety of research and clinical applications. Different chamber types, materials, sizes, and options are available, including: direct-heat or water-jacketed CO2 incubators, dry block incubators, environmental chambers, hatching incubators, hybridization incubators, plant growth incubators, and refrigerated incubators.

Standard laboratory incubators are commonly used for microbiological cultures and tests. Many have features that include decontamination programs, locking mechanisms, alarms, digital displays, and transparent doors for visibility. Standard lab incubators may use gravity convection, mechanical convection, or dual convection for heat control and uniformity. Specialized lab incubators may also be found for a range of test procedures, including direct-heat or water-jacketed CO2 incubators, refrigerated incubators and environmental chambers; and dry block, hatching, hybridization, and plant growth incubators.
Equipment ModelTemp Range (℃)Volatility (℃)Humidity Range (%RH)Volume (Liters)Inner (Outer) Size D*W*H(mm)
WEW-ABS-100FT-15℃ ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%100 Liters500*500*400 | 600*670*1100
WEW-ABS-150FT-15℃ ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%150 Liters500*500*600 | 600*670*1200
WEW-ABS-350FT-15℃ ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%350 Liters500*520*1300 | 600*670*1920
WEW-ABS-600FT-15℃ ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%540 Liters620*670*1300 | 720*800*1920
WEW-ABS-1000FT-15℃ ~ +65℃±1℃ ~ ±3℃50%~95%, ±5%1000 Liters1250*670*1280 | 1350*800*1920
Carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators are used to create a specific environment and are used primarily for microbiological and cell cultures. Available in water-jacketed or direct-heat options, other features include in-chamber HEPA air filtration, touchscreens, stackability, 100% pure copper surfaces, and sterilization cycles. Refrigerated lab incubators offer a range of temperatures that may be above or below the ambient temperature. Designed to keep samples at a specific fixed temperature, this equipment can be found in pharma, food, cosmetics, and water testing labs. Available features include Ethernet connections, programmability, and color touch screens.

Environmental chambers let you control the light, humidity, air pressure, and atmosphere and are typically used for drug stability studies, shelf-life testing, controlled temperature storage, and insect or other biological research applications → The original words of this paragraph comes from
The laboratory incubator should be placed in a clean and tidy, dry and ventilated workshop. Before use, each control switch on the panel should be in a non-working state. Usage Steps
Place the test sample on the culture rack, and keep an appropriate interval between the test bottles (or utensils) to facilitate the convective circulation of cold (hot) air.
Check your local voltage and frequency and turn on the external power supply, put the power switch in the “on” position, the indicator light is on. Choose the culture temperature, humidity, CO2 or other test conditions, if used during the test.
When the battery indicator indicates that the power is exhausted, do not use the lab incubator again. If the artificial climate chamber will not be used for a long time, Please remove the battery and store it. Precautions Notice
Do not store or use this intelligent artificial climate chamber in high temperature, high humidity, flammable, explosive and strong electromagnetic field environments.
Use a damp cloth or detergent to clean the casing of the biochemical incubator, do not use abrasives or solvents. When the artificial climate incubator for agricultural and forestry research is wet, store it after drying.
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