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We know that the thermal shock test chamber is divided into two types for cooling, They are air cooling way and water cooling way, and the water cooling type needs to be used with a water tower to assist its cooling. Some customers are more concerned about the size of the water cooling tower that matches their thermal shock test chamber and customer’s actual site installation conditions. In fact, the water towers for thermal shock test chamber vary in size according to different cooling capacity, and the body size is also different. Its matching is selected according to the real sample’s test conditioins during test procedure.

The rapid temperature change thermal shock chamber is a test chamber that requires ultra-fast temperature conversion, So the cooling power will be much larger than that of ordinary tempearture humidity test chambers, and the air-cooled manufacturing process may not meet the test requirements. Therefore, the manufacturer configure a water-cooled refrigeration system is the better solution.

The water-cooled refrigeration system must match the installation of the Wewon’s water tower to operate. When customer consider the size and placement of equipment, Please also pay attention to the size of the water tower and the reserved space for the installation of the water tower. According to the different temperature test conditions of the thermal shock chambers, the cooling capacity of the configured water cooling tower will also be different.

Fiberglass Cooling Tower
WEW-010T-LCT10 RT7.28.5174010601/4670404025251550.0
WEW-015T-LCT15 RT10.812196010601/4670404025251552.0
WEW-020T-LCT20 RT14.417200012001/4670505025251553.0
WEW-025T-LCT25 RT18.520229014301/2770808025251553.0
WEW-030T-LCT30 RT21.624229014303/4770808025251555.0
WEW-040T-LCT40 RT28.832236016201770808025251556.0
WEW-050T-LCT50 RT3640259518102970808025251557.0
WEW-060T-LCT60 RT43.248259520002970808025251558.0
WEW-080T-LCT80 RT57.664269021802117010010025252559.0
WEW-100T-LCT100 RT7280279021802117010010040252560.0
WEW-125T-LCT125 RT90100287527503147010010040252561.0
WEW-150T-LCT150 RT108120295030703147012512550252561.0
WEW-175T-LCT175 RT126140320033005175012512550502562.0
WEW-200T-LCT200 RT144160330033005175012512550502562.0
WEW-250T-LCT250 RT180200360037705175015015050504063.0
WEW-300T-LCT300 RT216240396037707.5240020020050504063.0
WEW-350T-LCT350 RT2522804150479010240020020050504063.5
WEW-400T-LCT400 RT2883204150479010240020020050504063.5
WEW-500T-LCT500 RT3604005200548015300025025080804065.0
WEW-600T-LCT600 RT4324805200610015340025025080804066.0
WEW-700T-LCT700 RT5045605770660020340025025080804068.0
WEW-800T-LCT800 RT5766405820660020340025025080804069.0
WEW-980T-LCT980 RT7208005920760030360030030080804069.0
Cooling tower is to use water and airy contact, through evaporating action drops off industry a kind of equipment of the waste heat that go up or produces in refrigeration air conditioning.Working Principle
The hot water is evenly distributed on the filler through the rotary sprinkler system, and the dry air is pumped by the fan,
Entering the cooling tower from the air inlet network, the high-temperature water molecules with high saturated steam pressure flow to the air with low pressure, so that the hot water contacts with the air and volatilizes, causing the water temperature to drop.
The cooling water is collected by the bottom basin and then pumped to the heat source for recycling.
Cooling Tower Operation Process
Water Cooling Tower for Environmental Chamber | Water Cooling Towers
FRP Cooling Tower
Tower Body: light structure, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small volume, less land occupation, beautiful and durable.Equipment Features
Material Type: Small resistance, high flame retardancy, good thermal performance, low temperature -50 degrees, high temperature 120 degrees.
Sprinkler pipe of Water Distributor: stainless steel ball bearing, flexible and reliable operation, uniform water distribution, and additional water blocking plate to prevent drifting water.
Fan System: Aluminum alloy plate wing or ABS blade, low noise and high efficiency|Counter Flow Type Cooling Tower Specification
Motor Unit: pure copper core, low noise, high temperature resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, good sealing and waterproof performance.
Wewon’s Fiberglass Cooling Tower’s Bracket and Shelves: Galvanized anti-corrosion, with good anti-aging performance, durable.
Cooling tower is quick to install and easy to maintain. Configure equipment installation drawings during shipping.
Equipment ModelOuter DiameterEquipment HeightMotor PowerFan BladeWater in PipeOutlet Pipe DiameterWater FlowGross Weight
WEW-010T-LCT1060mm1740mm0.18 kW670mm40mm40mm8.5 m3/h65 KGS
WEW-020T-LCT1200mm2000mm0.18 kW670mm50mm50mm17 m3/h83 KGS
WEW-030T-LCT1430mm2290mm0.55 kW770mm80mm80mm24 m3/h140 KGS
WEW-040T-LCT1620mm2360mm0.75 kW770mm80mm80mm32 m3/h155 KGS
WEW-050T-LCT1810mm2595mm1.5 kW- Grade 6970mm80mm80mm40 m3/h235 KGS
WEW-060T-LCT2000mm2595mm1.5 kW- Grade 6970mm80mm80mm48 m3/h302 KGS
WEW-080T-LCT2180mm2690mm1.5 kW- Grade 81170mm100mm100mm64 m3/h384 KGS
WEW-100T-LCT2180mm2790mm1.5 kW- Grade 81170mm100mm100mm80 m3/h440 KGS
WEW-125T-LCT2750mm2875mm2200 Watt1470mm100mm100mm100 m3/h535 KGS
WEW-150T-LCT3070mm2950mm2200 Watt1470mm125mm125mm120 m3/h594 KGS
WEW-200T-LCT3300mm3300mm4000 Watt1750mm125mm125mm160 m3/h712 KGS
WEW-300T-LCT3770mm3960mm7.5HP- Grade 42400mm200mm200mm240 m3/h1030 KGS
WEW-400T-LCT4790mm4150mm10HP- Grade 12400mm200mm200mm320 m3/h1362 KGS
FRP Cooling Tower 80RT

The above water tower dimensions and technical parameters are for reference only. Different brands of water towers will have slight deviations. It is recommended that you reserve as much installation space as possible when reserving installation space. The water tower can be used not only in the rapid change temperature test chamber, But also in some non-standard large walk-in test chambers, various types of environmental test chambers, thermal shock chambers and other high-power equipment. If you need to perform rapid heating and cooling test tasks, please feel free to contact us, our technicians will provide you with reasonable suggestions and technical solutions as soon as possible.
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