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Water boiling test equipment is suitable for the aging accelerated life time test before the tinning test of the metal terminals of electronic components in the electronic connector, semiconductor IC, transistor, diode, liquid crystal LCD, chip resistance and capacitance component industry.

Water boiling test equipment is actually the PCT high-pressure accelerated aging test chamber. The reason is: the planar reverse pressure type high pressure accelerated aging box sealing relies on the pressure inside the box will be the door and the box tightly suction to achieve good sealing effect.

Safety performance of water boiling test instrument is more reliable: Because in use, the user only need to counterclockwise rotation back pressure door buckle (also is a handle)180 degrees to close the door, the back pressure door buckle does not force. Users do not need to consider how much force to close the door of the Water boiling tester, also do not have to worry about the screw screw is not tight and lead to leakage.

The whole sealing process is basically realized by the glass boiling test equipment itself. When the pressure inside the test cabinet is 0.1mpa, the inner test room will close the door with the force of 0.1mpa to achieve a good sealing effect, which can be easily accomplished without extra pressure. When the pressure inside the box is 0.2mpa, the door of the boiling test chamber for laminated glass will be sealed by suction of 0.2mpa. No external forces are needed.

And in the process of the water boiling test, with the increase of pressure inside the test cabinet, the back pressure door buckle will automatically lock, prevent the operator accidentally open the risk. When the pressure discharge inside the box is completed, the back pressure door buckle will automatically unlock, playing the role of access control. Security has been further guaranteed !

water boiling test equipment


Product ModelWEW-WH-150︱Volume: 150 Liters︱Water Boiling Test Equipment
Testing Cabinet500 (Length) x 500 (Width) x 600mm (Height)
External Dimension800 (Length) x 400 (Width) x 860mm (Height)
Heating TankThere is a special sample holder inside, which can simultaneously place 8 pieces of 300mm*300mm laminated glass samples.
Material UsedSUS304 # stainless steel inside and outside, 1.0mm thickness
ControllerLocated on the left side of the machine ︱ Open Way: Portable way
Drainage ModeManual drainage valve︱ Water Way: manually add water and automatic adding water;
Insulation MaterialHigh temperature resistant rock wool︱Boiling Test chamber for Laminated Glass
Vibration ProofFixed anti-vibration rubber base is installed at the bottom of the machine.


● Sealing effect of laminated glass boiling test equipment: Because the pressure of the sealing ring is automatically adjusted by the pressure of the inner box, so there will be no excessive stress leading to rapid aging and embrittlement, the sealing effect can of course be maintained for a long time.

● Operation mode of the water boiling testing machine: Planar reverse pressure type box door design, the user only needs to turn the handle counterclockwise 180 degrees when closing the door, and the rest is left to the boiling test equipment to complete automatically.

Place the water boiling test equipment horizontally and smoothly, and put the sample rack into the box.Instructions Notification
Fill water in the box, control the water level from the top of the box about 50-80mm, cover the water boil tester.
Turn on the power and first set the temperature required for the test with the temperature control table. (Press the SET button on the temperature control table to flash the value in the SV frame, press ▲▼ to set the test temperature, press the button to shift the position of the number in the table);
Temperature control table measured values (PV list box shows the actual temperature in the oven number) reach the set temperature (66℃±3℃), the sample of the vertical in the rack in the oven (to prevent contact between samples, each clearance put a piece of sample), test; After 3 minutes, the samples were taken out and quickly put into another boiling test chamber. After 2 hours, the samples were taken out and observed.
Disconnect the power supply and drain the water when it cools|Glass Boiling Test Equipment

water boiling test procedure

Temperature RangeRoom temperature to 100 ℃ (Boiling temperature of water)
Control Precision±1.0℃︱Display precision: 1.0 ℃︱Uniformity:±1.0℃
ControllerThe temperature control is a digital display temperature controller, which automatically calculates PV/SV display and sets the key;
Timer Function1 Second ~ 9999 Hour (optional setting hours, minutes, seconds)|Reach setting temperature and start to time|Time arrived and stop heating power supply.
Heating ComponentU-shaped stainless steel heating tube
Heating TimeNormal temperature +100℃≤ 60 min
PowerAC 220V 50HZ, 3KW|Water Boiling Test Procedure
Ambient Temperature20℃±5℃︱ Pressure:8.60×104Pa-1.06×105Pa︱ Relative humidity:40%-80%


Microcomputer temperature controller P.I.D. + P.W.M. + S.S.R. controls LED digital display.Performance Characteristics
The temperature sensor (PT-100) with an accurate temperature control resolution of 0.1C.
Steam test target temperature setting control/steam test running time setting control.
Full automatic safety protection device, double high temperature protection/steam water cut-off and empty burning protection device.
Test box specifications (sample size and quantity required for test) can be customized according to customer requirements
The door is opened on the top for easy opening|Sealed Insulating Glass Unit Aging Test Equipment


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adobe-pdf-logoAS NZS 22081996 Safety Glazing materials in Buildings Australian New Zealand Standards
adobe-pdf-logoAmerican National Standard ANSI Z97.1 2009 for Safety Glazing Materials used in Buildings – Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test
adobe-pdf-logoGB 15763.2 2009 Safety Glazing Materials in Building Part 3: Laminated Glass


Check whether the body of laminated glass water boiling test equipment is deformed or damaged before each use.Equipment Precautions
Check the water quantity in the box before switching on the power.
Be sure to keep the sealed insulating glass unit water boiling test equipment dry when not in use for a long time.
It is normal to have a little scale in the heating device after long-term use.
Please clean insulating glass water boiling test equipment in time so as not to affect the heating effect.


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