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This article is the definition for 3 drawers steam aging test chamber which comes from a China manufacturer. This type steam aging test chamber mainly used for cable wire test, PCB board solderability test, or any other small SMD capacitors etc. We appreciate the Chezh Republic customer ordered the steam aging test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

Today, We have taken some photos before packing and send to customer for checking purpose. There has 3 units steam aging test machine which has been finished the testing work by Wewon quality control dept. So if we will receive another 2 units orders of steam aging test chamber, Then We can prepare the packing work and ship to customer quickly !

steam aging test chamber
DIN-sized 48×48mm.FEATURES
Improved production JSS48, Counting UP/DOWN.
As connection with nuts, the length of the crust is deduced 10 percents than before.
Timers have 6 choices of working modes with wide range of delay time.
High accuracy, small volume, high reliability, high noise immunity.
Time Ranges:Select switch:hmsCHARACTERISTICS
Time ranges:1m—99h99m1s—99m99s0.01s—99.99s
Power Supply:AC/DC 100V~240V (other voltage can be customized)
Display:0.3 inch LED digital display
Power Consumption:≤3VA
Opening Size:45 * 45 mm
Weight:About 0.25 kg
Timing Method:Positive timing, countdown
Installation Method:Panel
Electric Shock Capacity:AC 250V 3A(resistance)
Contact Numbers:Delay two group conversion
Electrical Life:10/5 time
Mechanical Life:10/7 time
Working Temperature:– 10 ~ + 40 ℃ (but not frozen)
Storage Temperature:– 25 ~ + 65 ℃ (but not frozen)
Working Humidity:35 ~ 85% RH
Time Delay Control Accuracy:0.5% + 0.1 seconds (20 ℃) in
solderability test system
adobe-pdf-logoThe Feature and Guidance of DHC Timer for Steam Aging Testing Machine
adobe-pdf-logoTechnical Parameters and Working Program of DHC48 Timer
adobe-pdf-logoUser Instruction Manual for NT Series Temperature Controller
adobe-pdf-logoGeneral Specification and Parameters Setting Work for Steam Aging Tester
adobe-pdf-logoOutline Dimensions and Connection Diagram for FOTEK Controller
steam aging tester
1Please set the working mode, delay range and delay time before working the time relay. The change after power on is invalid, and it shall be reset.DIRECTIONS FOR USE
2The time of two power outages should not be less than 1 second. If the interval is relatively short, it is recommended to use the reset terminal to reset, and the reset time is greater than 0.02 seconds.
3Do not connect weak wires with other strong wires or entangle them.
4It is recommended to use the twisted pair in the power cord in the environment of strong interference.
5Do not use in dusty, corrosive gas, direct sunlight, rain.
6Please store and use under rated voltage, specified temperature and humidity.
MODEFunction (see working program diagram)K1K2K3
AStart the signalOFFOFFOFF
A1Signal start, remain activeOFFOFFON
Power on delay
BEqual and recycleOFFONON
ESignal start suction, release by delayONOFFOFF
E1The signal is initiated and closed, kept effective, and released by delayONOFFON
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