User Manual for Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

This article is about the user manual for cyclic corrosion test chamber. Compared with the traditional salt spray chamber, the cyclic corrosion test chamber can set multiple test data, and set different temperature points and humidity test. The standard salt spray chamber can complete NSS neutral salt mist test, ASS acetate mist test, CASS copper accelerated acetate mist test, while the cyclic corrosion test chamber is mainly used for salt mist, wet-heat alternating test and drying.

The cyclic corrosion test chamber is suitable for testing various performance indexes of aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electricians, electronic products and various electronic components in high and low temperature or humid and hot environment. It was verified by experiment, Cyclic corrosion is very close to outdoor corrosion in terms of corrosion rate, structure and morphology, It has an excellent correlation with outdoor corrosion and has long been included in the experimental category.

More and more industries are going through a multi-step cycle of salt spray, heat and humidity, and drying. If you watch below three installation videos carefully, You’ll understand how to connect the cyclic corrosion test chamber to your computer. So you can watch the working status of this corrosion test chamber on your computer, This will save your engineers a lot of time and improve their work efficiency.
Step 1 Install Correct Software on Customer Computer
Step 2 Check Your Computer and Find Right COM Port
Step 3 Use the Cable and Connect with Your Computer
User Manual for Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

A user manual for a cyclic corrosion test chamber is an essential document that provides detailed information on how to operate and maintain the equipment. The manual typically includes instructions on how to set up the chamber, how to load and unload samples, how to program test cycles, and how to monitor and record test results. It may also provide troubleshooting guidance and safety precautions to follow during operation.

The user manual is an important resource for ensuring that the equipment is used correctly and that test results are accurate and reliable. It is recommended that users thoroughly review the manual before using the equipment to ensure that they have a clear understanding of its operation and capabilities.
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related page logoOPER SCREEN|View the Working Status of Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber, Check The Technical Parameters Settings.
related page logoFUNC and FIX|Choose Program Test, Startup Mode Selection, Set Screen Lock for Controller, Adjust the Backlight Time.
related page logoRESERVE SET|Click to Enter the Reservation Settings, Machine Runs Automatically According to Appointment Time. Adjusts or Modifies the Current Date.
related page logoGRAPH SHOW|History Curve Management, DISPLAY SET|Adjust Screen Luminance, Automatic Temperature and Humidity Correction Function.
related page logoPROGRAM SET|Setup Method of Cycle Test, Files Management, Set or Change the Test Title, Standby Setting Method.
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