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Altitude test chamber is mainly used to test the environmental adaptability and reliability of test sample under single or simultaneous action of low pressure, high temperature and altitude. At the same time, the electrical performance parameters of the test samples are measured. In addition to military applications, Temperature altitude test chambers are often used to test vehicles in high mountain conditions and to test computers, electronic components and packaging that may require air transportation.

Wewon temperature altitude test chamber equip with the RS 232, RS 485 and Ethernet communication port. This will make the altitude test chamber connect with your computer easier and you can manage the testing program from your computer system. The remote control software for your computer will be supplied by altitude test chamber manufacturer and give it to customer free of charge.

Features: Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is high altitude test chamber manufacturer from China mainland.
Testing Volume: 500 liters, 1000 liters, Temp Range: -40℃~+150℃|-70℃~+150℃, Pressure Range: Atmospheric pressure~1kPa within 30 minutes.
If the customer include a humdity testing as well, Such techinical parameters for testing requirement should be informed to us in advance.
Heating Rate: 1°C~ 3°C / min from -55℃~+85℃, Cooling rate: 0.7°C~ 1.5°C / min from +85℃~-55℃, Thermal cycle stree IEC 60068-2-14,
Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5°C (at ambient pressure), Temperature Uniformity: ±2.0°C (at ambient pressure), Humidity Range: 20%RH~ 95%RH.
The temperature and pressure control at high altitude, Comply with the test standard of MIL STD 810G method 500.5 Part I, Part II, Part III.

altitude test chamber refrigerating system

Product Model WEW-ATC-0500-LS WEW-ATC-1000-LS WEW-ATC-1000-LK
Volume 500 Litres 1000 Litres 1000 Litres
Testing Room (W*D*H)mm 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000 1000*1000*1000
Temperature Range -40℃~+150℃ -70℃~+150℃ -70℃~+150℃
Pressure Range Constant Pressure(100kPa)~ 0.5kPa Constant Pressure(100kPa)~0.5kPa Constant Pressure(100kPa)~1kPa
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5℃|Temperature Uniformity: ±2℃
Pressure Deviation ±2kPa(≥40kPa) ±5%(2~40kPa) ±0.1kPa(≤2kPa)
Heating Time RT~150℃≤60min(+20℃ to +150℃)
Cooling Time RT~-40℃≤40min(+20℃ to -70℃)
Depressurization Time Constant Pressure~1kPa≤60min
Heat Insulating Material High Strength PU Foam Resin|High Density Fiberglass Rock Wool
Setting Precision ±0.1℃|Display Precision: ±0.1℃|Analytical Precision: ±0.1℃
Temperature Sensor PT100Ω/MV|Pressure Sensor: Electronic Pressure Transmitter
Heating System Autonomous system, Nichrome Electric Heating Device
Refrigeration System France Tecumseh Fully enclosed air-cooled Compressor|Germany BOKE Compressor
Temperature and altitude check controller, 7 inch true color LCD touch screen. Programmable microcomputer PID control SSR output operation.
The controller operation interface is available in English, and the real-time operation curve can be displayed on the screen.
Control mode: heat balance temperature and humidity control mode, using P·I·D+S·S·R system with channel coordination control; With the function of automatic calculation, the temp and humidity changing conditions can be corrected immediately, making the temperature & humidity control more accurate and stable.
Temperature altitude test chamber has the capacity of 120 programs, 99 segments per group and 999 steps per cycle, and the maximum value of each period is 99 hours and 59 minutes.
U disk can be inserted at any time to export or upload data, and can be presented with software in the computer to view or into Excel format.
The meter is equipped with USB port, which can be directly driven by the port to preview and print micro printer.
The temperature altitude device has a powerful network monitoring, control network functions, even if you are not next to the machine, you can also operate on the computer, real-time monitoring. Be familiar with the operation of the altitude test chamber.
The controller panel is equipped with a 10M/100M Ethernet interface, which can automatically obtain the IP address for remote control. It can support real-time monitoring, history curve playback, program editing, FTP upload and download, history failure view, remote fixed value/program control and other functions.
Auxiliary Functions: Fault alarm and reason, Processing prompt function; Power off protection function; Upper and lower limit temperature protection function; Calendar timing function (automatic start and automatic stop), Self-diagnostic function.

altitude test chamber side profile

Vacuum system for temperature and altitude chamber is the component of obtaining vacuum degree and measuring and controlling vacuum degree. Vacuum System
The vacuum gauge adopts pressure strain to realize vacuum measurement. The measurement data is linear electrical signal, which can be directly input into the device controller for display and control.
Vacuum Pump: Mechanical rotary vane oil immersion vacuum pump (with oil mist filter)
Pressure Regulating Valve: Electronic regulating ball valve.
Pressure Sensor: Electronic pressure transmitter.
Temperature and Humidity Regulation: BTPC constant temperature and pressure regulation.
Temperature Sensor: Type T thermocouple. | Temperature Controller: Digital intelligent temperature controller, PT100 platinum resistance temperature measuring body.
Compressor: France Tecumseh semi – closed compressor, dual – overlapping, Air/ Water – cooled (with automatic water flow control valve). Refrigeration System
The cryogenic system for altitude chamber is designed with unit or binary cryogenic circuit.
Multi-wing blower is adopted for strong air supply circulation to avoid any dead Angle, so that the temperature distribution in the test area can be even.
The design of air circulation outlet and air return, the wind pressure and speed are in line with the test standard, and can make the temperature stabilization time quick at the moment of opening the door.
Heating, cooling and the system completely independent can improve the efficiency, reduce the test cost, increase the life, reduce the failure rate.
Cooling Method for Altitude Chamber: fin type evaporative heat exchanger, tube type wall evaporative heat exchanger. | Convection System: Multi-blade fan, special motor for air conditioning.
adobe-pdf-logo IEC 60068 2 39|Environmental Testing Part 2-39: Tests – Tests and Guidance: Combined Temperature or Temperature and Humidity with Low Air Pressure Tests
adobe-pdf-logo IEC 60068 2 40|Basic Environmental Testing Procedures|Part 2-40: Tests – Test Z/AM: Combined Cold/ Low Air Pressure Tests
adobe-pdf-logo RTCA DO-160F|Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment
adobe-pdf-logo RTCA DO-160G|December 8, 2010|Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment (English Version)
adobe-pdf-logo RTCA DO-160G|December 8, 2010|Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment (Chinese Version)
adobe-pdf-logo What is RTCA/DO-160 ? |Summary of Changes Between DO-160D, E, F, and G
adobe-pdf-logo JIS W 0812|Airborne Equipment|Environmental conditions and test procedures
adobe-pdf-logo GB 11159 89|Specification for Low Air Pressure Test Chambers
Air Heater: Nickel-chromium alloy electric heater|Altitude Test Room Wall Heater: Stainless steel armored electric heater. Machine Configuration
Fan Unit: Magnetic coupling shaft fan. | Refrigeration Mode: Compression refrigeration mode (Air Cooled Condenser).
Shell Cold – rolled steel spray or stainless steel, stainless steel liner. | Insulation Layer: Ultra-fine glass wool and hard polyurethane.
Safety Protection: Leakage protector, motor overheating protection, temperature fuse wire, cooling water underpressure protection, sample overtemperature protection, refrigerator overpressure protection, fan overheating protection.
Low temperature and low pressure test chamber operation mode: Program mode, Fixed value mode|Pressure Test Chamber
Program Capacity: 20 programs, each program maximum 120 segments, cycle step maximum 99 cycles, can be set range.
Communication Function: USB, RS-485 interface, local and remote communication with PC
Curve Recording Function: RAM with battery protection can save the temperature humidity actually measured; Set temperature and humidity; And the sampling time
Storage/recall Setup Program: The test curve data stored in the controller can be stored on the USB disk, and the test curve can be displayed and printed on the PC.

altitude chamber structure front profile

The ground for altitude test chamber is smooth and well ventilated. Installation Site
There is no strong vibration around the high pressure test chamber.
There is no strong electromagnetic field around the equipment.
No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the altitude climatic test chamber.
There is adequate space for use and maintenance around the altitude chamber equipment.
Power Requirements: AC380V, AC 440V, 50Hz, 60Hz|Three-phase five-wire system Power Condition
Preload power: total power+2.0KW.
The user is required to equip the equipment with air or power switch of corresponding capacity at the installation site, and the switch must be independent for the use of the equipment (recommended power switch capacity: 32A).
Ambient temperature: +5 °C ~ +30 °C (average temperature within 24 hours ≤ 30 ° C). Environmental Conditions
Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH.
Use purified water, distilled water, deionized water. Resistivity ≥ 500 Ω.m.

This type of altitude test usually requires analogy to a variety of environmental conditions. The low pressure altitude climatic test chamber can combine these environmental conditions and simulate the change of gas pressure and temperature at altitude. Most altitude test chamber manufacturers use vacuum pumping to pump the gas out of the high altitude test chamber.

Opening the door of the altitude chamber during the test will cause temperature and humidity chamber fluctuations in the altitude chamber. During the test, if the door is opened many times or if the door is opened for a long time or the test sample emits wet steam, the heat exchanger in the refrigeration system may freeze and fail to work properly.

Integral structure, altitude room in line with international aesthetic standard box, beautiful and generous appearance. Equipment Features
The door lock device adopts lever power opening mechanism, which is durable and easy to maintain. Scientific aerodynamic wind tunnel structure can greatly reduce the temperature deviation.
Balanced temperature control system, with P.I.D. mode control SSR, so that the working room to maintain a certain pressure, and the use of intelligent digital temperature regulator for temperature display and control Settings, it can be used for a long time and stable.
Hollow coating electroheated glass, no condensation at low temperature; Dry air air circulation system, effectively prevent the condensation of the test product in the temperature circulation test.
Adopting full capillary and automatic load capacity adjustment system technology, it is more stable and reliable than expansion cutting system, so that high and low temperature can be freely converted, set and displayed more accurately, and the rising and cooling speed is fast, stable and even, saving precious time for users.
Refrigeration compressor and temperature altitude parts are imported from international famous brands, reliable operation for a long time; Environmental refrigerant refrigeration, in line with the requirements of international conventions.
A variety of accessories: RS232/485 communication interface, paperless recorder, remote temperature control system, etc
Altitude test chamber use of bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump, the limit of high vacuum, to ensure that the equipment in the whole range of work can be efficient and stable operation.

High altitude chambers are mainly used for testing environmental adaptability and reliability of instruments, electrical products, materials, components and equipment under low pressure, high temperature, low temperature or simultaneous action in the fields of aviation, aerospace, information, electronics, etc. to determine the environmental adaptability and reliability of instruments, electrical products, materials, components and equipment.

Altitude test chamber will simulate the altitude, vacuum and temperature environment conditions to test precision electronic parts components or the field of defense and aviation new weapons research work. Altitude test chamber consists of a thermal insulation test room (confined structure) located in the front of the chamber. Rear refrigeration, vacuum unit and electrical controller (system) located on the front of the pressure test chamber.

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