UV340 Calibration Radiometer︱Radiometer Calibration Services

The CR-10 calibration radiometer from Q-LAB corporation has been a popular option among customers due to its good design. Many customers bought the CR-10 calibration radiometer from Q-LAB corporation. I have to say, The CR-10 calibration radiometer design is good. But if you have limited budget, Then you buy a Wewon UV340 calibration radiometer is a good choice !

The Wewon UV340 calibration radiometer adopts SMT patch technology, adopts high-precision and low-power digital chip, adopts streamline design for the instrument enclosure, and the detector has undergone strict spectrum and angle correction, with stable performance and strong applicability. Calibration radiometer is suitable for the measurement of ultraviolet illumination in the fields of photochemistry, polymer material aging, ultraviolet light source, and large-scale integrated circuit lithography.

The UV340 calibration radiometer’s streamline design further enhances its efficiency. Additionally, the detector undergoes rigorous spectrum and angle correction to ensure maximum accuracy. It is perfect for measuring ultraviolet illumination in fields such as photochemistry, polymer material aging, ultraviolet light source, and large-scale integrated circuit lithography. If you’re looking for a reliable device to measure ultraviolet illumination, the UV340 calibration radiometer is an excellent choice.

Spectral and angular characteristics are strictly corrected
Digital LCD display with backlight
Have a digital hold. Touch the button to operate, buzzer prompt
Low battery reminder. Automatic delay shutdown
Digital output interface (USB, redundant power supply)
User Manual / automatic range switching
UV340 Calibration Radiometer Characteristics

UV340 Calibration Radiometer

(1) UV-313 Probe: λ: (290~340)nm, λP=313nm
(2) UV-340 Probe: λ: (315~370)nm, λP=340nm
Wavelength Range and Peak Wavelength (Two Detectors Options)
(0.1~199.9×103) μW/cm2 Irradiance Measurement Range
UV313: less than 0.05%︱ UV340: less than 0.05% Ultraviolet Light
±10% (Relative to the NIM Standard) Relative Indication Error
±5%(α ≤10°) Angle Response
±1% Linear Error
±1% Shift Error
±1% (30min after startup) Short-term Instability
The attenuation is less than 2% Fatigue Characteristics
Full range of ±1% Zero Error
1 Seconds︱UV340 Calibration Radiometer Response Time
Temperature (0 ~ 40) ° C︱humidity <85% RH Operating Environment
160mm×78mm×43mm︱0.2kg Size and Weight︱UV340 Calibration Radiometer
Conventional use of 6F22 type 9V laminated battery (non-rechargeable battery)
You can also connect the USB port with the data cable, and the 5V power adapter can supply power.
Wholly power consumption: < 0.1VA
Power Supply Description
Main Technical Indicators

The UV340 calibration radiometer supplied by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has obtained the license of manufacturing measuring instrument of the People’s Republic of China and the approval certificate of measuring instrument type. Implement enterprise standard Q/HDSDY0003-2014

Structure Description: The UV340 calibration radiometer is composed of a light probe and a display unit, which are connected by a plug and socket through a signal cable. The display unit has power switch and function keys as well as digital communication interface (USB), which can provide redundant power supply to the instrument.

Radiometer Calibration
The display unit and the photometric probe of each instrument have been strictly matched and calibrated.
When using the instrument, keep the probe’s photosensitive surface clean, and pay attention to the probe handle gently, avoid strong vibration, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.
Do not plug any object other than the standard metering probe into the input and output jack of the instrument, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the instrument.
When replacing the battery, please first unscrew the screw on the middle of the back of the instrument, remove the battery cabin, and correctly place the new battery according to the positive and negative pole instructions in the cabin, and then load the battery cabin and tighten the screws.
UV340 Calibration Radiometer shall be in temperature (0 ~ 40) ℃, humidity < 80% RH clean environment of long-term storage.
UV 340 Calibration Radiometer Maintain
If the probe is not illuminated, the digital display is not zero: please first check the operating environment and storage conditions of the probe. Too high temperature and humidity will lead to abnormal display of the instrument, which will cause permanent damage to the probe and the circuit.
The screen character display time is short, or the digital display appears dim and there is a power failure display symbol : please replace the battery or power through the data output interface.
The instrument is always displayed as 0: first check if the head cover has been removed, and then check whether the plug of the probe is connected to the jack of the display unit.
Digital display instability: check whether the probe plug is inserted well, and in most cases, unplug the plug and re-plug the failure will disappear.
If the failure is still not solved after taking the above measures, please contact the factory and do not disassemble the probe and circuit by yourself.
Common Troubleshooting
Within one year after leaving the factory, the factory will repair, replace or readjust the indicated value free of charge if the machine fails due to improper use and maintenance.
Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. offers special service for the instrument which needs to be reinspected or repaired one year later.
After-Sales Service
Spare Parts Name Quantity
Reading Display Unit 1 pc
Probe Device 1 pc
Probe Cover 1 pc
Data Line 1 pc
Instruction Manual 1 pc
Certificate / Warranty 1 pc
9V Laminated Battery 1 pc
Packing Configuration List

Radiometer Calibration Services

When using this UV340 calibration radiometer to measure irradiance, please first take down the head cover and put the probe in the position to be measured, and then insert the probe plug into the hole of the reading display unit, press the key of power switch to start up, and the reading can be achieved after the range is automatically selected and stabilized. At this point, the value displayed in the window multiplied by the corresponding multiplier is the current radiance value (unit: uW/cm2).

The power button of the UV340 calibration radiometer is a button with self-lock. Press the button and the device is locked with a sound of” ba da “. Release the button and press it again when the calibration radiometer starts up. The other buttons of the machine are light touch keys to press the contact effective, loose then reset. This below YouTube video will teach you how to turn on and turn off the UV340 calibration radiometer. If you want to know more radiometer calibration method and radiometer calibration procedure, Please inquiry to us to get the user manual. Thank you.

turn on and turn off the UV340 calibration radiometer
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