Various Type and Model Test Equipment for Calbe and Wire Test

Wire and cable applications are very extensive, related to all aspects of us, Quality testing is required before wire and cable production goes on the market. It can be put into use only when the values meet the standard requirements. This requires the use of wire and cable professional testing equipment for precise parameter testing. The wire and cable testing equipment organized below are the quality inspection equipment needed for various inspections of wire and cable. Hope it will be helpful to you.

Cord pull force and torsion tester is used to test the tension and torsion test of various electrical power cords, and check whether the clamping device of the power cord is firm.Equipment DescriptionCord Pull Force and Torsion Tester
IEC 60335-1 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 1: General RequirementsTest Standards
IEC 60320-1 Appliance Couplers for Household and Similar General Purposes – Part 1: General Requirements
Cord Pull Force and Torsion TesterEquipment Photo
Testing Samples: 1 Piece
Pull Force Value: 30N, 60N, 100N
Torque Value: 0.1, 0.25, 0.35N.m
Pull Time: 1s
Torque Time: 1min
The number of tests is adjustable from 0 to 999999 times (Nornmally testing with 25 times)
Equipment Dimensions: 900x900x550mm
Equipment Parameters
Test Videos
Metallic Power Cord Tension Torque Tester IEC 60335-1:25.15Equipment Manufacturer
IEC60335-1 Clause 25.15 Power Supply Cord Tension and Torsion Tester
Cord Tension and Torsion Tester, Cord Anchorage Pull Machine, Cord Anchorage Pull Force and Torsion Tester, Cord Pull Force and Torsion Test Equipment Equipment Keywords

The force gauge test stand is a mid-range tensile and pressure testing machine specially designed for world market needs.Equipment FeaturesForce Gauge Test Stand Horizontal
The electric horizontal test stand with manual has the functions of stepless speed regulation with left and right movement.
Horizontal test stand adopts double-column structure which has good stability, wide application range and convenient use.
The force gauge test stand horizontal is suitable for tension and pressure tests in industries such as rubber and plastics, light industry textiles, building doors and windows, composite materials, wires and cables, auto parts, power machinery, springs, scientific research institutions, etc.Application Field
Maximum Test Force: 500N
AC Speed Control Motor: 90W
Test Stroke: 200mm
Test Speed: 0-300mm/Min
Maximum Spacing: 250mm
Stop Function: Limit Protection Stop Function
Working Voltage: 220V, 50Hz, 1Phase
Rated Current: 2A
Optional: (Digital Display And Gauge) Tension Gauge
Technical Parameters
Force Gauge Test Stand HorizontalEquipment Photo
Electric Test StandManufactures & Suppliers
Digital Force Measurement Gauge and Stand
HTH Electric Test Stand
SJH-500 Alternator Vertical Force Test Stand
Force Gauge Machine
Motorised horizontal test stand SAUTER THM
Horizontal Test Stand, Horizontal Motorized Test Stand, Force Gauge Test Stand, Electric Horizontal Test StandEquipment Keywords

The 360° wire bending swing test machine is suitable for manufacturers and quality inspection departments to conduct bending tests on power cables and DC cables.Equipment Funtions360° Wire Bending Swing Test Machine
The machine is used to test the folding resistance and performance of wires, cables and various products at a certain speed, angle, lifting weight, and number of times.
UL817 Cord Sets and Power-Supply CordsTest Standars
IEC 884-1 Plugs and Socket-Outlets for Household and Similar Purposes
360° Wire Bending Swing Test MachineEquipment Photo
Test Station: Carry out 6 groups of wire bending tests at the same time
Total Count: 0-999999 times can be set
Bending Angle: 10°-360° adjustable (manually adjustable ±1°)
Test Speed: 5-60 times/min adjustable
The number directly displays the current number of tests)
Weight Description: 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g (6 for each ± 2g, or specified by the customer)
Motor Brand: Jingyan Motor AC: 90W
Counter and Relay: OMRON
Total Power: 200W
Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz/2A
Equipment Dimensions: 125x850x100 CM
Equipment Weight about 110 KGS
Technical Parameters
Wire Swing Machine, Wire Swing Tester, Cable Bending Testing MachineEquipment Keywords
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