Wire Bend Testing Machine

Thank you for your choice of the Wewon’s wire bend testing machine, the bend testing machine from Wewon is good quality products, and we provide a reliable after-sales service. In order to ensure the personal safety of the user and the integrity of the wire bend testing machine, please pay attention to the precautions in use. The operating manual details the design principles of this wire bend testing machine, based on standards, construction, practices, maintenance.

IEC 60884-1 Plugs and Socket – Outlets for Household and Similar Purposes Part 1: General Requirements
UL 817 UL Standard for Safety Cord Sets and Power-Supply Cords|Wire Bending Test Equipment
ANSI/EIA-364-41C-1999 ELA STANDARD TP-41C Cable Flexing Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors

May be the case of failure and exclusion methods, electrical diagrams and so on. If you have the interest and try to know more for this wire bend testing machine, please feel free to contact with us any time. Thank you.

wire bend testing machine

1. Control the Second Panel2. Fixture3. Fixed Guide4. Power Cable
5. Allen Wrench6. Load Weight7. Control Main Panel8. Wire Bend Testing Machine

Wire bending test machine for plug leads, power cord, USB cable, headphone cable, audio cable, headphone cable and other finished wire bending test or swing test. Wewon’s Wire bend testing machine complies with UL817 and other relevant standards “cord assembly and power cord common safety requirements” and the provisions of the “general technical standard headphones GB / T14471-93” wire bending test.

Wire bend testing machine is the sample fixed on the fixture, and add a certain load, the test swing around, after a certain number of times, the detection of its broken rate, see the total number of oscillations can be automatically counted, the specimen bent to the broken line When it fails to power on, it automatically stops operating.

wire bend testing machine

1Hexagon loose nut and the side of the screw, by adjusting the knob twist adjustment angle

1Press the Machine to start the experiment
2Press the machine to stop the test
3Hit to the right to turn on the power, the left turn off the power
4Show speed, times / minutes
5From left to right, the speed increases
6Set the number of six-count, from left to right digits high to low, toggle + plus, toggle – minus, the number 0 ~ 9 can be moved. Press REST to clear, the number shows the current number of tests. Note: RNC words, black button should point to N

wire bend testing machine

Test Station: 6 Groups (at the same time test)
Bending Angle: 0- ± 90 ° (dial indicator plus indicator, manual adjustable)
Bending Angle Display and Adjustment: Indicator dial indicator dial, manually adjust the eccentric shaft
Test Speed: 5-60 times / min (Knob speed, LCD display)
Total Number of Swing counter: 0-999999 times (Presettable, the number of stops automatically)
Swing Conduction Counter: 0-999999 times (Conduction are automatically counted, one of the group off, automatic stop counting)
With a Hook Weight: 50,100,200,300,500g each six
Handle Test Fixture: Six non-slip, not easy to damage the specimen special fixture
Test Rod: Can be adjusted up and down, fixed the bottom of the product, the test more in line with standards
Size of the Wire Bend Testing Machine (L×W×H): 860×620×800mm
Working Power: AC220V, 50Hz 

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