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Bacteriological incubator is appropriate for research, colleges, and production departments like environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic interference, drug examination, agriculture and farm animal, and aquatic merchandise. Bacteriological incubator is a special constant temperature instrumentation for water analysis and flesh activity, cultivation, preservation of microorganism, molds, microorganisms, plant cultivation, and breeding tests.

What is the difference between a mold incubator and a bacteriological incubator ? Bacterial culture is generally used in the electric constant temperature incubator. This bacteriological incubator can only be set at a temperature higher than room temperature. The general culture temperature of the bacteria is 37 degrees.

However, the mold cultivation temperature is generally 28 degrees, in the summer if you use the electric constant temperature incubator, obviously can not be set to 28 degrees (when the winter is still as long as room temperature is below 28 degrees), mold can be selected when the biochemical incubator There is a temperature compensation switch that can turn on the cooling when the room temperature is higher than the incubator temperature. Can be turned off when it is lower.

Most bacteriological incubator require only a general electrothermal incubator (without refrigeration). A small part of the bacteriological incubator will use a CO2 incubator or an anaerobic incubator. Mold culture requires the use of a mold incubator with compressor refrigeration and sterilizing equipment (two types of humidified and non-wettable).

Bacteriological Incubator
Product Model
WE-BL-150S WE-BL-250S WE-BL-300S
Voltage Description AC220V, 230V, 50HZ
Temperature Control Range
+5°C ~ 65°C
Humidification 15~45°C No Humidification 10~45°C
Constant Temperature Fluctuation High temperature ±0.5°C Low temperature ±1°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Moisture Control Range 60~85%RH
Humidity Deviation ±5%RH
Input Power
Studio sizeW×D×H(mm)
Nominal Volume
500W 650W 900W 1250W 2500W 1400W 1950W 2000W
450×320×500 450×380×590 480×390×780 1140×540×960 2650×620×1210 480×390×780 580×500×850 580×540×950
575×545×1070 575×605×1160 605×625×1350 1200×590×1650 2750×680×1890 605×625×1350 705×725×1525 705×765×1640
70L 100L 150L 550L 2000L 150L 250L 300L
Carrier Bracket (Standard) 3 pcs
Timing Range 1~9999min
Performance parameter test Under no-load conditions, no magnetism, no vibration: Ambient temperature 20 °C, ambient humidity 50% RH.

Our laboratory laboratory incubators are obtainable in several size from 70 Liters to 2000 Liters. These bacteriology laboratory incubator are supported latest technology obtainable in compact sizes. The use of intelligent digital computer controller, simple to work, will set a range of parameters (time, temperature, humidity) to simulate the natural setting, the employment of axial fan forced convection within the box to enhance the box temperature and wetness uniformity performance.

The shell of bacteriology laboratory incubator is formed of high-quality plate with surface spray, chrome steel plate is employed within the studio, sturdiness isn’t unsound, the outer door is given observation window, and also the double-layered hollow glass door facilitates observation of experimental conditions within the box.

It has parameter memory protected by data loss due to power outage and dead status, and the call recovery function.
Microcomputer common type; Adopting the domestic first streamline arc design, the shell is made of cold rolled steel plate, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the working cavity is made of mirror stainless steel.
Control and Structural
The temperature control system adopts microcomputer single chip technology, which has high temperature control accuracy.
Bacteriological incubator with temperature, time adjustment control, touch mode keyboard setting adjustment.
Displayed as dual screen high-brightness digital tube display, accurate and intuitive indication, superior performance; With timing and timing functions.
Work room with lighting device, a large viewing angle vacuum vacuum glass, easy to observe (mold incubator for UV germicidal lamp); biochemical incubator standard configurationLight (can be replaced with germicidal light according to user requirements, from disinfection).
The shelf in the working room can be adjusted to the height of the user’s request. The bacteriological incubator is equipped with a UV lamp for easy disinfection in the box. Bacteriological Incubator Photo 1 Bacteriological Incubator Photo 2
Performance Characteristics
France Tecumseh compressors be used, independent research and development of compressor cooling system, can effectively extend the life of the compressor.
The JAKEL tube circulation circulation fan is used together with the uniquely designed air duct structure to create a good air circulation system and effectively guarantee the temperature uniformity in the box.
PID control mode, small temperature fluctuations, timing function, maximum time setting 99 hours 99 minutes.
Quality Assurance
Pay attention not to force on the glass during transportation, and do not hit the cabinet. Do not invert and tilt more than 45°
After the bacteriological incubator has landed, it should be placed in a stable position and the ground should be corrected if it is uneven.
Please do not use the instrument in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places. Use an ambient temperature of 10-30°C
This bacteriology laboratory incubator should be far away from sources of electromagnetic interference, and should be effectively grounded.
When the bacteriology laboratory incubator is in normal operation, placing the contents in the box should not affect the air circulation to ensure the air circulation and temperature in the box.
The power supply is AC 220V50HZ, must use 10A three-pin socket, and has a reliable grounding wire, not to use the two-pin socket without authorization.
Do not press the power cable close to the back, do not let the instrument or other items press on the power cable, so as not to damage the power cable.
Product Installation and Transportation for Laboratory Incubators:

Bacteriological incubator is a crucial detection technique within the artificial 3 climate protection, and it’s a needed laboratory instrumentality for research project laboratories for universities, medicines, military trade, natural philosophy, industry, and scientific research departments for storage bacterium, biological culture. medicine laboratory apparatus is employed to check and decide the parameters and performance once the amendment of the recent and wet temperature setting.

The bacteriology laboratory incubator could be a equipment appropriate for the cultivation of eukaryotic microorganisms like bacteriologic, as a result of most of the bacteriological are appropriate for growth at temperature (37 degrees Celsius), and it’s necessary to keep up a precise wetness once culturing on a solid substrate, that the general medicine apparatus is cooled.

The system, the heat, the air humidifier and also the culturing chamber, the feedback circuit and also the operation panel and also the like ar composed, and also the temperature device and also the wetness device ar accustomed maintain the soundness of the temperature and wetness within the culturing chamber. Some special laboratory incubators may set the temperature and wetness changes with the incubation time.

Bacteriology laboratory incubator should be installed as far as possible in places with small changes in temperature and humidity. Use a three-pin plug and the outlet should be properly grounded.
Before starting the incubator, you should fully familiarize yourself with and understand the specifications of the various supporting instruments and meters and master the correct methods of use.
It is forbidden to contain volatile chemical solvents. Explosive gas and flammable gas are placed in the box. Do not use flammable spray near the incubator to avoid spark ignition.
Bacteriology laboratory incubator always check the gas path for leaks.
The bacteriology laboratory incubator has a power-off protection function, so the compressor should be started again after shutdown for about one and a half minutes, so as to better protect the compressor.
The distance between the condenser and the wall of the incubator should be greater than 100mm, the side of the box should have a gap of 50mm, and the top of the box should have at least 300mm space to ensure good heat dissipation.
The bacteriologic incubator should avoid collisions and shaking during handling, maintenance, and maintenance. The maximum inclination should be less than 45 degrees.
When you stop using it for a long time, turn off the main power and the power switch on the rear of the device. At the same time, the incubator should avoid opening the door frequently to keep the temperature stable while preventing dust and dirt from entering the working chamber.
The inside and outside of the box should be kept clean and cleaned every time they are used. In the long term, it is necessary to frequently wipe the wall of the container and the surface of the equipment to keep it clean and increase the transparency of the glass. Do not use an acid, alkali or other corrosive solution to wipe the outer surface.
After the culture is completed, turn off the power switch. If you do not immediately take out the sample, do not open the door.
The bacteriologic incubator should not be used under abnormal conditions such as high voltage, high current, and strong magnetic fields, and it should be strictly followed in accordance with the electrical safety code of practice.
Bacteriology Laboratory Incubator Use Precautions:
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